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Fort Greene anyone goto farmers market today?

did they have any plants for planting in the garden.
i am looking for lettuces and cabbage etc stuff that i can plant now

Aug 04, 2012
theblackpandas in Outer Boroughs

Sour cherry season yet?

anybody seen anything? please help me?!
i was outta town and missed it.
no one at union square has them any more?

Jul 12, 2012
theblackpandas in Manhattan

I need a Vegetarian Friendly Dim Sum place

Not a vegetarian dim sum restaurant but rather a regular one that I can take my parents to that has some vegetarian options.
i have gone to dim sum many times with meat eaters and ended up only being able to order greens off the menu. So if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. i love the Vegetarian Dim Sum House but my parents won't go for strickly vegetarian.


Nov 02, 2007
theblackpandas in Manhattan

So how do they get the soup in the dumplings?

do they freeze the broth or something and when it cooks it melts.???
i've always wondered how they do that.
anybody know for sure. or have any good ideas?

Feb 26, 2007
theblackpandas in General Topics

Best Soup? anybody deliver

Love to hear some suggestions other than hale and hearty or whatever lame chain you are talking about.

Feb 24, 2007
theblackpandas in Manhattan

Soup Dumplings - Where else?

new green bo is pretty damn good.
how do they get the soup in these dumplings anyway?
anybody know where to find non meat soup dumplings. veg

Feb 24, 2007
theblackpandas in Manhattan