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Cinghiale have full bar in Enoteca?

Or just wine?
Thanks in advance!

Hungry Cat no longer good?

Visiting LA first week and June and going to the Improv festival; planned to eat at Hungry Cat beforehand due to location and random google reviews left me unimpressed! Am coming from Baltimore, and loved the MD coast influence but can't stand to travel so many miles and have a horrible meal our first night in Hollywood! Let me know what's up. If not there, I'm not too familiar with what "part of town" Hollywood & Vine is considered so a suggestion would be great. Thanks!!

May 07, 2008
maureen_md in Los Angeles Area

Just back from SD!

We are staying at the Grande Colonial...Having dinner at Jack's Dining Room on our anniversary so Nine Ten will work perfect for our second night in town...and we can just stumble up to our room after! Thanks for the info on both tacos and dinner!

Apr 29, 2008
maureen_md in California

Just back from SD!

Did you go to the Marisco's German restaurant or truck?

Also, is Agave in La Jolla? we're staying there and would prefer to stay in the neighborhood.

Thanks so much for the info!

Apr 28, 2008
maureen_md in California

Foodie Reunion Near Dulles...where to eat?

Dress code = upscale casual (i.e. dressy, but not old school "jackets required")
Price = $30 entrees?
I'd like to be under 30 min from Dulles if possible....
Looking forward to your feedback!

Foodie Reunion Near Dulles...where to eat?

Meeting my half-brother for the the first time...crazy criteria I know!
Important Points:
I'm a Foodie
He's a Chef
San Antonio via Saudi Arabia (Air Force man)
En route home & staying @ Dulles Airport

We're meeting for dinner next Saturday so I need reservations stat.
Would like to pick him up at the Hyatt and head to a FABULOUS reunion/welcome home is of course of the utmost importance, but ambiance appropriate for 26 years of missed conversations is also required.
I'm a Baltimore girl, and have researched the boards but this is an especially special occasion so I wanted to post for a change. Thank you in advance for your help!

Best Drinks and Apps

Ixia on Charles - fabulous "cocktails" and really wonderful apps; great bar & perfect lounge for canoodling!

Napa Anniversary Dinner - French Laundry not available

Well, I set a to-do in my calendar months ago to assure my husband and I could get a table at French Laundry for our anniversary on May 31st...
Due to some ridiculous and unexplainable error with, they are now booked and we are without reservations for our anniversary dinner.
I've booked Martini House, Mustard's and Bouchon for other nights during the week we are there. We would prefer the location be (a) close to the Villagio and (b) romantic with FANTASTIC food. Thanks in advance for your help. I'm really bummed about missing F.L.!