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A healthy, sit down lunch in Westchester

I didn't know that there is a WF in White Plains! That might work. Can someone tell me a bit about Cheesecake Factory - Do they use healthy ingredients (i.e. whole grain breads), are the portion sizes reasonable (most chain sit-downs have gargantuan portions), and how much can I expect to spend for a sandwich and a glass of seltzer. I know all of this sounds so spartan, but I eat very healthy during the day and indulge in the evening.

Also, does anyone know of a healthy restaurant (or again, a sit down deli) in Rye or Portchester? These towns may work out better for the group. Thanks.

A healthy, sit down lunch in Westchester

I am having an off-site lunch with a small group of colleagues this Friday. Our office is in Purchase (at the spot where the Hutchinson Pkwy meets 287), and I'm thinking that we could drive to White Plains, Rye, or pretty much anywhere w/in 10-15 mintues.

Quite frankly, this crew has no opinions about food. I on the other hand would like to steer us some place where we can have a simple, sandwiches or a healthy salad for a reasonable price. I would like to avoid diners, pub food, and I don't think that my officemates would go for ethnic. It doesn't have to be macrobiotic or vegetarian, but ideally some place that puts a little attention into the quality of the bread, the ingredients, etc. - That might be asking a lot around here in the 'burbs.

Can someone suggest a spot that is essentially a deli with seating or maybe a Whole Foods-style food court? Of course, easy parking is a plus.