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Yorkshire pudding?

thanks for the suggestions folks. in the end she's made reservation at a fish and chips place, but now I am wanting YP, so may try out your choices soon!

Yorkshire pudding?

I am desperately seeking a British pub (not an Irish pub!) or other spot that serves Yorkshire pudding for a Yorkshirian friend who is craving the stuff.

Poutine and Jamaican patties? (Montreal area)

Montreal Carribean, good Jamaican restaurant across from Vendome (2 more orange line stops, but for Jamaica you may need to go farther):

doubt you'll find a place that serves both, and if you do, I wouldn't eat there.

Montreal/Quebec City for Vegetarians

Salle a Manger on Mont Royal has a number of vegetarian options, extremely good.

Openings in 2012

Over priced and very disappointing. I basically had a grocerystore quality, stale, carrot raisin muffin with some mediocre icing. Nice signage, bad service, and overall disappointing. Something like this could do so well in this neighborhood, but a 5$ cupcake better be mind blowing. At 3$ this still would have sucked.

La Diabla

Stumbled upon this spot today, what a pleasant surprise! Brought some of their empanadas and tamales home for dinner, delicious. Lots of vegetarian options which was nice, and a delicious salsa (tomatoes, black beans, beer, and the right amount of spice). The couple who owns the spot are very charming and welcoming, offering the option to taste any of the sauces and jams.

Vegetarian friendly and baby friendly: Bay Area

This place looks incredibly good. Thanks for the suggestion.

Vegetarian friendly and baby friendly: Bay Area

All of these places look amazing, and all very different from what we can find at home! Thanks for this!

Vegetarian friendly and baby friendly: Bay Area

We are coming to the Bay Area from Montreal next week with our 4 month old, and looking for some good Vegetarian friendly options that would also be baby friendly (and fit a stroller, his giant head is still a little wobbly for high chair sitting ;-). We love California cuisine, Mexican and Indian food, we fell in love with Burmese food last time we were there, and while based in Walnut Creek, we usually end up going to eat in Oakland, SF and Berkeley. I have looked at all the other threads on kid and baby friendly restaurants, but they seem to have more chinese, pub, french, ect. Thanks for your help!

De farine et d'eau fraiche- awesome new bakery

Checked out "De farine et d'eau fraiche" after having driven by and being enticed by it's appealing window. It is my new dream café/bakery! The aesthetic inside is gorgeous, the baking is displayed like treasures, tea is served in vintage china, little miniature wedding cakes for one are on display (60$ a piece, but each as precious and meticulously crafted as a Fabergé egg), I can go on. The baking is delicious- we had the carrot cake, a flaky buttery orange pastry, a petit four, and a chipolte chocolate caramel, and everything was delicious. The servings are small, but the prices are reasonable- and it gives you an excuse to try more than one thing. The owner and her staff are equally charming. They serve lunch as well and seemed to have nice options. On Amherst below Ontario. A perfect venue for high tea!

Vegetarian tasting menu in Montreal?

Considerably less shwank than the other rec, but always good is Chu Chai, and they have an interesting tasting menu.

Chu Chai
4088 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M5, CA

Veg and carnivore friendly recommendations

My husband and I will be spending a night in San Fran and want to find a nice mid-price-range (40-50 per person before liquor) restaurant that will both delight us vegetarians but also be enticing to the carnivorous in-laws. We're coming from Montreal, so not looking for French cuisine, but otherwise open to anything creative and delicious.

Vegetarian friendly restaurants

My husband is vegetarian and I am always on the look out for nice restaurants with veg options. 5e Peche is lovely and always has an option, as does Kitchenette. Kitchen Galerie will accomodate if you call first, as will Le Locale and Montee de Lait. Surprinsingly Au Pied de Cochon also has delicious a couple of vegetarian appetizers that can be paired up to make a decent meal.

Kitchen Galerie
60 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montreal, QC H2R1S5, CA

Authentic Montreal resto recs with veg options

My vegetarian husband I went to Au Pied de Cochon (with his very carnivorous father) and he was thrilled with salad and tart mentioned above. A number of places will make a special vegetarian option on request (some need notice)- I know Le Locale, Montee de Lait, Kitchen Galerie have all been willing when I have contacted them in the past.

Kitchen Galerie
60 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montreal, QC H2R1S5, CA

Indian in Montreal.

For dining out we usually go to the standards listed above, golden curry, bombay mahal, pushaps, and recommend them all, however we've been desperate to find good Indian delivery in the plateau area (oh Golden Curry, why don't you break down and deliver). Took a risk last night and derailed from the usual mediocre options and got vegetrarian combo for 2 from Lumiere de L'Inde on St. Laurent. A bit greasier than necessary and fairly mild (though I am sure they would adjust this), the vegetables were fresh, the servings plentiful, and the food was delicious. This stands as the best Indian delivery I have found so far (other suggestions anyone?).

Another new cupcake shop to open up


Visiting Montreal for the first time... Need your opinions

oops, forgot to mention, I see that Truffert- Bristro de Christophe, a French restaurant on Laurier East has a vegetarian option on their table d"hote.

Visiting Montreal for the first time... Need your opinions

The best vegetarian Thai in town, consistently is ChuChai on St. Denis. Two great and reasonably priced Japanese places that are very vegetarian friendly are Bleu Caramel on De La Roche and Oishi Sushi on Bernard (unfortunately not very handy to a metro, but worth the treck). For poutine, make sure to ask what they fry their fries in, as many use animal fat (even those who have "vegetarian" poutine listed on their menu). La Banquise uses beef gravy in their vegetarian poutine and just tops it with vegetables (unless they've changed this since the last time we were there, very disappointing, as they are supposed to have the best poutine in town).

L'Eau a la Bouche

Has anyone been there recently? Would appreciate any reviews, considering it for an event.

Chowish neigbourhoods for living in Montreal?

I live in this neighborhood, and agree it is a treck- it takes me about 15 minutes to walk to Laurier Metro, and from that point 30 minutes to downtown. But what a perfect walk it is, a great way shift gears after a long day. The 47 Masson bus is always an option to get to the metro as well on stormy days.

Montreal: HELP! Looking for great HOT CHOCOLATE (near St Hubert & Av Mont Royal)

Suite 88's spice hot chocolate is hands down the best hot chocolate I've experienced.

Friend's 40th Birthday suggestion

A friend is celebrating her 40th and looking for some good suggestions for a restaurant slightly outside Montreal (ie. within an hours drive) which has many vegetarian options. A place attached to an inn or within walking distance would be optimal. Any suggestions?

what about these choices.

It's been a few years since I last went to Bronte, but when I did I was wowed. I have been often disappointed by fine dining experiences, but the few truly magical experiences have encouraged me to keep searching. Bronte ranks as one of these, with a masterful level of quality, service, and presentation.

As for L'Express it is the closest experience I've had to being in a Paris bistro in Montreal- atmosphere is perfect. Food was solid quality, but didn't blow me away- this could be because I am not the hardcore carnivore of my dinner companions, as they all seemed pretty gleeful as they gnawed on stewed bone marrow.

Itsi Bitsi cupcake shop

Has anyone been to the Itsi Bitsi cupcake shop on Notre Dame (corner of Vinet, I think)? I am a huge Cocoa Locale fan (on Parc avenue), and wonder if this place is at the same level of quality.

Chowish neigbourhoods for living in Montreal?

For the sake of proximity to downtown, definitely the NDG-Westmount area is good, Sherbrooke between Victoria and Cavendish having some great Indian restaurants and a fantastic middle eastern grocery (Akhavan), and the Monkland village definitely having some charming restaurants. The Westmount restaurant/grocery scene is considerably less interesting.

I would still recommend the Plateau/Mile End area (having lived in NDG and worked in Westmount for many years), as there is much greater variety. I now live in the Eastern Laurier neighborhood near Papineau and am always finding new discoveries. Downsides are that depending on the part of the plateau it takes considerably longer to get to downtown, and depending on how east you go, if you do not speak french it can be a bit challenging. I think CSA drop locations and delivery options are relatively easy to find in all these areas.

Montreal Brunch?

Looking for a good brunch recommendation in Montreal. Have been very disappointed by my three former top runners- Arts Cafe (new owners or something? same menu items listed but made differently), Petit Marche (since expanding having gone very downhill in food quality), and Deux Singes de Montarvie... though maybe just got them all on bad days.


Tri Express

Yes, I've been there a few times (Though it's been a couple of months). Good quality sushi, small and charmming space, good for takeout.