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Where can I buy Lecithin - East Bay

Thanks everyone! Appreciate the fast responses.

Where can I buy Lecithin - East Bay

I know there's got to be a place to buy lecithin in/around Berkeley - I found one post saying I could get it at Berkeley Bowl West but didn't see it there.

I got an iSi Mini Whip and want to make a foam this weekend -


Rotten City Pizza in Emeryville?

Yup - looks like it is open now. Some co-workers went at lunch and said it was packed. And delicious.

I'll probably wait a few days.

Rotten City Pizza in Emeryville?

There's a new sign on the co-op kitchen building on Hollis in Emeryville, but nothing comes up for it when I google it.

Anyone have any info? I'd love to have a good pizza place around here.


French Laundry Pictures

I was there the week before xmas and photographed almost every course. I didn't use flash so my pics aren't as well lit as yours.

I had a great time there - for me it was a combination of a fantastic meal and a wonderful group of companions.