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Best burgers

grass-fed and grass-finished both reduce the chance of e.coli in the cow's stomach by 80%. but yes, bqm does process the meat on site which is another factor that that allows them to serve their burgers at medium.

Best burgers

i know that e.coli could have something to do the processing of the meat and contamination in the process. but according to the documentary "food inc." feeding cows grass at least for the last 3-5 days before slaughter ensures that e.coli would be flushed out of the system.

anyways, it was a nice burger, nonetheless.

Best burgers

BQM at queen and spadina. i'm surprised that no one's mentioned it. they use beef from grass-fed cows. no chance of e.coli, so you can have your burgers cooked to medium. it's a bit on the pricey side (about $8 a burger), but is definitely one of the best burgers in town.

looking for a trinidadian roti place in downtown toronto

I always pass by the Coconut Grove, so I'll definitely give that a try especially since it's become more Trini. I'm also up in the Annex sometimes, so I'll drop in to Caribbean Roti Palace. Too bad that Island Foods moved that far. I've got no car, so it would be a bit of a pain to get out there. Thanks for all your suggestions =)

Coconut Grove
183 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G1C7, CA

Caribbean Roti Palace
744 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5S2R6, CA

looking for a trinidadian roti place in downtown toronto

i live around queen and university and would like to know if there are any nearby trinidadian roti places. there used to be one in the village by the grange foodcourt but it seems to have closed down.

osaka-style sushi - where to get it in downtown toronto??

does anyone know which restaurants have osaka sushi?

here's a photo of osakazushi:

Chinese Wedding Banquet Locations

Dynasty on Bloor West - posh location, great dim sum. dinner food is okay too. lots of hotels around that area.

Best burgers

South Street Co. Burger

Best downtown Thai?

One block north of Dundas and Yonge, there lies Salad King which offers a variety of Thai dishes in a hip but noisy, cafeteria dining environment. However, lesser known is the dining room they have upstairs that goes under the name Linda Restaurant (or something like that). The menu is pricier, the dining room is darker and quieter. I think that the food is more authentic than the fast food thai they offer downstairs. I haven't tried it yet, though I've been meaning to. Let me know how it goes if you do try it.

Looking for Best Italian Fine Dining in Toronto

Sotto Sotto was amazing. It's a crowded little place in the basement. The tables are really close together and it seems to thrive on the hype that a lot of celebrities have eaten there. The food was good.

I'd also recommend Queen's Pasta in the Bloor West Village. Its clientele is a little less obnoxious. A lot of Italians seem to frequent it. The shrimp anti-pasto appetizer was the star of the meal, although the pasta itself was still absolutely fantastic.

Vegetables and Whole Grains on the menu?

Mr.GreenJeans on the top floor of the Eaton Centre near Sears. It offers a casual dining experience with burgers and chips at about $8. I wasn't feeling for meat that day so I ordered a vegetarian burger which had a portobello mushroom and grilled veggies in it.

Upscale Mexican in Toronto

Bandido's on King West is the only "upscale" Mexican restaurant that I've tried in Toronto. The place was small but it filled up fast on a Saturday evening though I doubt there was ever a line up. We tried their Margaritas --- cactusberry, very exotic. They specialize in Enchilladas but offer a variety of other Mexican food. The final bill came to about $85 for two people including an appetizer, two entrees, a dessert and two margaritas, and tax and tip. The appetizer of red snapper Tostadas was light and refreshing. The fried ice cream on a bed of Sopapillas was way too heavy even for two people to share.

Sushi place next door to Japango

I've tried the place (it's called Siji) on a few occasions. The bento box specials come with a lot of food....six cali rolls, tempura, veggies underneath the teriyaki meat, rice, as well as the usual miso soup and salad. If you were to order anything else off the menu, you'll be quite impressed with the artful presentation of the dishes.
I've tried other places in the neighbourhood, and so far Siji has the best value especially with the 15% grand opening discount. I have yet to try Japango though. One thing that I found lacking were servers that had a good grasp of English. I had to repeat my order several times. Also, the owner talks a bit loud. It sounds like he's yelling in Cantonese. Other than that it offers a great dining experience at a price that students can afford.

Made in China?

yep, just normal a la carte.

i also don't understand why the menu offers a lot of asian dishes that aren't "made in china."

Made in China?

I recently ate there. The food came in good-sized portions. I ordered the Shanghai Noodles, my boyfriend had the Mapo Tofu and we ordered a plate of seasonal vegetables to share. The Shanghai Noodles and the vegetables were both too salty --- someone in the kitchen went way too happy with the soya sauce and the oyster sauce.

The presentation of the food was great.

I walk by the place all the time and can't figure why it's always so empty.