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North of Brooklyn Pizza (Queen West)

People that complain that the pizza is over priced have no clue, they are using DOP tomatoes and 00 flour , so there pies are a few more bucks where most places are using regular AP flour and reg canned tomatoes . Agree bout service being annoying but to say pizza is overpriced just ignorance

Hudson Kitchen

Went couple weeks back, not bad , service was best I've had in a long time. The broccoli was the stand out, also had the flank steak decent , Terrine was good, seared . Rissotto special to blah, tasted like chef boy ardee, but then again it was with pepperoni and heavy with red sauce. Would go back , because of the stellar service

Italy Trip Report Part 1 - Rome (Long)

I'm going to Rome Wednesday with my gf, what would be your top 3 spots to go food. Also which area or hotel you stay at. Heard trastevere is good area for dining and nightlife.

Oct 03, 2010
visualhornet in Italy

Nuit Blanche 2010 this Saturday/Sunday - O&B Food offerings, any other food events/interesting things?

Where was the guerilla? Checked behind alley behind fresh on queen and nothing was there

The Burger's Priest - Queen and Coxwell

The worst thing about bp is that they already raised price on a single burger was 4.99 now 5.30. It's just too good. Damn you bp

The Burger's Priest - Queen and Coxwell

I've visited TBP about a half dozen times. However last visit, burger was way to greasy and forgot kechup on my dbl burger. Hoping it was just an off day. Because they are some tasty burgers.

best burgers in T.O.

GBK is great, first time the burger was a tad bit overcooked. But still great flavour in the pattly, clean crispy vegetables, super fresh bun. Second time I tried the Vodoo Burger and the burger was cooked perfectly.

Need 23rd Birthday Restaurant Suggestions...

pravda vodka bar might be what you're looking for.

Best burrito in the city...

The best thing about Bandido's and BB is the grilling of the Tortilla, Unlike Z-teca and Quesada, where they do a panini press. Personally I think refried beans much better than black beans in a burrito.

New poutine spot - Poutini

I would give smokes another try, had it this weekend for the first time since early summer. It was really good, fries were crisp (for poutine standard) and the gravy had a real nice taste to it, I think might be using a beef/chicken broth or something, because different from what it was before. Curds same as before, from what i can remember

Miami Subs on Queen & Bathurst

I went there a couple weaks back. After a night out so memory kinda off. I do recall that they have fantastic onion rings. Had the philly steak sub. Seemed good. Think they use provolne cheese. It was kinda of dry (dunno if you're suppose to have bbq sauce on a philly steak) but that would have been good. Overall not a bad option for late night greasy food.

One of a Kind Pasta

I live in the area, and only get take-out, do to the bad service. Lately the food has been hit or miss as well. Two weeks ago I ordered the Veal cutlet, and it was horrible. Think they ran out and used a frozen cutlet. This past Sunday ordered takeout once again. My neighbor ordered Ravioli. Now wouldn't you expect ravioli to be either Cheese or Meat. However, turns out there ravioli is a curry ravioli, which was kind of strange. Also another person orders veal parmesan, and it was fantastic, so who knows what to expect at One of a Kind Pasta

Madras Pantry?

Went there on opening day. One of there Dosa hot plates wasn't working so took about 30min to get order. Also they ran out of a couple of ingredients so limited menu. I do recall the Beef was really good. The Tandoori Salmon not so much and the Jerk Chicken was rather disappointing. Will definitely give it a second chance. As opening days never seem to run that smooth. The owner of nyood and kultura has some involvement so, nice to see what changes the make.

Lou Dawgs - King & Portland

went today had the beef brisket, Overall the meat was not bad, not to dry wih a nice subtle seasoning. I liked that fact that they didn't drown the meat in bbq sauce, but give you the option of more BBQ at the cutlery counter. The bun is fantastic very fresh. like to try to pulled pork next time. Overall a great place to go for lunch. Quick, Cheap and Tasty.

2009 Restaurant closings (and openings) in Toronto

Opening -Reggies Sandwiches beside craft burger anyone know anything about this place?

Best Toronto Diner?

is Stem on queen st. still open? Last time I walked by, looked like it had closed its doors. Not great Diner food. But definitely a staple to the queen street strip.

Dinner and Drinks Toronto

Nota Bene all the way

is there such a thing as a cheap drink in clubland on a friday?

Adelaide street pub is a nice little place that just opened. Corner of Peter and Adelaide.

Eddie Leveque's Kitchen - they were nice (and the food was good!)

I went there last week for brunch. I was expecting lousy service, as what I've read on here. However service was excellent. I was first to arrive, with friends who I was meeting there. So I was in line. Edward was chatting up with me and other couple who were waiting in line. Servers kept coming by giving us heads, saying table will be ready in 5mins. During Brunch our server was quick in getting our drinks and meals. Coffee was refilled quickly. Overall service was great.

Indian food near King-Bathurst

Indus Junction on Queen near Tecumseuth is pretty good. On the higher end of Indian Cusine.

Peter Street location no longer Burrito Boyz?

The 2 partners split. So now Burrito Boyz , is on adelaide and the one in streetsville. The one on Peter is going to be called something different, in process of finding a new name I heard. Been to both locations since split., and as of right now, both taste identical. I guess down the road there will be some healthy competition and we as consumers will be the benefactor of some tasty burrito's.

anyone tried the "LPK's Culinary Groove" or "Gourmet Loic To Go" at Queen/Broadview

I went to Loic a couple weeks back. Had the Striplion with a side of Brussel Sprouts. Believe it costed about $23.00. The Brussel Sprouts were great, Striplion, not so much. Maybe the fact I had to cook it myself (Don't know what I'm doing in a kitchen) caused it not to taste so good. Next time I'll just go out and get a decent meal.

New Poutine Chain above Burrito Boys

If only you can mix Caplansky's fries & smoked meat with Smokes Gravy'n'Cheese you would have one kick ass smoked meat poutine. Gonna try the Butter Chicken tomorrow seems interesting.

New Poutine Chain above Burrito Boys

I don't think they will be open for Thursday. I was inside talking to the owner, The Kitchen is complete but Front of House is not even close to being finished. Most likely the following week. If they do open this Thursday, thats impressive.

HELP......Wellington and Blue Jays Way

The soup place is Ravi Soup, Corned Beef House is good for Reubens and thats about all. Great wings at Fox n Fiddle

Fresco and Company

Waste of money and time. For a couple bucks more you can pick up some Pad Thai or Stir Fry with nearly the same portion, at any restaurant.

Weekend in Toronto

For something quick I would suggest the following places

Greek Gyros - Messini at 445 Danforth Ave.
Italian Sandwiches Veal/ Eggpant Sandwich - Mustachio at St Lawrence Market
Soup - Ravi Soup on 322 Adelaide St. West
Chinese- Swatow 309 Spadina Ave.
Breakfast Sanwich -Carousel Bakery at St.Lawrence Market

Restaurants with decent food for but great atmosphere

West Area
The Drake Hotel- Queen West
Terroni -Queen West
Czehoskis -678 Queen Wast
Crush Wine Bar -King West
Brassil - King West
Rodneys Oyster - King West
Beer Bistro 18 King St. E

Fancy restaurants
Nota Bene - Downtown
Ki Japenese -Downtown
5th Element-Downtown
Rosebud- Queen West

3 area of the city you should check out is
The Danforth for Greek
Spadina for Asian
St.Lawrence Market -Everything

Have fun

cozy romantic restaurant?

I think the food is much better at Amuse but atmosphere of niagara cafe is much more comfortable and inviting.

Well-priced Indian

Kings Palace is pretty decent food. On Church and Dovercourt

The best club sandwich in TO?

Mayo or Butter ? for a traditonal club or Both?