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Napa tips

I've always enjoyed " Go Fish " for lunch

Mar 02, 2008
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

Recommendations for thin crust pizza in east bay?

wow..many pizza critics here and it seems everyone likes it a certain way..
I've tried pizzas all over the world with the most authentic being Neapolitan made with caputo flour which is a thin crust except for the edges
my favorite is still NYC style made with high quality bread flour such as King Arthur..
but the best I've ever had is made right here at my house, just north of SF in a wood burning oven with dough cold fermented for 2's really not that hard after some practice and after making about 500 pizzas at home I have it finetuned as to how I like my sauce and what type of preference with cheese..I learn something new every time I make pizza..check out pizzamaking dot com and make your own masterpiece instead of finding a palce in the east of luck

Feb 12, 2008
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

Recommendations for thin crust pizza in east bay?

I second what kc72 said..
great thin crust pizza and yes I lived in NYC..
order ahead since they are for take out since seating is very limited..
# 510-528-4692

Feb 10, 2008
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

my little touristy trip report

You picked some good spots Celeste and the ferry building is always time at the FB check out the Fatted Calf Charcuterie..since I don't make it to Frisco often I load up my cooler for the 3 hour drive back north and stock my freezer..
I tend to disagree about IN-N-OUT..I really like it for a chain burger place..simple,clean,cheap and cooked to order..its been 30 years since I've eaten at any other fast food's to bad that the closest one is a 2hour drive from me but I make a point to stop at least 3 times a year..I'm a picky retired chef but for some reason find it good comfort food for on the run..

Feb 10, 2008
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

Green Peppercorns

I thought I'd give chowhound a try..
When I was head chef of the Normandie in San Rafael back in the 70s I use to get these green pepercorns in a small can from Rycoff distributors( I think that's how you spell it)..
they were soft and in a green brine..they made an excelent pepper sauce..
I've searched the web and gourmet food stores and no one knows what I'm talking about..
I wonder if Rycoff is still even in business?I live far from SF now and wonder if anyone has seen them before or knows where to get them..
Thank you for any info

Jan 27, 2008
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

Coddingtown Mall Notes Santa Rosa

I tried Sakura once,,it came highly recommened and I didn't like it at all..we were a party of 4 and no one else really cared for it..
I use to eat at the China room all the time and loved that place..I'll have to try Fresh China..
TacoMax sounds like it's worth the trip..

Oct 11, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

Which Restaurant has the Best Gnocchi?

I have yet to try any Gnocchi better then what I make at home..My father's aunt taught me some 40 years ago in Trieste..I did enjoy the Gnocchi at Flavors in Santa Rosa..
the gnocchi at Jardinier's with morels and pancetta sounds very good..I'll have to try that..

Oct 11, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

Best Croissant in SF/Bay Area?

Most of the over sized croissants are not made with real butter..
Bay Bread is the real deal..since I live so far from SF I'll buy 3 dozen when in the city and freeze them..very close to the croissants in Paris except for that the butter in France is better then our butter..

Sep 20, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

UNDERWOOD - Graton - What's the word?

I've heard from friends that Underwood is pretty good but haven't tried it yet..
didn't Spanky's use to be in Fairfax, Marin county??

Sep 17, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

Patrona in Mendocino County

Has anyone ever eaten here?'s a Bistro located in Ukiah and I would like to hear some feedback..the menu looks pretty good..

Jun 07, 2007
rosso in California

French Laundry Extended Tasting Menu, in Photos

It's interesting to read the different experiences people have had at the French laundry..
My son and his gf,my best friend and his wife loved it on seperate ocasions but then another friend of mine had the same experience as I had but still thought it was the best..
Maybe it's because I tend to be more picky and observe little details which one should if they are spending over $700 for 2..I've eaten at many fine establishments in France and the Bay Area..also I was the Head Chef at a popular French Restaurant back in the 70s so I know alittle bit about paceing a meal and good service but I also know even the best of restaurants can have an off night..
Last Saturday I saw a interview with Chef Keller on PBS..I can't remember the name of the show but found it very interesting..He admitted to stretching himself thin with all his new establishments and that he relied on the ethics he's taught his Chefs to carry over if he can't be there..he use to clean his own stoves late at night but doubt he does that anymore..LOL..also talked about how he comes up with some of his dishes..
I think he's a genius but also very humble..just hope he's not going to let all celebrity crap get to him and become another Wolfgang Puck

Jun 01, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

French Laundry Extended Tasting Menu, in Photos

My wife and I ate at the French Laundry back in December..I was somewhat disapointed..
Keller wasn't working the kitchen that night..we were still hungry when we left and were there for 4 plus hours with our dishes coming out of the kitchen anywhere from 15 minutes apart to 45 minutes apart.45 minutes is much to long of a wait inbetween coarses..I had to ask for bread 4 times which really surprised me..the service didn't impress me either..we felt like we were being ignored while the party of 4 next to us had waiters hovering over them..maybe it was an off night and I will try them again because the food was excellent..

May 31, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area


Just got back from Memphis,TN and had a great time..
Best ribs I've ever had were at the Rendezvous..simply fantastic and the beans were to die for..the ribs are served dry with a so-so BBQ sauce on the side..
the chefs gave me a tour of their smoker and even let me baste a rack of ribs..
went there for a late lunch and the place was almost empty so they had the time..then went back 3 hours later to take out 4 orders for myself and there was a line going out the of the owners recognized me and waved me in and knew I was takin ribs back to SF with me..very friendly folks..they ship out anywhere in the U.S. and though probally not as good as eating there I recommend trying them and don't forget the beans..

May 26, 2007
rosso in General South Archive

Any decent place to eat close to Oakland airport

I'll give a report on Francesco's Robert..
I'm hoping it'll be good..I'm traveling to the vast wastelands of central TN and will need a last good meal to hold me over for a week..nothing there but fastfood and chains..

Apr 17, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

Any decent place to eat close to Oakland airport

Thanks so much alameda fats..I'll give Francesco's a try..
I worked at Marin Joe's for 10 years as a cook so it might be fun to try..

Apr 15, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

Any decent place to eat close to Oakland airport

I'll be flying back east out of Oakland on a early flight so I'll be spending the night by the airport..anything close by within a short taxi drive would be great..I'm not to concerned about the $$$
thanks so much..

Apr 14, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

Quality meat in Mendocino County?

Does anyone know of a place close to Willits or Ukiah that sells something better then the garbage at Safeway..I've never been able to find a local butcher..

Apr 01, 2007
rosso in California

Almond croissant taste test

I'm with you...Bay Bread makes the best..
a friend just brought me up one of their strawberry,raspberry's to bad I live 3 hours away..around here the best we have is Shatz in Ukiah which isn't to bad but not great..

Apr 01, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

Best producers of white wine

I have to agree with canard..Navarro Vineyards is worth the trip with excelent whites..I go every year and have been going since they opened..I think it was 1975..
leave the rat race behind and the tourists in Napa and Sonoma counties and enjoy Mendocino county..

Mar 13, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

What's all the hoopla about with Tartine bakery

interesting..I don't see how anyone can't like Citizen Cake's chocolate much buttery decadence..

Mar 01, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area

What's all the hoopla about with Tartine bakery

I tried out their Croissants and one of their chocolate cakes after reading a rave review about them..what a huge disapointment..the Croissants were gummy and not flakey,cake was to sweet and dence and they didn't even have any bread at 9am..what's up with that??
I'm staying with the Boulangerie..more professional,better sevice and great pastry..
and Citzen Cake for my chocolate cake fix..
if you know of any better I'd like to hear from you..

Feb 27, 2007
rosso in San Francisco Bay Area