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Blue Sky Belmont

This dude can cook, and he can crank out the dishes considering it's just him in there. My goto Chinese spot. I will spell these phonetically because I don't really know how otherwise--gum do pai quat(pork chops), na nam po(beef stew with tendon), yee mein(birthday noodles), scrambled egg with shrimp, braised tofu with black mushroom, dow mew(pea sprouts--don't know where he gets these but they are more tender than any other I have had).

Woodchuck BBQ, New in Redwood City

I disagree that location was the problem. Vesta recently opened up the street and they are really busy. And Woodchuck was next door to New Kapdokia, one of Redwood City's most venerable restaurants.The difference is in the experience of the ownership. You have to know what you are doing. You can't just make pretty good BBQ, or whatever, and plunk down a deposit on a storefront.

Quick lunch in San Mateo near the fairgrounds?

The chicken place may have been Li'l Bisquit House. They are now catering only. Also, was surprised to see that Al-Hana is gone. I had been for dinner just a couple of weeks before, and the place is empty now.

Woodchuck BBQ, New in Redwood City

I also stopped by last night after seeing Melanie's post. It is next door to New Kapadokia in downtown RWC. Very nice people using Apple and White Oak wood to make some good BBQ. I had a 3 meat combo with 2 sides, and my wife a brisket dinner with two sides. With a Sierra Nevada draft, $45 with tip. Good meat portions. Baby back ribs and pulled pork were ok, but the brisket stands out--moist, tender, tasty. It's hard to get brisket that way. On the way out I noticed a single giant, meaty beef rib on an adjacent table that reminded me of the one I had at the Reno Ribfest and still dream about.

Surprisingly good pizza at Pronto in Redwood City

You can get a meal with half chicky, a wedge of focaccia from their wood burning oven, and roasted potatoes for 9 or 10 bucks. Good bird, but a little on the wimpy side. Glad for all the starch that comes with it.

Sometimes it pays to listen to the chef--Johnson's Barbeque

I think Mr. Johnson would quadruple business overnight if he would!!

ISO Hungarian restaurant

My pop misses his mama's cookin'. Is there anywhere in the Bay Area I can take him for what he calls Hungarian peasant food--paprika chicken, stuffed cabbage, and palachinta(?) for dessert?

Blue Sky San Carlos - closed?

The restaurant is open.

Redwood City - new Gastropub Martins West - any reports?

Melanie, I have never eaten marrow before and so have no basis for comparison. The tripod of bones arrived with toasted baguette. I'm not a good sharer under almost any circumstance and there was barely enough good stuff to go around. The marrow tasted as good as a fatty steak smells on the grill. Yummy, though i expect even bad marrow falls into that category.

The charcuterie was not noteworthy and included no coldcuts, though the housemade mustard and pickled golden beet and infant carrot were tasty and certainly made for good presentation.

The two appetizers with two sodas and tip came to almost $50.00.

Redwood City - new Gastropub Martins West - any reports?

I so applaud the owners for taking the risk of opening this place in RWC, especially at this time. Maybe Main Street will become a destination. Went by last Thursday, and may have been served the first meal produced by their kitchen--marrow bones and a charcuterie plate which included pate', terrine, and a rabbit rillete. I'm not sure what a gastropub is, exactly, but they seem to have lofty aspirations--a menu scattered with things like nettles and ramps. They have done a fantastic renovation and the woodwork alone is worth a trip by.

Where to eat rabbit?

One entree, but rabbit three ways at The Farmhouse Inn in Sonoma County.

Good Frickin Chicken is aptly named

The chicken is good, but the pita, whatever it is they do to it, becomes frikkin' amazing, totally not like pita, frikkin' way better. I hate that I like saying that so much. It totally cracks up my mother in law when we go there.

Need cheap, decent pizza in Menlo Park area

Was going to suggest Avanti, but looks like I'm not the only one that likes their pie. My wife brought home a Costco take-n-bake Margherita that was astoundingly good.

Nick's Cove in Marshall

I saw Nick's on Michael Bauer's "Top 100" and decided to include it on my Marin/Sonoma weekend, which also included stops at Buckeye Roadhouse and Farmhouse Inn. I spent the night in "Al's Cottage" right on the water, and it was fantastic. The food was ordinary. Grilled romaine salad was nice, BBQ oysters just fine, french fries very good, pork roasted in banana leaf possibly the worst main course I have had in a very long time. This may have been a special, and not on the everyday menu. I think it's possible that anything cooked in banana leaf is horrible.

Can I be a foodie, and still like Sweet and Sour Pork?

I have loved sweet & sour since my dad drove us across the old Dunbarton Bridge to the original Ming's Palo Alto almost 40 years ago. Then I married a Chinese woman whose family would often order gum doe pie quat(spelled phonetically)--basically the same thing, but whole pork chops, and without the peppers, pineapple, and onions that we all know you just push aside to get to the good stuff anyway.

Cute lunch place in Daly City

I saw Butterfly Bistro reviewed by Michael Bauer in the Sunday Examiner Magazine, September, 30, 2007. Went Friday night, November 9, 2007, to find it already "closed until further notice".

Student Eats by Stanford

Cho's Mandarin Dim Sum used to appear on Michael Bauer's Pink Section annual "Top 50 Bargain Bites" list, cementing my skepticism re "Top 50" lists *and* caucasian reviews of asian restaurants.

redwood city L&L bbq... so sad *sigh*

Yesterday, I stopped by this location. The two teenagers behind the counter were too busy flirting with each other and admiring each other's tattoos to notice me. And then I was greeted with, "Hi, uh, I mean, aloha!" The owner was out front navigating the repositioning of wall posters by a guy who was standing(with shoes) atop one of the dining tables. Sometimes you just have to scratch your head and wonder.

Mexican near San Mateo

Nothing like a good burrito discussion to get the fur flying. I live in Redwood City, home to at least 20 taquerias, and yet I will still fight 101 traffic to go to Pancho Villa. Sure, I have gotten the rare burrito that just wasn't right, sure the mad cleaver guy gets on your nerves, and yes, the cashier is usually surly, but overall, for freshness and taste I think it's the best in the area.

end of an era @ Kam's

Sorry to hear. I've been going to Kam's for 25 years. My ABC wife wrinkles her nose at this place, but I would drive an hour for their Kam's Special Yee Won Ton Soup--a huge bowl of rich, dark broth, loaded with a heaping pile of pork, chicken, shrimp, and FRIED wontons, still crisp when that bowl hits the table, but starting to soak up that wonderful broth. I have never seen this dish anywhere else, and most places will refuse to fry the wontons for me, and sort of look at me like I'm crazy.

Three Dishes for $15.99 at Yee’s Restaurant (SF Chinatown)

It's all fresh and well prepared. Actually, at Queen House you get the 3-fer, plus your choice of steamed rice or scallion pancake. I always get the pancake. I love their beef noodle soup-- the richest broth and hunks of tendony beef, and doughy, homemade noodles.

Peninsula Chinese Food

Got tired of the snobby service at Silver House. Went to Mr. Fong's. Got tired of the grouchy cashier lady who refused to recognize me after 30 dinners there. Went to Golden Wok(nr. Norfolk and 3rd Ave, San Mateo). Hate to give up this secret, but the food is good and plentiful. This is not the place to go for live seafood, but for mainstays like crispy skin chicken, braised tofu with gai choy, juyem(?) fish, yee mein noodles, beef stew in clay pot. Great prices, friendly owner, and always free soup and red bean dessert.

Three Dishes for $15.99 at Yee’s Restaurant (SF Chinatown)

The three items for $16.99 is my favorite food trend!! Queen House in Mountain View and New Yong Kang in Fremont deliver fantastic value with their similar "3 fer" menus. The only thing better is the two lobster(ginger and garlic sauce) for $19 bargain at Ocean on Clement.

Koi Palace, So authentic we were clueless!!

I see Koi Palace regularly mentioned on this board as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area. I have eaten both dinner and dim sum there and do not understand the allure. The quality of the food is good. The portions somewhat small, in my opinion. This fare is available at dozens of other less heralded Chinese restaurants in the area, with less hassle and less cost.

A recent visit for dim sum began with more than an hour wait. The dining room was so hectic that the staff had been unable to properly clean our table, under which was piled not bits, but almost entire plates of food.

On more than a few occasions the servers only begrudgingly removed the steamer lids to allow us to see the contents, and seemed generally sullen.

I did not find the array or quality of dim sum items any greater than many other places.

Am I crazy to dis this place, or am I the first to say the emperor has no clothes?