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Wedding Catering

I guess I need more info. We would like to get hitched in San Francisco the north bay or the east bay. The cerimony outside and the reception inside. Approximatly 200 guests. We are open to discussing all prices. We want family style on each table...

Wedding Catering

My fiance and i are getting married April of 2008 any catering suggestion or wedding reception/cerimony spots would be greatly appreciated.

How does Perbacco compare to Incanto?

The worst service i have ever had was at Perbacco. I don't know if it was because we were sitting in the front bar section but it was terrible. We didn't even receive two of the dishes we ordered and they were on the bill. Awkward server and very unprofessional. The food was hit or miss. Incanto on the other hand was great all around service and food, especially the curred meats...