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Dumplings in Somerville?

I am in search for really good dumplings in the Somerville/Cambridge area - preferably in the Porter/Union/Davis area. I have been on the hunt for a dumpling that could rival those I used to have in NYC. I am looking for a restaurant that have a variety, and not just pork. Any suggestions??

ultimate roastbeef kelly or kings?

I second Nicks! Its the Best roast beef on the north shore....much better then Kelly's!

Parrish Cafe in Porter? Is it true?

...ho hum.....oh well....i thought that would be a nice addition to that block. it would be great to get a place like that in there.

thats funny that you mention the 1 R, thats what i thought it was, but wanted to make sure, so i looked it up before i posted...and saw a bunch of websites spelled with 2, so i thought i was wrong and changed it...but i just found the official website!! thanks!!!!! its 1 R!! :o)

Parrish Cafe in Porter? Is it true?

I was reading the boards trying to figure out where i am going to dine this evening in Porter. I live in the area between Davis and Porter and always have this difficulty trying to figure out where i am going to, i was cruising along and noticed somebody mentioned in a previous post that the Parrish cafe is coming to Rustic Kitchen's old location? I never wander over to that side of the T station, so i haven't walked by to see any signs....

is it true? anybody know when it will be open?

i think this will be a great addition to the neighborhood.

Any Good Places for Grape Nut Ice Cream? (Besides Louie's)

Richardson's in Middleton
Cherry Hill on the Beverly/Danvers line

both give enormous portions.

Dinner tonight in Arlington - suggestions?

Awesome suggestions....thanks!!!

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Does anybody have a recipe for Chocolate bread Pudding using the Chocolate bread from When Pigs Fly?

I just had some of the bread for dessert last night, warmed with brighams ice cream on top....YUM!

I thought it would be fun to make a bread pudding out of it.

Jun 19, 2007
dustycolby2 in Home Cooking

Dinner tonight in Arlington - suggestions?

I am heading out to dinner tonight in Arlington and would love a couple suggestions.
I am looking for a restaurant that is reasonably priced.
We usually opt for Za, but I would love to go someplace different.

I would prefer it to be more casual/inexpensive, so some a place like Flora would not be an option.

Just a place for a couple of girls to catch up on some gossip.

any suggestions?

I heart Neptune Oyster

there were also pearl onions that were slightly carmelized....and a small amount of creamy sauce over the trout.

I heart Neptune Oyster

i am drooling at those pictures. i am supopsed to go to Oishii tongiht for dinner...i may need to go back to NO for the clams instead!

Olive oil for Dipping?

if you have a panera near you, i believe i saw that panera carries olive oils for dipping.....
just a thought.

I heart Neptune Oyster

i have decided its my new favorite seafood restaurant in Boston.

Went on friday night...waitstaff was exceptional. Very knowledgable and friendly.

I tried the Kim Crawford dry reisling that i had seen suggested in other threads....i will definitely be looking for that in the wine stores. anybody know where it can be found?

Even though they were out of the the lobster roll that i was craving all week, i was not disappointed in my meal at all. I got the trout and it was DELISH, as was everybody elses meals. The snapper was exceptional.

Really, where else can you get a meal that is a true culinary delight for their prices?

I need to go back to try out the fried clams, yet another one of my favorites foods!

Love this place...this is one of the only places, where i waiting for a table is WELL worth it!

9 Slices: a compendium of pizza tasting notes from around Davis Square (long)

I LOVE NACHOS!! i would Gladly partake in a nacho feast ANYDAY!

Whoopie Pies

WILSON FARMS in Lexington makes REALLY yummy whoopie pies....with choco chips in the cake part!

Dinner 2nite at Tacos Lupita

What should i get if i am not a chicken eater???

Best Carrot Cake (Boston/Cambridge/Somerville)

i LOVE carrot cake...its actually the only kind of cake i eat these days (well, other then ice cream cake).

We did get a sheet carrot cake for my b-day a few months ago from Rita's Catering in Everett....possible one of the best cakes around....i had the left overs for breakfast lunch and dinner for a few days!! EXCELLENT. very moist, perfect amount of yummy frosting!
my mouth is watering jut thinking of it!

Moving to Porter Square

THAT's right!! thanks for the clarification! i never drive/walk down that part of the square!

Moving to Porter Square

isn't Benjapon's gone now? I think its a Boloco?? right???

Moving to Porter Square

welcome to the neighborhood:

I am only going to comment on the Supermarket part, since everybody else has pretty much nailed it on the head with the other categories:

I actually grew up on teh No. Shore were there are a ton of Market Baskets. (i also used to work for Mr. Demoulas at his country club and at one of the supermarkets during college). Market Basket always has great prices. They really cant be beat by the shaws and stop and shops. The Produce is very good as well as the meat.

I have to say that the MB in porter square sadly is somewhat dirty. Its usually VERY crowded, so be prepared for a crowd. If you go there early in the mornings however, you can usually just fly right through. Its worth the savings if you know what to expect when you get there.

During the weekdays, i sometimes like to go to the Stop and Shop on Mcgrath. Its VERY clean, and the produce is pretty good. The meat selection is so-so, however i generally do not buy a lot of meats. Its never very crowded either, and the isles are quite large, so nobody gets in your way. They have some hard to find items there too. IT is cheaper than the Shaws in Porter keep in mind that alternative.

Moving to Porter Square

i have been searching for 2 years for a REAL ny bagel and the porter area.
you can find lox from time to time, like at Renees in Teele/Davis, but certainly not any REAL bagels....
no such luck on our side of the river!

Mexican around Medford

get out of town!!! when did that happen? thats too bad, its always sad to see a restaurant fail...
willb e nice to see an expanded sound bites!

Place to eat w/ kids walk from South Station

agreed about blue wave, but if its just lunch with the kiddies...then they wont know the difference!

Mexican around Medford

how about the Forest Cafe on Mass Ave near the temple bar....its pretty decent there.
Also, El Guapo in Ball Square in somerville is actually quite good. We have eaten there several times since we live in that neighborhood and have found the food to be quite good.
they have great drinks there too!!

Women running to Boston -

Neptun Oyster--very delish
small location though, so be prepared to wait a bit, but it is Well worth the wait.

Chop Suey Sandwich - Salem Willows

Did anybody else that grew up in the Beverly/Salem area remember going to Salem Willows in the summer and getting Chop Suey Sandwiches?
Not exactly most "hounds" food of choice...but nostalgic, if anything.

I wonder if these sandwiches are sold anywhere else....its always nice to take a trip down memory lane every once in a while!!

Steak&Cheese Sub

Being born and raised in Beverly, i may be bias, however i still find myself comparing every steak bomb i eat to Super Sub on Cabot Street in Beverly.

Place to eat w/ kids walk from South Station

What about Blue Wave, or Lucky's

40th birthday dinner, Beverly area

--Capital Grille just opened up at a the Wayside Commons in Burlington--always great wine there and you may even possible get a semi private room there.

--FINZ in salem, i think, is a pretty good. Its in Pickering Wharf in salem and i think it has a great atmospehere. Its a pretty open restaurant and have dined there a bunch of times--relaxing atmospehere, good for people of all ages, inlcuding children. The food is pretty conisistent. As a lobstor ravioli fanatic, i think their rendition is quite delish. The wine list is pretty good sized too. There is a little something for everyone on the menu---from raw bar to chicken. This may be a good choice for your type of group if you dont decide to take a ride into boston.

Enjoy your stay in Bevtown.

Sushi or Thai near South Station????

I work at at south station on summer street across from the fed.

I have been looking for a sushi or thai restaurant for lunch and have been quite unsucessful in finding a quality place to go....

Can anybody suggest a place to get either that is not too far of a walk???

short drive from Seaport Hotel

Agree that the service at LTK here is so-so, its just a weidr setup and the after work crowd seems to crowd the bar, leaving a small area for ppl waiting for tabes to wait. staff is knowledgable, and somewhat friendly. food is pretty good.

other than LTK, there is not much action down at the seaport. Luckys is bar food....and underground, so its dark and sort of dingy. head down the the north end to neptune oyster, or head to fanny hall and have your pick of several retaurants down there.