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Going to Salt Lake in a few weeks

My friend and I are food fanatics and have decided to go to SLC to see the food scene. We would love to know of the best restaurants, hidden gems, specialty markets, bakeries etc. Are custard places a SLC thing? Look forward to hearing what you think! Help us PLEASE!

Mar 04, 2007
travelfoodie in Southwest

What makes LA a foodie city? Tell Me

A friend and I are traveling to Los Angeles for a week, it's a working vacation of sorts. We would love to know about the best foodie type places in Los Angeles. What makes Los Angeles unique, we've heard of the current gelato / frozen yogurt craze! Underground restaurants, are they still going in Los Angeles? Farmers Markets? Artisan food Markets that are locally owned? What can you find only in Los Angeles? I.E. San Francisco is know for fresh foods from Napa Valley farms (produce, meats, cheeses, wine) from farm to table in hours not days. What makes Los Angeles a foodie city? What do you love, why do you LIVE TO EAT in Los Angeles?

Feb 25, 2007
travelfoodie in Los Angeles Area