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Portland Restaurant help needed for xmas g.c.

Hi. My father and his girlfriend live in Portland and I live across the country in Boston. I want to get them a gift certificate to a yummy restaurant in Portland. I'm thinking $100. My Dad doesn't drink but his gf does (i.e. no bottles of wine or $100 should go relatively far). I was looking for something nice, not necessarily fine dining, but if it is that's no problem. It's gotta be good...we are originally from New Orleans and know good food from crappy food. Maybe seafood?


Quick! - need a place to eat in Cambridge

Where can I go for lunch today in Cambridge that is relatively cheap and on the quick side? I work in Harvard Square and don't want to go to Upstairs on the Square, Om or Grafton St.


Boston Summer Restaurant Week

I've got reservations for Petit Robert and Oleana for dinner (I'm new-ish to town but my husband is from here and has talked about these in the past so I'm excited to try them myself) and Sandrine's for lunch (which I'm a little leery about due to the mixed reviews, but I work in Harvard Square so it's easy).

edit: changed Sandrine's to Upstairs on the Square.

Where would you not a factor?

I absolutely will...more info to come at the end of the month!

Where would you not a factor?

Thanks to everyone. Good recommendations that I will pass along to my brother in law!

Can an inexpensive lobster roll be good?

Grumpy White's in Quincy. Their lobster rolls are $16 or $17 and they are sooooo delicious. Tons of lobster meat (falling out of the bun in fact) with a bit of mayo, served with fries. Just had one about 2 weeks ago. Yum.

Where would you not a factor?

Where would you eat in the Boston area for a romantic anniversary no object?


Anything good to eat at the Villa Rosa in Quincy?

We live right down the street and ate there sometime over the winter. It was not good. We thought we'd give it another shot and ordered 2 pizzas to go a couple months ago. You can get better pizza delivered to your house from Domino's. My advice is to eat before you go and stick with a beer or two while everyone else dines.

New Restaurant in Quincy - Firefly BBQ

The Thrilla. That's awesome.

New Restaurant in Quincy - Firefly BBQ

Ha ha ha! We tried it once. It was more than bad. All I got was a cheese and mushroom pizza and it wasn't good. My husband got some scary meat thing...I can't remember. Too bad though because the prices are right!

New Restaurant in Quincy - Firefly BBQ

We've eaten there once and frankly, I kinda forgot about it! We'll have to go back, I do remember it was awesome!

The food or the service? Do you follow your faves?

I LOVE Sorriso! It does a huge lunch crowd due to it's location. Dinner isn't as busy so getting in at night is never a problem. The food and drinks are awesome!

New Restaurant in Quincy - Firefly BBQ

Thanks! We are definitely foodies, but don't mind eating at chains long as the food is good! We've only lived in the area for about a year and we keep going back to Fuji, Acapulco's (admittedly not great, but we always sit in the same girl's section and she takes great care of us) The Fours and Grumpy Whites.

Contrarian views on "popular" restaurants?

L'Espalier!!!!! I don't get it folks. The service and cheese plate were impeccable. Other than that, I've had WAY better fine dining for a bit less money.

New Restaurant in Quincy - Firefly BBQ

My husband and I live off of Adams St, so we decided to get some takeout this past Wednesday night (we tried to go there last Saturday night with some family and there was a 2 hour wait just for 4 of us!). We tried the cracklin bread, even though it got mixed reviews here. He had the pulled pork plate with mac n cheese and red beans w/ dirty rice. I had a 3 side sampler: mac n cheese, garlic mashed potatoes and the cuc salad. We both got corn bread with our meals.

Here is our take:
Cracklin bread - actually really good, but the cheese "sauce" was reminded me of velveeta and not in a good way.
Pulled pork - He liked it. He said it wasn't the best, but not the worst either.
Mac n Cheese - It was not good and frankly, had that Velveeta thing going on again. It had NO flavor. I know my blood pressure must have shot up 20 points by eating it because of the amount of salt I had to add to give it flavor. He agreed.
Red Beans and Dirty Rice - He said it wasn't very good.
Garlic Mashed potatoes - Meh, they were ok. Not the best, but not the worst either.
Cuc salad - AWESOME! I could have had just a pint of this and been happy. Yummy sliced cucs in a slighty spicy vinegar dressing. Delish!
Corn bread - I thought it was a little dry, but very good. Had a nice sweetness to it that I really like in my corn bread (and I'm from the south1).

We'll probably get take out again from there when we're sick of the usual pizza, sub shop, chinese food, etc. But now that we know Fuji delivers, that will probably continue to be our take out staple!

Dee Dee

Oops, hit "enter" by mistake...

I am curious about Dee Dee's in Wollaston. Anyone ever been there? Is it "scary"?

Suggestions for a girls' night out?

Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge is really fun for a girls' night out. I have never eaten there, but I know they do serve food. Drinks are kinda on the expensive side (around $10-$12 each) but they're so tasty and strong you won't need more than 2 or 3.

Grumpy White's Last Night

You must try the $16 lobster roll (which is a bargain for the amount of loster you get).

REPORT: Charles Street on Saturday

Wow, you know how to do a weekend! Kudos to you!

Cheap Lobster

Don't know where to get cheap lobster, but I guarantee your brother is right...lobster will taste better here than in the Midwest because it will be fresher. Seafood in general is pretty awful in the Midwest because god only knows how long its been frozen. I lived there for 4 years, so I know...


I realize it sounds kinda boring...everyone has had General Tso's chicken, right? However, I have never had tofu so crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. It was SO GOOD. I am glad to know it's on the regular menu...I will be having it again!!!

Need Jacques Imo's Advice

You are going to have to wait...but they never turn anyone away. And like everyone said, it is a good time! Last time we were there (right before Chrismas) Jaques was there and he was a little (er, a lot) drunk and was dancing around in a Santa hat with a Christmas tree singing Jingle Bells to all the tables and the people waiting. We even took my 85-yr-old Grandma there and she had a blast. It is loud though...but you ain't going there for church, you're going there to have awesome food and a good time!

Mar 08, 2007
shepherdspie in New Orleans

Best Restaurant in New Orleans -- Money No Object

1. Cuvee - the best!
2. Stella - had my rehearsal dinner there before I got married. It was amazing.

Mar 08, 2007
shepherdspie in New Orleans


Just had lunch there today (3/8/07) for RW. The food was SO good! The portions, of course, were tiny but it was so worth it. I had a corn bisque for the app, a tofu dish for the entree and pound cake for the desert. DC had little dumplings for the app, duck confit for the entree and the pound cake for desert. We also drank some yummy tea.

The corn bisque was really creamy and had some smoked baby sea scallops and a few shrimp with a bunch of lemongrass (I any case it was too much for my taste) and was topped with wasabi cream of some sort. So good. DC's dumplings were pork, beef and veggie. He loved the pork the best, the beef were good too. I only tried the veggie, which was potato and cabbage. They were ok, but not great.

The tofu was AWESOME! Really really crispy and done in a General Tso's Chicken kind of way...sweet and spicy and fried. It was served with some steamed baby bok choy (delish) and some kind of black/purplish rice, which was ok. DC's duck confit was served with mesculin greens and fancy bleu cheese. It was gone in about 2 minutes, so I can only assume he LOVED it.

The pound cake was served with vanilla ice cream, blueberries, raspberry sauce and a lemon marmalade (?) tucked in somewhere. It was SO GOOD.

Overall I would give the food 4.5 out of 5 stars as it was delish. On the flipside, the music was blaring above our table and I have a feeling it looks a whole lot nicer at night. The waitress had the personality of a cork board and even though it was RW it still cost us about $67 with tip. To be honest the overall atmosphere wasn't that great and I would give it 3 out of 5. I have been there at night though for drinks and it is gorgeous.

We gotta go there for a yummy wicked expensive dinner one night!

where can i find the best GUINNESS pour in Bos?

Guiness has to be poured a special way or you just end up with a bunch of bubbles because of the way it's brewed.

where can i find the best GUINNESS pour in Bos?

I'm not a big Guiness drinker, but what about the Plough & Stars in Cambridge?