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best barista/capuccino/cafe in lower westchester, PLEASE!

The espresso from Cafe Latte is unreal. It's the same brand used in Europe and he uses the exact same machines. The place is cool, but there outdoor seating is 100% of the time dominated by these old-timers who never leave :-p.

Does anyone know a good coffee shop in Westchester open till 11 on the week days??

budget wine for a summer wedding

I don't know if you have a high preference to red or white, but I'd recommend some Vinho Verde (Portuguese White Wine), currently I enjoy Gazella Brand, and its roughly 5-6$ a bottle. The stuff is delicious, especially when served cold on a summer day with BBQ styled foods.

Feb 27, 2007
jjsilva in Wine

A healthy, sit down lunch in Westchester

Out of the way, and ethnic...but I love Tomatillo in Dobb's Ferry. I know people have mixed opinions, but I always feel real good after a meal there.