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Need Rec for Korean BBQ (no excessive Charcoal)

I am taking friends from Germany for their first KBBQ experience. Wanted to go authentic and travel to K-Town from the Westside.

One of the friends is pregnant, so I was thinking the charcoal BBQ restaurants (like Soot Bull Jeep) might be too much for her. Any recommendations?

Is Park's BBQ the best option?

Also, as a noob myself, any tips on what to order for the full experience?


May 31, 2013
justified in Los Angeles Area

ISO Interactive Map - POLL RESULTS: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2009: Under $25

I was wondering where many of these top destinations are, specifically for the "Under $25" bracket, for lunch. Instead of personally searching for each restaurant's address and if it is close to my work place, I am wondering if anyone has completed a saved map search including all those places listed in the poll results. A Google saved map search would make the poll winners much more accessible for us Chowhounds.

Anyone have anything like that? That would be awesome!

Jun 25, 2010
justified in Los Angeles Area

Orris vs Nook Bistro - Help Me Decide for Tonight!

Thanks everyone for the help. My friend insists on going to Orris, so the decision is final. Orris tonight.

Mar 24, 2009
justified in Los Angeles Area

Orris vs Nook Bistro - Help Me Decide for Tonight!

Hanging out with a friend. Don't want to spend more than $35 pp.

Where are the 2 restaurants on the food-quality / chowhound scale?


Mar 24, 2009
justified in Los Angeles Area


Visiting Verona and surrounding Valpolicella area for our 1 year wedding anniversary in June 2009. We fell in love with Verona, amarone, and Lake Garda from our previous trip 2 years ago. Back then, we literally just stumbled on amarone at a restaurant serving Amarone Risotto. After our trip, and learning more about the best amarone producers, I wished we had known about Dal Forno, Quintarelli Giuseppe, etc. to schedule a wine tasting visit -

This brings me to my question: To the amarone lovers out there that have visited Valpolicella, where are the best vineyards for amarone wine tasting - delicious amarones and overall experience?

It goes without saying, I would also love to hear any great restaurants in small towns in Valpolicella, as far west as Lake Garda (would love to incorporate Lake Garda in our itinerary).

Joe H, I also look forward to your report!

Feb 20, 2009
justified in Italy

Underground 'In Home' Restaurants in Italy

I just saw this thread, but 2 years ago we had an experience at a guest house that was one of our most memorable experiences in Italy (an hour outside of Bologna). We found the place from a previous Chowhound post -

Chris was one of the most generous and heart-felt people we had ever met. No expense is spared with the dinner. Since she prepares the entire meal just for your group, you can discuss if you have any particular preferences in what you would like to incorporate in the menu (truffles, veal, etc.).

Leaving that night, we kept thinking how honored we were to take part in such a unique dining experience. For the two of us, they probably opened 5 different wine bottles to pair individually with each course. Also their home-made Limoncello was very deceptive - so delicious, and dangerously intoxicating!

Highly recommended!

Feb 10, 2009
justified in Italy

30th Birthday Dinner: Nashville - Radius 10 or Margot Cafe?

Thanks Cameraman for your advice. I completely overlooked the music factor - great tip!

30th Birthday Dinner: Nashville - Radius 10 or Margot Cafe?

I am a Los Angeles chowhound taking my wife to Nashville to celebrate her 30th with her best friend (and husband). This will be our first time to Nashville.

After searching the board, it looks like Radius 10 and Margot are at the top. Which one is most fitting for a nice dinner where we will not have to yell in order to talk amongst us 4. Also not really looking for a stuffy restaurant - my goal is to experience the "Wow" factor. Unique menus, inspiring dishes, new flavor combinations, or the best version of a classic dish, etc.

Anything after dinner that we should check out as well? Maybe a wine bar like Rumours?

What is your vote and why?

If I am leaving another must-experience fine restaurant out of the mix, please throw it in... BUT please explain why I should consider.

Thank you everyone, for helping make this weekend a special memory!

Wow restaurants in L.A. area

Sorry Jerome, nothing personal, but I have to disagree with you regarding Ford's Filling Station... it is inconsistent and overpriced. My last 2 visits were terrible, both served poor choices of meat. Ordered "roasted" lamb sandwich as their specialty - the lamb came out literally RAW (how is that roasted?) and there were so many sinews that it was inedible... all for a nice ~$20 bill. No thank you.

While the menu might be eclectic and seem inspired, the poor execution from chefs, and the lack of care from waiters to serve such disappointing creations, is a major strike out. Will never return. Go next door and order a hot plate with Angus Beef at Tender Greens for half the price!

To be fare, you did say it was not a WOW restaurants, so even if execution was perfect, Fords serves by no means WOW food.

Fathers Office, on the other hand, I would categorize as WOW. Their interpretation of a burger is unconventional and will surprise your taste buds with flavors that work great, especially with a nice fresh beer on tap.

Sep 05, 2008
justified in Los Angeles Area

In Search Of...Open Face Beef Sandwich w/ Gravy.

Nichols Restaurant (Marina Del Rey) - I think they have 4 or 5 various open-faced sandwiches with gravy. Never personally ordered, but co-workers loved it.

Jul 15, 2008
justified in Los Angeles Area

Sushi. Tonight. Help!

Irori in Marina Del Rey.
Allows reservations at the sushi bar.
Nice atmosphere, fresh fish, great sushi (for the adventurous) and also cooked dishes (for the timid).
(310) 822-3700

Recommended Dishes:

- Spicy, Crispy Shrimp Tempura
- Escarole Sushi
- Albacore Sushi News
- Live Sweet Shrimp (ask to see them alive before prepared)
- Spanish Mackerel Sushi
- Wild Salmon or Toro
- (Ask chef what else is super fresh that he recommends for sushi)
- Red Snapper in Plum Wine Sauce
- Fresh Water Eel Sushi
- Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream

Jul 08, 2008
justified in Los Angeles Area

Dinner near Los Angeles Union Station (Train Station)?

Thank you for the recommendation and I apologize for coming across as doubtful.

In the event that my guests desire food in the more "ethnic" direction, for example Mexican food, is there anyplace in the area worth considering, that is not a tourist trap?

Thank you in advance.

Nov 14, 2007
justified in Los Angeles Area

Dinner near Los Angeles Union Station (Train Station)?

Is Traxx a suggestion of a place that you MUST eat when you are in the area?

From my experience, anything in a train station or airport is tourist food.

Please explain.

Nov 14, 2007
justified in Los Angeles Area

Dinner near Los Angeles Union Station (Train Station)?

I am picking up 2 friends from the train station tomorrow evening, and would like a recommendation for a great place to have a sit-down dinner. The place does not have to be fancy, just good food and nice atmosphere to have conversations.

Ideal if restaurant was walking distance from the train station (if possible)

One of my friends recommended El Paso Inn, but he is not a Chowhound. What is houndworthy in this area? Please... nothing like Phillipes.

Any worthy Mexican restuarants?

I am looking for a place to spend no more than $20/pp.

Any good Mexican around here?

Nov 14, 2007
justified in Los Angeles Area

Ludobites at Breadbar - Review

I checked out their menu online, and the Black Croque Monsieur is no longer available. Maybe my eyes are playing a trick on me. Could they really have removed the best entrée from their menu?

Nov 13, 2007
justified in Los Angeles Area

Sonoma & Napa County - #1 Chowhound Restaurant?

If there was only one restaurant in Sonoma or Napa County to take the crown, which one would it be? Please choose only one, with brief reason why.

(A friend of mine is in Sonoma for an extended weekend, but be just found out that the restaurant he was planning on experiencing this Monday is closed. He and his friend just went to Bouchon (yesterday) and Cyrus (tonight). Are there any other restaurants of this same caliber in Sonoma County?

Food is of most importance (ambiance, less so... they are just friends on a mission to eat amazing food!).

Are there any restaurants in Sonoma that will rock their worlds? Suggestions greatly appreciated!)

Bologna and Verona

I am interested in your email, as I am planning a trip for one week in Verona and Bologna.


Jun 08, 2007
justified in Italy

Prosciutto and/or Parm cheese factory tours

This is something that I would also be very interested in. Please share the contact information on the thread so we can all benefit from this great recommendation.

Mar 08, 2007
justified in Italy

Would like recommendations on inexpensive Chardonnays

I know this is a little off the subject, but I love Montes Alpha for their Cabernet (haven't tried their Chardoney yet, but I can imagine it is also great). Montes Alpha Cab. is available at my local Costco (Marina Del Rey, CA) and after letting it breath a little, the wine really opens up.

Mar 07, 2007
justified in Wine

Why doesn't LA have any good Greek restaurants??

However the history goes, the fact is that the hummus at Traverna Tony's is delicious, same for their garlic spread (whatever that is called). I also like their simple marinara prawn pasta dish.

Oh, and another thing, in the past, their Saturdays have been known to have some plate smashing and live music. Call Traverna Tony's to see if this is still .

Their outside patio is the romantic, open-garden section of the restaurant and my favorite place. The inside is a little too rustic decor for my taste.

Mar 06, 2007
justified in Los Angeles Area

Looking for LA area Costco with good wine

LA Wine CO is the best. I went up to Paso Robles for wine tasting and many of the small vineyards like Linne Calodo are available at the LA Wine CO. Great selection with many boutique wines... and the prices are the best.

Mar 06, 2007
justified in Los Angeles Area

Scallops in San Diego

We went to Candelas for a wonderful romantic dinner. The scallops definitely were some of the best we had ever had... so tender and full of flavor... perfectly prepared.

Mar 06, 2007
justified in California

Paso Robles Wineries to avoid

We went to Peachy Canyon and were unimpressed with every wine that we tasted. We will never go back.

Then we went to Linne Calodo and tasted ONLY great wine. We bought a bottle of Problem Child and talked with the owner Matt Trevisan for a while (great guy... and an obvious passion and dedication to his wine).

Next day we went to Justin and Tablas. Wonderful wine at both vineyards and went broke from buying so many bottles.

We at at Artisan in Paso Robles and would recommend to others. Food was not mind-blowing (like Bouchon in Santa Barbara) but it was good to very good.

Mar 06, 2007
justified in California

Chinese or Thai near Marina del Rey?

A group of us went to Pam's Place on a recommendation from a friend. Service was idiotic and some of the food reminded us of as if we were in Africa being served DOG. The stuffed chicken was abolutely horrid! Every one of us spat it out on our plate, it was so disgusting. The only thing we enjoyed were the pad thai noodles... but any Thai restaurant should get that right. I will never return!

Mar 03, 2007
justified in Los Angeles Area

Why doesn't LA have any good Greek restaurants??

I third rec for Traverna Tony's... great lamb, great hummus, and some say that their octopus dish is great.

Mar 02, 2007
justified in Los Angeles Area

romantic sushi places in LA

Depends on your price range.

Expensive - For great sushi, nice romantic atmosphere, you can sit in the tent @ Nobu of Malibu.

Heard from a friend - Kaya Sushi in Marina Del Rey - is a great date place with a nice ambiance.

Mar 02, 2007
justified in Los Angeles Area

Bouchon - An Absolutely Wonderful Dining Experience

First I want to thank my fellow Chowhound friends for recommending a great line-up of restaurants for my trip up north from LA for the President's Day weekend.

That Friday evening my GF and I stopped in Santa Barbara for our reservation at Bouchon.

Arrived early and the hostess recommended we kill some time and have a drink by a neighboring bar (forgot the name). Bar had a cool atmosphere and we both had some potent martinis. Half-way through the drink I received a tap on the shoulder - it was the hostess from Bouchon, who had the courtesy to let us know the table in the patio was now ready for us (I thought this courtesy was a nice touch).

Once seated at our table, our server introduced himself (I believe his name was David - he was very charming and professional) and recommended a perfect bottle of Syrah (which he also decanted for us).

First course was their foie gras which was mind-blowing. Server brought us a glass of viognier to pair with the foie gras... which was a wonderful match!

Second course, we got the escargot... which, while I highly enjoyed the course, sent my GF (loving escargot) into a state of bliss.

Third (main) course, we split the "duck 2 ways" dish (duck breast and duck leg) which was flawless! (Server recommended the duck - based on the grounds that the dish had been a favorite now for 9 years with the restaurant and is a sure winner.) Each of our plates had such a generous portion of duck, that it looked more as if we had both received full order of the dish (server then hinted that the chef couldn't help but be reward us with a generous portion). By this time, we were amazed at how Bouchon has "on fire" with such phenomenal dishes.

Fourth course we shared the creme brule and had cappuccino.

Atmosphere, food, service... everything was absolutely stellar!

$167 after tax and generous tip. 200% worth it.

p.s. that weekend we also went up to Paso Robles and ate at Artisan and then headed back to Solvang for Ballard Inn. Both great restaurants but no-where in the league of Bouchon. I couldn't recommend Bouchon more to other fellow Chowhounds.

Mar 02, 2007
justified in California

Terrine de Foie gras

Saddle Peak Lodge version put me in heaven! Sat by fireplace, fiance and I shared foie gras terrine, followed with duck appetizer and lastly each had a phenomenal Elk course with a mushroom sauce. The cappuccino creme brule was the perfect ending. (Brought our own wine - $20 corkage fee). Very professional server. $200 after tax and generous tip. 100% worth every penny.

There was also a filet mignon on the menu, and I saw a 8 year-old boy scraping out the remains of the bone-marrow (from the filet mignon dish) because it must have been so finger-licking good.

If you like chili, their Wednesdays (only) filet mignon chili has recieved some high marks.

Mar 02, 2007
justified in Los Angeles Area

Where are you dining this weekend?

Sa Rit Gol on Saturday night. I heard the the Black Cod is a "do-not-miss"... anything else on the menu that I should look for? Also types of beef (& marinades)?

Mar 02, 2007
justified in Los Angeles Area

LA Restaurant or Catering Service for Wedding?

I just got engaged, so it's wedding planning time!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a restaurant or catering service that serves Chowhound-worthy food... ON A BUDGET?

Specifically, we are looking for unique, "inspired", fusion food that most people (non-chowhounds) have never experienced before. The food definately needs to stand out and be one of the highlights of the evening. The boring/basic "steak and grilled veggies" just will not cut it. Neither are we planning on having a wedding cake (we are throwing tradition out the door). Only delicious, forward-thought food shall be served.

We have the ability to spend at most $50/pp (price needs to include open bar / wine). The capacity for our wedding is between 90-100.

Since we have very little to work with, we are also considering going heavy on delectable hors d'oeuvres (but no dinner) and keeping the bar open for good wine.

I highly regard everyone's opinion here at Chowhound.

Please... any help is greatly appreciated!

Feb 28, 2007
justified in Los Angeles Area