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B & M Mei Sing [San Francisco]

i go there fairly frequently.
i usually order gun lo mein with wontons and duck with choy sum. ive been having it for 15yrs or so. i now also order the crispy noodles with beef and choy sum. its kinda like oyster sauce chicken over cake noodle from hawaii, which i adore.
everyone does seem to order the fried fish.

Best Romantic Seafood Restaurant for a first time visit to SF

if you must eat at the wharf, make it scomas.
i second farrallon.

Where to buy green papaya In San Francisco??

i might have the name messed up but its right on the corner of mission and trumbull, it used to be a cala or bell food.

Where to buy green papaya In San Francisco??

at manila market at mission and 280 they have bags of fresh papaya already shredded. its against the back wall in the cold section.

best bacon

now that tj's has stopped selling niman ranch uncured bacon i am going through withdrawl. 

what is your favorite bacon?

reeses creamy peanut butter in sf?

we dont have albertsons or ralphs in sf.
ive checked lucky, safeway, target,and walmart.

reeses creamy peanut butter in sf?

its free only if you are a prime member. i just might have to do that though. i bought a few on a recent trip to vegas and now am out. :(

reeses creamy peanut butter in sf?

cooks illustrated did a taste test a few months ago on best peanut butter and reeses won by a landslide. i did a blind taste test against my old friend jif and picked reeses.
now i cant seem to find it anywhere in sf.
anyone seen it?

Rancho Las Trancas - SSF

ive gone there a few times after arriving for the machaca and green chili burros.
when i was a kid the tortillas they used were about 16 inches across and they had to use two to make the burrito cause it was so heavy, it puts mission style burritos to shame.
my family used to get tortillas from carolinas several times a week.

Rancho Las Trancas - SSF

funny you mention carolinas melanie, i went to high school at st marys in downtown phx, carolina's daughter bertha went to my high school and i was even an escort in her quinceanerra, which was catered by carolinas. im all to familiar with her enchiladas, the sauce at trancas isnt like carolina cause of the special ingredient, but they are very good.

did you go to the original carolinas by the airport or the new one?

Rancho Las Trancas - SSF

the crispy beef tacos
the enchiladas
the tortilla soup
the (gasp) deep fried ice cream.

im originally from az and grew up eating mexican food, this is the real deal and really the only sonoran style mexican close to sf.
most things are heaven on a plate here.

Dim Sum at night in chinatown

Ton Kiang serves dimsum at night on Geary/23rdish.

Ton Kiang
5821 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

ISO good chile rellenos, crab enchiladas, tortilla soup, huevos rancheros and decent fish tacos at restaurants with table service in SF, Santa Rosa and/or Sonoma

in ssf, rancho de las trancas has really good crab enchiladas and in house made realllly yummy tortilla soup. their shredded beef tacos are heavenly. they stuff the tortilla with the shredded beef and some oniaons, seal it with a toothpic then fry it. their red sauce is tasty and has a really unique taste, i asked a waitress and she told me it is pumpkin pie spice.
very simple old school place, with a great band on friday night.

Crusty, airy french bread source? For tomorrow Tuesday!

go to an asian (preferably vietnamese) grocery store and they will have exactly what you are looking for.

Favorite old school Mexican restaurant in SF ?

in the city, puerto alegre is what you are looking for.
skip don ramons, it is profoundly overpriced.
nopalito is nueva mexicana and probably not what you are looking for but very very good.

if you want the best os mexican, definately rancho de las trancas in ssf.

Popcorn rice - where in sf??

anyone know of a source for popcorn rice?
this is rice that is available in the south.
im looking to make some jambalaya and other creole/cajun type dishes.

Crispy gau gee in the Bay Area?

i lived in hawaii for many years.
i have never seen gau gee here in the bay area.
i have never seen oyster sauce chicken over cake noodle either. unfortunately.

fresh guava

i did see pineapple guava at the ferry bldng farmers market last weekend.
there is a latin market on san bruno ave that sells the other kind.

Fresh Mexican Chorizo in SF

specifically im looking for the kind that is not incased in link form.

Fresh Mexican Chorizo in SF

Does anyone know where I can get some fresh mex chorizo made with ground pork or beef?
I dont like the kind you can get in the supermarket as they are made with salivary glands and lymph nodes and who knows what else.

In need of fabulous lunch spot in SF Casual but delicious

I third Zuni and whatever you do order the chicken and bread salad.

Saturday nite North Beach

I third Caps Corner

Capp's Corner
1600 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94133

Fettucine Alfredo in San Francisco?

Capri Restaurant on Market between Sanchez and Noe has good fettucine alfredo.
The Carbonara is really really good there.

Capri Ristorante Pizza
2272 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114

In search of Mangosteens...

They have mangosteens at the produce store on 22nd and Irving.

Who has the best crab preparation?

And what preperation would be the best there Peter?

Who has the best crab preparation?

I'm hoping for some asian suggestions other than than long/crustacean

Who has the best crab preparation?

With crab season upon us, who does it best?

Halo Halo?

Thanks for your help guys, unfortunately I am carless and need a place in SF.

Halo Halo?

Where can I get the best tasting Halo Halo in SF?

They also have them in Vietnamese restaurants but are slightly different, anyone know the name or what Vietnamese restaurants in SF have them?

Hatch chile roasting in Alameda and San Ramon

I hope someone in the city will offer freshly roasted Hatch chilies. Anyone seen any?