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Sushi in Pittsburgh

I agree, Little Tokyo is great. I'm originally from PGH, but live in Atlanta now. I always visit Little Tokyo when I am in town. Very reasonable, very fresh--very good!

Aug 18, 2010
awaggett in Pennsylvania

Newport Beach/Balboa Island lunch recommendations

Based on recommendations from this board we went to Sabatino's in early March--probably the best Italian I have eaten out in a long time! The sausage was amazing!! I would definitely check it out.

We also ate at the Crab Cooker--I'd say it was just okay. To be upfront, I'm allergic to crabs, so I had the oysters. My cousin had the soft shell crabs and thought they were great. The clam chowder was good.

I'd also recommend the Beach Comber--we ate lunch and dinner here and really enjoyed it--great food right on the beach!

Mar 18, 2010
awaggett in Los Angeles Area

Looking for OC Recs

We are heading to the OC the first week of March, staying in Newport Beach. Looking for lunch/dinner recommendations. Local places preferred with outdoor seating. Nothing too fancy, but open to ideas. Looking for places known for food. We are totally open to driving, we'll be doing two days at Disney, and short trips to LA, San Diego, and La Jolla. I've done a preliminary search and would welcome comments:

George's on the Cove, La Jolla
Cafe Alessa or Sabatino's

Thanks in advance!

Feb 15, 2010
awaggett in Los Angeles Area

Hilton Head, SC, restaurants

I think I replied back in '05, but just got back, so thought I would add some updated info...

Had great meals at:

Sea Grass Grill (ate 2x)--the chef and owner/waitress are great--they were with Charlie's L'Etoile Vert for years. It is such a great deal--amazing entrees with salads and sides for under $25. I always enjoy the tuna with wasabi mousse; the grouper picatta was great. My sister had crab-stuffed shrimp--she didn't share a bite!

Michael Anthony's. Definitely our favorites. I wouldn't expect to get high-end Italian on vacation, but each time we go, we are reminded how great this place is. The gnocchi is about as good as mine (really the only thing I learned from my Italian grandmother) and their sauces are really interesting.

Great breakfast and beignets at Kenny B's. We did the Sunday brunch--$9.95 with omelets and eggs benedict--can't beat that.

We tried the donuts to order at Flamingo's Donuts--interesting concept--plain donuts were good, the glazes were good too. Some of the "fancier" ones were a bit much.

Tried dinner at the Grumpy Grouper (chef and owner used to be at Aunt Chilada's). It was okay, perhaps a bit pricey for what it was. I enjoyed my friend scallops and oysters; those that ordered the broilded scallops were disappointed.

Finally, we had dinner at Old Fort Pub. This place has always been reserved for special dinners, and we've been going there for 8 years or so. We were pretty disappointed this year--there was not much selection with the entrees, one the was to be served in broth came in a terribly oily sauce, and the service was sub-par. It was a Friday night, so maybe we hit them at an off time. Definitely a disappointment.

Jul 28, 2008
awaggett in Southeast

Sunday Brunch in Charleston?

We were in Charleston a few weeks ago for a wedding. After some research, we chose our one brunch at Hominy Grill. It was really great--there were 6 of us and we all liked what we had (the drinks were good too!).

Hilton Head, SC, area recommendations?

We are heading down in a few weeks, and have been going for years. Some of our favorites (which aren't very touristy) are: Michael Anthony's for Italian (we are Italian--and it is some of the best we've had!), moderate to expensive; Sea Grass Grill--simple fish, done perfectly, moderate; Greek restaurant in Coligny Plaza, can't remember the name (very casual and authentic), inexpensive. I've heard good things about Camilia Grill (near the Harris Teeter outside of Sea Pines) and we plan on trying it this summer. We've also enjoyed Aligator Grill (moderate), Charley's Crab (moderate), and Old Fort Pub (moderate to expensive).

Cancun Report

Just back from a week in Cancun and wanted to report on a few restaurants. All in all it was a great trip, with some surprisingly good meals.

Best of the best: La Habichuela--located in downtown Cancun--take a cab, it's hard to find. Make sure to eat in the garden--it is beautiful. I had the cesar salad prepared table side, touristy yes, but yummy; fish with a tomatoe sauce--good too. Others in my party had the chauteau briand (sp?) and shrimp in a coconut shell--well enjoyed.

La Parilla--also located downtown, but much more casual. Great mexican food--hand made corn tortillas, fresh salsa/guac, amazing pork tacos. Not to be missed.

La Dolce Vita--italian (yes in Mexico) in the Hotel Zone. I didn't have high hopes and this place was recommended to my folks by a person they met at the pool. We are very italian and were impressed with homemade pastas--ravioli with veal (hard to find), etc.

Mar 17, 2008
awaggett in Mexico

Kenny B's on Hilton head

We've been going here for year--it's a must-visit when we are in town!

HHI Report

Just got back from a week in Hilton Head and wanted to report on a few places. In the past we've done mostly "nice/fancy" dinners but have found that most places do not measure up. We decided this year to mix-it up. We did our usual must-eats: Sea Grass Grill and Mark Anthony's and added a few casual, now future must-eats.

1. Kenny B's: we ate breakfast here twice and plan on going for dinner during our next visit. Very casual--folks were coming straight from the beach. Mostly New Orleans fare--the beingnets were out of this world. Run by Kenny B and his wife--they are doing an awesome job--we will definitely be going back!

2. Market Street Cafe (at Coligny): Very casual and inexpensive. Great Greek food and pizzas. Family-owned, very friendly. A must-eat!

Best Eats in Hilton Head?

We hit the Squat and Gobble last fall--it was great--nothing fancy, but a good deal--very down-home!

Our favorites are:

Michael Anthony's: last summer at there twice in one week.
Sea Grass Grill: former staff from Charlie's Etiole Verte and in the old location--great quality food--nothing fancy and amazing service.
Alligator Grille--surprisingly good sushi

I might try Mulberry Street Trattoria this year--it sounds interesting!


Have you been? We are looking at hosting our company's holiday party here in December. We checked out the space today and it was really charming, but I've not eaten there. We need to make a decision by Monday--due to another space we are holding, and won't have time to do a tasting.

We've had our parties in the past at 103 West, Botanical Gardens, and several private clubs in the area. The menu looked great and they seem ver easy to work with. Any hands-on expereience you have would be much appreciated.


One night in Columbia, SC

I'll be in Columbia for work next week--staying near I-26/Harbison Blvd and will have a car. Any recommendations for any must-haves in Columbia? I'd prefer no chains. Thanks in advance!

Good eats in Columbus

Thanks for all of the recommendations--I'll let you know how it goes!

Good eats in Columbus

Atlanta hound heading to Columbus for a conference--staying at the Crown Plaza near the Convention Center, will have a car. Looking for suggestions for a few dinners--any must haves, etc.

Thanks in advance.