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Sydney post-wedding dinner Sunday Night. Help.

Where are you staying? My first response to this was EASY.. but wow it is not.

But here you go

If you want something casual - Opera Bar is always great and has some good tasting anitpasto plates.

Help with packaged foods: Have you been to the US?

OMG Ranch flavoured chips i miss the most. Other than that my mind has gone blank. As an Aussie who previoulsy lived in the states, my last trip i brought so much. Grapenuts are good i loved Cheerios but now we have them here. But you guys definatley have more cereal than us. on that note ask your friend to send you Nutragrain. But i do frequent usafoods site regularly. Kool aid would be a novelty. And Twizzlers we have them here but not that brand and they are not the same. Big bags of Jelly Belly beans as they are expensive here

Moving to Sydney. Best Place to Live?


Well done on making the move to Sydney you will love it. Lots of good tips above. Leichhardt (note the to 'h') is a great location, especially if you like Italian. Glebe and Balmain are also good. and those suburbs are all around each other.

With Balmain one end is the ferry and one end you are near Victoria Rd really convieniant for buses into the city. People find the ferry isnt as convieniant and find they still use the bus. It will depend on where the office is located in the city. You may find that you have a long walk from the various city ferry wharfs to your work.

Harris Farm is great and also Macro Foods (if you like organic) I live accross the road from a Harris Farm and i am in there every day. The only negative is that they dont have basic like cleaning products and tooth paste which i find i make a monthly trip to a local supermarket for.

Check out when you type in the above suburbs check the box for the surrounding suburbs when it searches. That helps know what is nearby.

SMH is good every tuesday is the Good Living pull out. This is what produces the Good Food Guide. Sydney Cheap eats is also good. Check out Harris Farm and Marco foods on the web. Fratelli Fressh and acound it is great for food but you dont want to live in the area as it is very industrial. The first saturday of every month SMH host the Good Living Growers Market. It is on the water side of the Casino. I go every month (would happily meet you for your first trip). There is also a similar market with most of the same stalls in North Sydney. Also check out sadly they also move to the North. But as previous said I would avoid living North of the Bridge it is just a pain.