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Neptune Oyster This Sunday; Recs Please?

My wife was fine with the fries because we frequent Fish and Chip joints frequently where they have the one fryer. We were more concerned with the Rib-Eye because they mentioned they only have the one grill.

May 12, 2011
demeen25 in Greater Boston Area

Neptune Oyster This Sunday; Recs Please?

I had dinner at Neptune Oyster this past saturday. My wife and I showed up at around 5pm and were seated in 45mins (they had called earlier, but we didn't hear the phone). We had seats right by the door and after 6pm, we can over hear that the wait would be 2 hours. So it's definitely better to get there before 6pm. I ordered the hot Lobster Roll and it was incredible. The biggest surprise though is what my wife ordered. She is deathly allergic to shellfish, so she ordered the Rib-Eye with Fries. It was one of the best steaks we have ever eaten! It had a nice sear on it and was cooked to perfection. A great non-seafood option.

May 11, 2011
demeen25 in Greater Boston Area

Where can I get Sushi Grade fish in the Richmond Hill/Markham area?

I ended up going to Taro's, since I've read good things about them. The fish was very fresh and reasonably priced. I will check out the other places in the near future.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Where can I get Sushi Grade fish in the Richmond Hill/Markham area?

I'm planning to make my own Maki's and I need to find a place to get the fish. I would prefer if it were a place in the Richmond Hill/Markham, but I don't mind driving to surrounding areas. I hear that Ichiban (Leslie and 16th ave.) is decent and not too expensive.

Best macarons in Toronto?

My wife and I made the journey across the city to try the macarons at Sweets Café. We picked up 10 in a variety of flavours. The ones that we liked the most were the Lemon Basil and Espresso. They are indeed from Point G because it was written all over the packaging. Although we could tell the macarons were not fresh, they were still decent (better than Ruelo and Petite Thuet). So far, Bamboche is still tops in our books. Next stop...Lemontree.

Filipino restaurants.

I just tried the Lechon and filipino style BBQ at Bella's Lechon. The Lechon meat was very moist and skin was nice and crispy. Great flavour...Very good. The sauce was good, but I prefer it thicker. The BBQ was good as well. The BBQ is better than the ones they serve at Jesse Jr and Remely's. I got the two item combo which comes with rice or pansit and a drink. It came up to $7.90. Money well spent.

Jesse Jr.
4415 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S, CA

Remely's Restaurant
4830 Sheppard E, Toronto, ON M1S3S3, CA

Best macarons in Toronto?

Thanks for letting me know about this place, duckdown. We're going to try it out this weekend.

Best macarons in Toronto?

I don't find them sweet at all. Don't know how they were before because the first time I tried them was only a couple of months ago.

lunch at Biff's

I went yesterday for lunch. We ordered:

Cream of mushroom Soup - Good but not great. I felt it needed more mushrooms to chew on, unless my wife ate them all before handing it to me.

Steak Frites - Surprisingly good. Good portion. Skirt was cooked perfect, and frites were seasoned and cooked well. This dish outperformed the one served to us at Bouchon (we might have gone on a bad day).

Duck Confit - Very good. Nice crispy skin. Biff's moutarde was great with every bite that I took. I still prefer the Duck Confit at Batifole.

ProfiterĂ´les - Disappointing. This was the only bad thing we ordered. We were expecting the pastry to be soft and flaky, but it was the opposite. The only bright spot was the caramel.

Everyone was ordering the Lamb Burger. I got to try that next.

744 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M1Y3, CA

Best macarons in Toronto?

I joined my wife on the quest to find the best macarons in Toronto. So far, we've been to Ruelo, Nadege, Sweet Escape, La Bamboche, Petite Thuet and others not even worth mentioning. We have come to the conclusion that La Bamboche has come out on top. But as soon as my wife perfects baking the cookie. She'll have the best in town! :)

La Bamboche
4 Manor Rd E, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

Sweet Escape
55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

550 Hwy 7 E, Richmond Hill, ON L4B, CA

Petite Thuet
1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5J, CA

Lardon Restaurant, Old Silver Spoon Location.

Don't know when it's opening but here is the site:

What are the Best Steakhouses?

For two, 1/2 bottle of wine (i was the only one drinking). The service was excellent and i found it wasn't to pretentious. Came up to approx $300 with taxes and tip included.

What are the Best Steakhouses?

So we decided to go check out Jacobs & Co.

popovers with garlic butter
-good, but i found they were very "eggy". I guess you need a lot of egg so it doesn't deflate
Jacobs Caesar Salad prepared tableside
-very good. would order again, next time with the spanish white anchovy
18oz Bone-In Striploin (Dry aged 49 days)
-excellent. although i found it weird that they served it with 3 sauces on the side (chimichurri, smokey bacon with blue cheese and ponzu sauce). I tasted each sauce, which were very good, but I stuck with the 3 salts they gave us (Hawaiian salt, Sea salt, smoked sea salt). Smoked sea salt being my favourite out of the 3.
Duck Fat French Fried Potatoes
-OK. I found them overseasoned and a little under cooked to my liking
Mushrooms (roasted)
-very good...would order again
Ice cream sandwich
-excellent. I was already full, but i couldn't stop eating it...very light

I would definitely eat here again. Thanks again for the recs!

What are the Best Steakhouses?

I appreciate all the recs and I will have a tough choice narrowing it down to one.

Aser-You know I rather get a good piece of meat and cook it at home. If you're buying the steaks at Cumbrae's, you are more than welcome to come over.

What are the Best Steakhouses?

I'm looking for the best steakhouses in the GTA. I've already been to the run of the mill places like the Keg, Baton Rouge and Le Biftheque.


I haven't tried too many places, but I always go back to Abruzzo Pizza in Richmond Hill. You have a choice of fried or baked. I prefer fried with the meat sauce on the side. Very good.

Abruzzo Pizza: Downhill or Just Inconsistent?

You should try the Panzerotto's (Calzone) there. I prefer them over their "pies". They have one of the best that I've tried. I usually get mine fried rather than baked. They have decent ravioli there as well. For "pies" I usually go elsewhere.

Richmond Hill - favs and foodie finds?

Abruzzo Pizza on Yonge, just south of 16th. Best calzone (panzerotto) in the area. They have the option of baking it or frying it. I always get it fried.

Good Pho in Richmond Hill

I'm trying to find a good Pho restaurant to take my relatives. I've tried other threads, but all the good places are not in the Richmond Hill area. Any suggestions?

Recommendations for Woodbridge area restaurants?

I second Desserts Plus and Memphis BBQ. Marcello's (in a plaza across the parking lot from Vaughan Mills) is also a good place for Italian. Koganei is good for Japanese.

Want really bad food? Go to Baton Rouge - Eaton Centre

I just ate there (Hwy 7 and East Beaver) last night and it was the worst meal i've had in my life! My wife wanted to get the ribs there, which are decent, so we decided to go. I've been to the one at the Eaton Centre (horrible) and the one on Hwy 7 and Woodbine (best location out of the bunch). I ordered the Halibut special with veggies, which I have ordered before with no complaints, and they totally messed it up. First of all the fish had at least 5 huge bones. Second it was really undercooked. It seemed like they took a frozen piece and grilled it. If I wanted raw fish, I would have got japanese food! That dish at most should've cost $10, but I paid $30. I would never, never, go back there!

Markham Restos

I'm looking for great food (any cuisine) around Markham Rd. and Steeles area. I've travelled as far as Markville Mall on lunches and that's as far as I'm willing to go. Places that i've already been to, around the area, are T and T (including majority of the restaurents in the plaza), Pacific Mall (food court and Hama), Tikka Tikka, Tangerine, Thai One On, Braised Bull (great specials) and of course all the regular big chain restaurants.

Liquid smoke?

I usually buy liquid smoke at Loblaws. They should have it in the aisle with the marinades and sauces.

Good Eats in Aurora?

Anyone know of any good places to eat, cheap or expensive, in the Aurora area? Whenever it's time to get take out, we have to travel either to Richmond Hill or Newmarket to get decent food.

Good BBQ in T.O.?

Is the Sweetsmoke in Oakville?

Good BBQ in T.O.?

That's your opinion and everyone is entitled...Memphis did take 3rd place at the Burlington Ribfest that just passed (that's what the person that worked there told me). As for me, I think it is the most authentic you can get in the GTA. I've had better from places outside of the city (Blazin BBQ, Camp 31). The BBQ here, in Toronto, does not match the BBQ down in the southern states.

Good BBQ in T.O.?

Either way Phil's BBQ is not worth it in my opinion.

Where to buy the best steak?

I agree. You get more bang for your buck at Costco. But for quality meats i always go to Bruno's since it's in my area.

Italian resto for mom's 50th

Desserts Plus, in woodbridge, is one to consider when paying for a large party. They have HUGE servings for reasonable prices. The food there is authentic Italian food. It's like Nona is in the back cooking it. Very good!!! I'm actually going there tonight for a party.

But if you're looking for a more upscale resto, this is not the place. It is more family oriented.

Good BBQ in T.O.?

I went to Phil's yesterday for dinner and was not worth the money at all. I ordered the combo platter (3 ribs, brisket, quarter chicken, slaw and beans). Could not believe that it was $23! The ribs were dry, but tender. The brisket was OK, but hidden under the ribs and the chicken. The chicken was dry as well. Slaw and beans were OK. My wife ordered the pulled pork sandwich and it was dryer than the ribs and the chicken. I tried it and almost choked on it, if it wasn't for the extra BBQ sauce I threw on before each bite.

For the price we paid, we could've got two and a half "Elvis platters" from Memphis BBQ (which is a ton of food) and enjoyed better smoked BBQ.