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Inexpensive in Beaune

Headed to Beaune next week. Which places did you try?

Sep 23, 2013
pittsburgher in France

Looking for a cool hang near the cruise terminal in Philipsburg, St. Maarten

So did you find something fun?

First trip to key west

Looking for your favorite places in key west for a big anniversary trip end of February. We love all kinds of food, especially shellfish, any price range, but prefer places on the quieter
side. Staying at island city house for 4 nights, then one night at Islamorada...

Feb 05, 2012
pittsburgher in Florida

Looking for Good Doughnuts in Kentucky

If you're in Western Kentucky, Golden Glaze in Madisonville and Whistle Stop in Hopkinsville are both worth a detour.

Whistle Stop
216 E Main St, Glendale, KY 42740

Worth a trip if you're in Lexington area

Just had my second meal at Jean Farris Winery & Bistro, about a 20-minute drive from downtown Lexington. The beautiful bistro is adjacent to the vineyards and the owners' old farmhouse. We first ate there in August and sat on the covered porch; went again last Sunday for brunch on a much colder day. Both times the food has been really excellent with heavy emphasis on locally-grown and sourced everything. In fact, as we left Sunday, owner Jeanie was coming in with a bunch of beets she'd just picked -- the same delicious varietiesthat were in my yummy salt-roasted beet & goat cheese salad. Duck risotto featured perfectly-crisped duck quarter with brussels sprouts -- and even if you aren't a fan of either beets or brussels sprouts, these might change your mind! My friend who was with us loved the house-cured bacon on her better-than-classic hot brown, and the chef was kind enough to sell her some for a wine-club appetizer she was making for the next night.

The Bistro gets top-10 rankings in several Open Table categories, and is definitely worth adding to any list of places to try in Lexington . . .

Jean Farris Winery
6825 Old Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40515

Moving to Louisville and Nervous

Wonder how a 7-year-old post surfaced to the top? Reading this without looking at the date, one would have no idea how the food scene has progressed in Louisville -- so much so that several chefs are routinely asked to cook at major national culinary events and, in their final edition, Gourmet did a multipage spread on a Louisville chef.

Maybe the good thing about revisiting this thread is that current residents of Louisville will chime in with an update. We' live several hours away but have had a number of excellent meals in Louisville -- and not one at a chain!

Nashville Eats.. A 5 day visit to Nashville from an LA Chowhounder's perspective..

No. Hushpuppies are not made from potatoes -- it's corn meal, onion, buttermilk and bacon grease.. Fried in bacon grease. This is why Goddess gave us pigs . . .

Kingsport/Johnson City - anything new within the last year

Just checked online, both Cafe One 11 and Down Home are still there. Maybe I need a road trip! And Cafe One 11 is more Thai than anything else, but they have amazing sushi. And brunch . . . Interesting that the address loaded to my previous post with no input from me!

Kingsport/Johnson City - anything new within the last year

Don't know if it's still open, but when we lived there 5 years ago, Cafe 111 in JC had an amazing menu-- I'm pretty sure it's the only place on the planet where you could get fine fried chicken and superb sushi on the same Sunday brunch line. Excellent drinks and great Asian fusion (does that still work?) menu.

And if you want music, check out 'Down Home' in downtown JC. I understand that Kingsport also has more dining choices now but I would still drive 5 hours for the cheeseburger with grilled onions at The Boatyard on the river.

Cafe 111
111 Broyles St Ste 1, Johnson City, TN 37601

Nashville restaurant and bar recommendations

Zola is closed. Add Margot and/or Marche to your list maybe . . .

Nashville Recommendation Needed

Just so everyone who's reading this thread knows, Zola closed a few months ago. I don't see Firefly (in Green Hills) mentioned here, and it's one of our favorite go-to places. That said, we're from a couple hours away and realize that we really need to add some new listings to our 'favorites' since we tend to eat at the same places too often. Add Germantown Cafe to that list . . .

Cook'n With Class- Cooking Classes in Montmartre

I'll chime in too -- I took Eric's class during my trip to Paris three weeks ago and loved it. The market experience is worth the cost, but add a fabulous meal with my favorite things (mussels, duck breast, fresh figs, amazing cheese, bread, wine . . .) PLUS good conversation (all in English) and it's a perfect way to spend a chunk of a day -- I would definitely go again. I don't know how the day & evening combination would work, but I don't think it would be boring! (And my husband did a bike tour with Fat Tire while I cooked, so he was happy too!)

Nov 03, 2008
pittsburgher in France

In Nashville 25-29 June...

This may be too late to be of use to you, but the Tennessean's food critic listed 13 of his favorite places of all types in an article last week. Here's the link:

We're in Nashville often and have had really good meals at Margot and Ombi, and are looking forward to trying the rest.

Help with Chattanooga

We're in Chattanooga often, and have had great meals at the Boathouse, which overlooks the river and the riverwalk. Everything we've ever had there is yummy - especially the fire-grilled oysters, if you're a fan. They have lots of meat/poultry offerings as well as the seafood choices. Much more casual than fine dining, but very enjoyable.

Great mid-priced restaurant near House of Blues

I've eaten at Bin 36 on all four of my visits to Chicago in the last 18 months and have recommended it to numerous people, but had a very unpleasant experience there last Saturday afternoon. There were very few people there, but service was incredibly poor and the waiter was among the most insufferable I've ever encountered - although I have to admit that he recommended a superb wine for us to take home.

Two positive recommendations: Tizi Meloul (, for excellent Mediterranean food, and Tratttoria 10, which has a great $12 all-you-can-eat happy hour buffet. These are both a bit of a hike from House of Blues, but not a bad walk if it's a nice evening; entrees at both are in the $30 range.

Jun 22, 2007
pittsburgher in Chicago Area

Istanbul dinner recommendations?

Will be in Istanbul for five nights later this month -- three nights there, 3 nts Cappadocia, 3 nts back in Istanbul, with my spouse and my son, who's been there on a study-abroad since January. Looking for interesting but not 5-star (or even 4-star) dinner recommendations --- $15 - $25 per person. Please share your favorites, and I'll report back.

And it's not food, but any recent experiences w/ either Empress Zoe or Fehmi Bey?


Apr 06, 2007
pittsburgher in Europe

Birthday dinner Winter Park/Orlando

New to this site -- any suggestions would be appreciated!

Mar 01, 2007
pittsburgher in Florida

Birthday dinner Winter Park/Orlando

I will be taking my sister out for her 50th birthday dinner while I'm in Winter Park next week. She leads a pretty sheltered life & doesn't eat out a lot, so I'm looking for something interesting but not overwhelming. Any suggestions?

Mar 01, 2007
pittsburgher in Florida

Truffle oil - what's it best with?

Just bought a Brentine truffle pecorino which I'd never had before -- I grilled a bone-in ribeye, sliced thin, over arugula with some of the pecorino shaved over top. Pretty tasty . . .

Mar 01, 2007
pittsburgher in General Topics

Kraft parmesan packaged in disposable grater

I just saw it in my store last week -- and since we're always the last to get ANYTHING new (down here in very rural western Kentucky) I'm not sure what that means. I didn't buy it since I prefer Locatelli romano fresh-grated to Parmesan, and always buy that whenever I can find it . . .

Mar 01, 2007
pittsburgher in General Topics

Pls tell me there is there food in Cleveland MS?

Just checked the website --KC's is the restaurant I mentioned, and if it's as good as it used to be (10 yrs ago) -- it's a real find. The Morgan Freeman restaurant, called Madidi, is actually in Clarksdale. And as I recall, there were a couple of other pretty interesting places around Cleveland. Have you tried posting on Fodor's?

Pls tell me there is there food in Cleveland MS?

There used to be an amazing semi-Asian restaurant there; unfortunately, it's been a long time and I don't remember the name, but might recognize it on the website. And I believe that Morgan Freeman also owned a restaurant there at one time . . . maybe farther north in the Delta, though.

Foodie Gifts to bring back from Moscow, Budapest, and Warsaw?

I brought back goulash paste from the market in Budapest. Absolutely incredible stuff -- my only regret is that I gave away the additional tubes that I purchased as gifts, rather than keeping them for myself! Also got garlic and paprika paste in tubes, but the goulash mix was definitely superb!

best place for dinner in Nashville? It's my birthday!

So how was Ombi? We are visiting Nashville this weekend for two concerts, and I just tried to get an early res at Margot for Saturday night. Is Ombi a good backup?