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Steve's Greenhouse Grill

I went once and really enjoyed their turkey sandwich - they do roasted off-the-bone turkey breast as opposed to deli meat, which was a plus for me. I think the sandwich I ordered had green chilis, jack cheese and turkey - maybe some kind of sauce?

I keep meaning to go back there.

Sep 22, 2010
asu2usc in Phoenix

First Time at Flancer's this Weekend - any specific recommendations?

I just wanted to know if there are any "can't miss" sandwiches at Flancer's! Please let me know if you have a recommendation.

Jul 23, 2010
asu2usc in Phoenix

Zankou Chicken in Phoenix?

I've never been to Zankou Chicken, but what you're describing sounds similar to the amazing stuff they serve at Phoenicia Grill - there's one in Gilbert on Gilbert Rd. between Warner and Ray and one in Tempe just east of Mill Ave. approximately at 6th or 7th street.

Maybe the chicken shawarma or the chicken kabob?

Jul 22, 2010
asu2usc in Phoenix

Caterer Recommendations?

A Savory Affair Cuisine and Catering

They did our wedding and our guests RAVED about the food!

Mar 12, 2010
asu2usc in Phoenix

Private Dining Room at North Scottsdale Restaurant?

Not a "Chowhound" type place by any means, but I think Carrabba's at Scottsdale and Frank Lloyd Wright has a private room. There are a few other chain-type places at Kierland that you could check with.

Mar 03, 2010
asu2usc in Phoenix

Longhorn Food Court?

Thanks so much for checking it out, willtry! Looks like I'm going to have to broaden my area a little bit to hit the food trucks - so far my plans include Hey Cupcake!, the new Frietkot (after a night out on 6th St.), Flip Happy Crepes, and possibly Torchy's Tacos depending on how our schedule goes. :)

Mar 03, 2010
asu2usc in Austin

Spring Training in the Phoenix area

I don't know how many people "several" is, but if it's 6-10, you can make a reservation at Pizzeria Bianco. They book up fast and pretty far in advance, but if you're willing to go on a weeknight, you may have better luck.

Mar 02, 2010
asu2usc in Phoenix

Longhorn Food Court?

We're visiting Austin for the first time this month and staying at the Mansion at Judge's Hill this month - I just realized that there will be a food trailer venue basically right on top of us (Longhorn Food Court). Has anyone checked this one out yet? I saw on that Lucky J's Chicken and Waffles is there - anything else?

Mar 02, 2010
asu2usc in Austin

Restaurant Closings

This was noted on the New Times blog entry, but 98 South in Downtown Chandler is closed. We never did get a chance to get there, but always talked about it.

We went to Murphy's Law for drinks a couple of weeks ago and noticed that the 98 South space is being redone. It looks like they pulled out the bar that ran the length of the space. Not sure what it will be replaced with.

Feb 18, 2010
asu2usc in Phoenix

PHX Los Betos, Filibertos, et al. - What's Good, Not?

I'm fairly picky when it comes to these types of restaurants - I flat out won't eat at Filiberto's, and am really hesitant when it comes to several others. That being said, I'm obsessed with Los Favoritos. Everything I've had there is stellar - the meat is never too tough or fatty, their sauces (red and green) are very flavorful, and it's never *too* greasy. My go-to item there is the Chorizo Breakfast Burrito, or for lunch or dinner, the beef taco and cheese enchilada plate.

The one we go to is in Gilbert, but I think there's one in Chandler and one in Scottsdale as well.

Feb 15, 2010
asu2usc in Phoenix

Custom Birthday Cakes (East Valley)

I was going to recommend Piece of Cake ( but their website says that they can't do licensed characters.

I would check with Sugar Lips Cakery (

Dec 14, 2009
asu2usc in Phoenix

Jimmy's of Chicago - Gilbert

We had dinner at Jimmy's of Chicago last night (near Gilbert and Pecos in Gilbert.) I had spaghetti and meatballs and my husband had gorgonzola linguine alfredo with chicken.

The bread served when we sat down was warm, crusty and flavorful (with olive oil and balsamic served on a plate, plus more in bottles on the table), and my garden salad had the lovely additions of homemade croutons, homemade Italian dressing, and just a few tart olives. My husband ordered the Caesar to start, and I thought the large pieces of shaved parmesan were a nice touch.

Both dishes were great. I grew up in an Italian family, and the red sauce and homemade meatballs on my meal definitely lived up to my high expectations. The gorgonzola pasta was creamy and appropriately tangy.

My husband was excited to see that they had Peroni on draft, and I enjoyed a glass of pinot noir.

The service was impeccable - attentive, but not overly so.

The total for the bill was $54, and we took home a ton of leftovers. I thought it was a good value.

As with so many great restaurants in the Valley, this one is located in a strip mall, though in a still fairly rural part of Gilbert. Don't judge a book by its cover - try this restaurant!

Jimmy's of Chicago
3107 S Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85295

Nov 14, 2009
asu2usc in Phoenix

Best Restaurants Close By Us? (Chandler, AZ)

You mentioned you tried the beers at Santan Brewery - I would highly recommend the food as well. While it's to some degree your traditional "bar food" they also have a lot of what I consider creative touches. The raspberry stuffed mushrooms are excellent. I always get the Santanwich (a roast beef, grilled onion and mashed potato sandwich rolled in a beer bread).

Nov 13, 2009
asu2usc in Phoenix

Best "sweet spot" Sports Bar (Beer/Food v. Viewing) - PHX

I've never been to either of the places you mentioned, but what about the Yardhouse at Desert Ridge?

Oct 09, 2009
asu2usc in Phoenix

What are some Phoenix can't miss restaurants? Los Taquitos? Pizzeria Bianco?

I can't speak to either of your two questions, but by "South" end of town, do you mean downtown?

You should try Los Dos Molinos - there are two locations near the South part of Phoenix. I don't eat pork, but I've heard the adovada is excellent. I always get the taco and enchilada combo. Search the name on here and you should find more detailed reviews. :)

Sep 28, 2009
asu2usc in Phoenix

Best Mexican food in Old Town Scottsdale?

I am more of a Southeast Valley girl myself, so I'm not as familiar with a lot of places in Scottsdale.

I am helping plan a bachelorette party where a group of late 20s/early 30s ladies (mostly from LA) will be coming to visit. The bride has requested that one of our dinners be Mexican food. Any suggestions for a place in Old Town that has great Mexican food and will accommodate a (probably loud) group of 10-12 ladies?

Sep 21, 2009
asu2usc in Phoenix

Phx: Fave Mexican Chain

I like Someburro's too. Their refried beans are stellar, and my favorite meal (one I rarely vary from) is their Pollo Fundido.

I also really like Los Favoritos. Their chorizo burritos are amazing!

May 26, 2009
asu2usc in Phoenix

ISO Best Burrito in PHX compared to on

I don't know about "tons of stuff" but I grew up in Southern California and my favorite type of burrito is a combo with ground beef, cheese, refried beans and rice (and that's it - except smooth, hot salsa to pour as you eat).

I tried a couple of different places around the Valley - Someburros (which is NOT a national chain, BTW) and Los Favoritos jump to mind - but they just don't do it quite right.

The best place I've found that meets my needs is, believe it or not, Chronic Tacos on Mill Ave. Don't be scared away by the college students or the bar - they have pretty good food!

May 26, 2009
asu2usc in Phoenix

Oysters in Phoenix

I don't eat oysters, but friends have eaten them at Casey Moore's in Tempe. Whilst I drank beer. :)

Feb 19, 2009
asu2usc in Phoenix

New Wildberry Yogurt, Phoenix area

I think there is a new Pink-type yogurt place downtown next to Pino's Pizza. I haven't tried it yet - might have to put it on the list!

Jun 05, 2008
asu2usc in Southwest

Greatest Hummus-PHX/Scottsdale

Don't know whether your title excludes the 'burbs, but I love the hummus (and everything else!) at Phoenicia Grill. There is a location on Ray & Gilbert in Gilbert and near campus in Tempe (it's just east of Mill Avenue, I want to say around 6th St.) I've never eaten at the one in Tempe, but the one in Gilbert is my go-to for Mediterranean food. Their hummus is great - finished with a dollop of olive oil and an olive on top!

Phoenicia Cafe II
1150 S Gilbert Rd Ste 104, Gilbert, AZ 85296

May 30, 2008
asu2usc in Southwest

Phoenix Caterers-review of Jennifer's Catering

Thanks for posting this glowing review! I am getting married next May and have just started the process of finding a caterer. This would be especially apropos as I am a Jennifer as well. :) Just e-mailed to request a menu and pricing!

May 12, 2008
asu2usc in Southwest

[PHX] Poutine Fries?

*listens in*

I've been wanting to try these ever since Seth posted about his trip to Montreal!

Apr 18, 2008
asu2usc in Southwest

Question re: Classic Italian Pizza - Tempe

Update - we went, and it was great as expected! We started with the olive appetizer - the olives were all green, and tasted like they came right off the tree. We had two bread baskets among the four of us - the bread is wonderful, chewy inside and done nicely on the outside in the wood-fired oven. We also started with the Caprese salad, which was bright and lovely with large pieces of basil and handmade-tasting mozzarella.

Among us, we had the margherita pizza, the salami pizza, a custom pizza with sausage and mushrooms, and a calzone. Nothing disappointed, except that my mom thought that the salami pizza was a little too salty for her taste (I can't remember what they paired with the salami, but it was something else salty).

The service was fabulous. We arrived at 7:00 pm and there was no wait, but things started getting busier during our meal. When we were leaving around 8:15-8:30 it was close to a full house.

Mar 26, 2008
asu2usc in Southwest

Question re: Classic Italian Pizza - Tempe

I'm planning to go to Classic Italian Pizza this week. Is there generally much of a wait there? I saw that they don't open until 5:00 - I just tried to call to see if they took reservations and got a busy signal. Thanks for any help!

Mar 19, 2008
asu2usc in Southwest

Best Phoenix Area Take-Out?

FYI - by my understanding, Dick's and Richardson's are *essentially* the same restaurant - they share a kitchen, but have separate dining rooms. (Richard = Dick, et voila.) Dick's is more casual fare, while Richardson's is everything you've read about. I would recommend that if you want to do Dick's for take-out, you should do something other than Richardson's for one of your nice sit-down meals.

Feb 28, 2008
asu2usc in Phoenix

Arizona vineyards?

Is anyone aware of any good tour services (maybe out of Tucson) that will pick you up in a van and take you around to the vineyards? My fiance and I did this in Napa and we found that not having to drive definitely enhanced our experience! :)

Feb 13, 2008
asu2usc in Southwest

[PHX] Hot open-faced turkey sandwich?

I don't know if they do open face, but I had lunch at Steve's Greenhouse Grill downtown while I was at a seminar at the Hyatt (it's just south of the Hyatt) and their turkey was AMAZING! I usually don't like turkey sandwiches because I think processed turkey has a bad taste. Their turkey is not processed, it is regular roasted turkey breast. I think I had a sandwich with green chiles and jack cheese on it - but I'm sure they have something with gravy.

Jan 30, 2008
asu2usc in Phoenix

Pre-Cruise Dinner Recommendation for 20-Something Girls

Thanks everyone - I will send my friend to this thread and see what she thinks.

Oh, and LAX2MIA - Fight On! :)

Jan 29, 2008
asu2usc in Florida

Semi Schwanky recommendations for AZ East Valley

98 South Wine Bar would be a good choice - I've never been there, but I've heard good things.

Jan 28, 2008
asu2usc in Southwest