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Help me use up some extra food. [moved from General Chowhounding]

I have nine eggs, a quart of milk, one and a half cooked winter squashes, five potatoes and a couple of onions that need to be used by tomorrow. Any suggestions?

and I also have some tofu...

Dec 21, 2007
rockyraccoon07 in Home Cooking

What's your crazy and fun ethnic snack? [moved from Manhattan board]


Dec 10, 2007
rockyraccoon07 in General Topics

Think about diners.

Ever thought about what the ultimate diner would be? For me its this: perfect hash browns (big and chunky, crispy and meaty, just the right amount of greasiness, wonderful), open all night, good diner coffee, availability of marmalade and blackberry jam, slightly bitter waitresses, a non-hip non-party atmosphere and preferably an outdoor dining area where smoking is allowed. After doing a lot of diner hopping I did find it, Harry's Family Restaurant in Burbank, California. I'm still looking though. What's your idea of the ultimate diner? Have you found it?

Nov 24, 2007
rockyraccoon07 in General Topics

Steel cut oats

Oh, steel cut oats are just the best. The best. Really. I use Cook's Illustrated's method, which I highly recommend. Which is, by volume, three parts water to one part oats to one part milk and a pinch of salt. First toast the dry oats in butter for about 30 seconds until they smell wonderous. Then put them into boiling water and cook on low for about 10 minutes, then add the milk and salt and cook for a few minutes more until thick and wonderful. The toasting and the milk really do it for me. I like to put maple syrup and flax seeds in it sometimes... Try it. Really.

Nov 24, 2007
rockyraccoon07 in General Topics

Sourdough by the Warfield

Hi. So this weekend I am driving down to San Francisco from Humboldt County to go to the Warfield for an evening, then I'm driving right back up. I need some help. You see I've never had San Francisco sourdough and I want some and I don't know anyhting about any bakeries in San Francisco. I would much appreciate some recommendations for good bakeries in the area. Preferably close to the Warfield (on Market and 6th Streets). I'll only be there for the late afternoon, so I need places with longish hours. Also any suggestions for good all night diners would be awsome. Any help anyone could offer would be just super.
Many thanks.

What are good "detox" foods?

In response to Leonardo, sure detoxing, as the proccess of expelling toxins from the body probably has become a fad in the world of popular American life, but it is entirely legitimate and has been since long before any health powder drinks were ever used for such purposes. A toxin is any foreign chemical or organism that might be damaging, that can be absorbed into bodily tissue or live parasitically on your hosting innards. For example metallic elements, radical environmental molecules, drug residues, worms, most anything taken in excess can be stored and considered to be a toxin. And there are legitimate ways of getting rid of them, a good way, if done properly is a short fast...if done properly, if done properly. Most bitter foods work well, as do figs, aduki and mung beans, garlic, seaweed, salt, vinegar and lots of other things that have already been mentioned.
Just because something has been popularized in the modern media, doesn't mean it didn't already exist and have its own history.

Oct 15, 2007
rockyraccoon07 in General Topics

What do Chowhounds do for a living (besides eat of course)? [old]

Me. I am a full time student and a part time working stiff. I study biology at a northern California CSU and I work at a dental office, doing the sterilization. I don't have the same attraction to restaraunts as a lot of Chowhounds seem to (with the exceptions of the good all-night diner and the most wonderful local bakery). The actual act of cooking is my passion, I love food and I just love it even more when I make it. I have a very tight budget and my situation is like kevin said...I pretty much only spend my money on food, this way I can be a bit liberal with the food that I buy, and making everything myself does indeed make for a smaller grocery bill.

Oct 09, 2007
rockyraccoon07 in Not About Food

Please. Help me save my kettles.

I'd like to refinish the insides of a couple of old water kettles. Both have chipped enamel, one has a leak because of it and the other one has this brown paint-like mystery stuff stuck to the bottom. I was thinking about putting a coat of paint or something on the insides, but I can't fathom what might work. I would, you know, like to be able to boil water in these puppies once I fix these problems. I can't throw them away, they're just too freaking beautiful... I don't know what to do, any suggestions?

Jun 02, 2007
rockyraccoon07 in Cookware