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Seeking Taco Truck for Event

Thanks so much for the info - As far as El Toyanese goes, I have already approached them. They have 12 trucks and will cater events for up to 250 people in the city. Unfortunately, they told me that they will not leave SF. But for those of you who do live in SF, they told me they charge $600 for 4 hours, and then anything over that amount they just charge regular price ($1.50 per taco, $4.50 per burrito). Seems like a great deal to me! perhaps I could just offer to pay extra to get them to go to Calistoga!

Seeking Taco Truck for Event

I'm looking for a taco truck that will actually 'cater' our wedding. I'm having a casual reception in Calistoga and was hoping to get a truck to just hang out for the afternoon at the reception location. There are trucks that cater events in San Francisco that i've been able to locate, however they won't leave the city. Does anyone have any suggestions or contact information of trucks in the Napa area (Calistoga/St. Helena)? I haven't had much luck in my search so far...Thanks!