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Mask, Glen Cove, LI

I remember, it was the Frontier Diner.

Roots: Sea Cliff, LI

I checked for a website but it doesn't come up. If you google the restaurant you will get a few reviews. It is right across the street from Blockbuster in Glen Cove. It used to be a Friendly's years ago. The decor is like a hunting or ski lodge. The food is American like Steak, Burgers, Turkey, Shrimp. The owners also own Buckram Stables in Locust Valley.
I like Adirondack better. Where do you live?

Roots: Sea Cliff, LI

I was there last night. Cute place but the food was small portions and so-so. Did you ever try Adirondack Grill in Glen Cove? It's also American but bigger and better tasting portions. For an inexpensive Italian dinner that is sooo good, I recommend Villa Milano on Plandome Rd. Manhasset. The front is a pizzeria but the back is a restaurant. Nothing fancy but the food is excellent and very reasonable. If you like sushi or teriyaki, the cutest place is in Oyster Bay is Midori. It's on Pine Hollow Rd. in a small shopping ctr. The front is I think called Green Wagon which is a small asian fruit market and in the back is the restaurant.