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Christmas dinner 2009 [A J Maxwell's Steakhouse]

I just had a corporate event there in the wine cellar. It was packed with business suits, not tourists, when we arrived. We only had the event followed by appetizers and drinks but the food we ate was decent enough (though everything tastes better when someone else is buying it), and for a midday event for 50, the price per head they charged was cheaper than most places in Midtown.

Clearly it's not in the upper echelon of NYC steakhouses but if I had to entertain people in the area I'd likely choose it over any place that surrounds Rock Center except maybe Ruhlmann.

AJ Maxwell's
57 W 48th St, New York, NY 10020

Dec 27, 2009
obie000000 in Manhattan

Maialino - Anyone been?

Service was very disappointing last night as well -- 45 minute wait for a table even though we had a reservation and we were told "running a little bit late tonight, 10-15 minutes" upon arrival, lots of excuses and little action. Once we sat down we had problems getting a drink order filled, and the only way I found out that they had a "special" dessert for Christmas (peppermint affogato with hot chocolate) is because the table next to us ordered it. Food is good but they really need to work through the service issues. Who know that someone would ever say that about a Danny Meyer restaurant?

2 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Dec 26, 2009
obie000000 in Manhattan

Best Cookies in NYC??

+1 on Levain, 74th on the north side just a tiny bit east of Amsterdam. It's under the waxing salon.

Feb 08, 2009
obie000000 in Manhattan

Business Dinner near Times Square

Off the top of my head there's the aforementioned Del Frisco's, Osteria al Doge (44th), Bond 45, Utsav (Indian on either 45th or 46th), Gilt in the NY Palace, and Ruth's Chris (51st),

If you're looking for a "wow" factor for an out-of-towner, I'd take the walk to either Michael Jordan's or Metrazur in GCT. Ask for a table that looks out over the main hall.

Feb 08, 2009
obie000000 in Manhattan

Loungey type bar near Columbus & 62nd for Girls Night?

The Empire is closest though there's been a velvet rope on recent weekend nights. If you walk up the street a bit, there's Barcibo Inoteca on Broadway near 67th, Bin 71 on 71 & CBus, and Riposo 72 on 72nd between CPW and Columbus. Going south there's the bar in the Mandarin Oriental, Stone Rose, Landmarc, and Clo in the TWC.

Jan 31, 2009
obie000000 in Manhattan

Winter Restaurant Week Extended thru Feb.

So what are the odds that my mid-Feb EMP lunch reservation will become a RW deal? Come on, Danny...

Jan 31, 2009
obie000000 in Manhattan

What's the plan for restaurant week?

I went tonight to Nougatine and the RW meal was again a *four* course meal, plus the amuse and petit-fours. The same amuse as above of crab + wonton + fennel soup, then butternut squash soup, then salmon and mashed potato and miso vinaigrette, then short ribs in a soy-based sauce with apple, then the same dessert sampler.

Earlier in the week I did Union Square Cafe for lunch with co-workers - very nice, but not nearly the same deal as Nougatine dinner.

Jan 29, 2009
obie000000 in Manhattan

Lansky's (UWS) - Jewish deli opens 9/25

There were reports when it first opened that were not at all positive:

Dec 27, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

lunch on 48th between 6th and 7th Ave with father-in law?

Two places on 47th between 6th and 7th - Langan's and Pig & Whistle. You can walk through the News Corp building overpass to get there.

Dec 26, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

What to order at Artisanal and Bar Boulud...

Bar Boulud is known for its Gilles Verot charcuterie; the Pate Grand-Pere is especially good IMHO. The house-cooked ham is pretty good as well.

Dec 20, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

Murray's Salumi

Picked up some speck and a few other meats last week. Like most places in that market it's designed for GCT commuters first, and foodies second. Nothing wrong with that; just be aware that that's what it is.

I'm pretty sure they're still giving people free bacon or hot dogs with any $10 purchase.

Nov 16, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

Best restaurant for dining alone

Danny Meyer restaurants provide a great bar solo dining experience. He prides himself on serving solo diners well.

Oct 22, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

Had my first UWS Shack Burger!

77th and Columbus, across from the Museum of Natural History.

Oct 19, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

Lincoln Center Restaurants

O'Neal's on 64th might be your best bet. Across the street from LC and they have a kids' menu.

Oct 18, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

Scarpetta or Convivio

Went to Convivio last Sunday and enjoyed it quite a bit. It is loud and I didn't like the decor, but the food overall is excellent. Three of us did the four-course prix-fixe and had 12 different dishes. We all sampled each other's food and there wasn't a bad course among them. No issues at all with the service. The least interesting course was dessert. Their wine list is pricey, but since only two of us were drinking we did a half-bottle. The total for three was just under $300.

It's out of the way unless you're staying on the East Side, though we had never been to Tudor City before and it was nice to see it.

Oct 11, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

Dovetail, BLT Market, or Toloache?

I'd rank those three as Toloache first, Dovetail second, BLT Market third. Personally, I'd pick Toloache just because I think their food is the best of the three (my favorite Mexican in Manhattan) though the setting is not what you'd consider romantic by any means. And like Westrite says above, you sometimes need to be in the mood for Mexican.

None are "cheap" though Dovetail's tasting menu is less expensive than most upscale restaurants in town, and their Sunday prix-fixe is a very good deal. BLT Market is probably the best ambiance for an anniversary -- you're more likely to feel like you're somewhere special there -- but the food IMO is the least interesting of the three for the price.

Oct 11, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

Shake Shack - UWS (latest update)

Just walked by last night -- all of the internal and external signage is up and the outside sign is lit. It's like it is taunting us.

Oct 11, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

Help: Dinner for 10 Students Near Lincoln Center

A few ideas:

O'Neals on 64th:
Landmarc in the Time Warner Center:
Pomodoro Rosso at Columbus @ 69th:

May 26, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan


I was at MFE yesterday and they had Meyer lemons as well. Not organic.

Feb 10, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

dumpling house closed? and other chinatown stuff

Don't know for sure, but it appears so. People who put in dumpling orders for the holidays before DH started renovations were directed to Vanessa's to pick up their orders.

I bought a pack of frozen pork & chive dumplings from Vanessa's last week -- the fillings tasted the same though the dumplings themselves seem smaller. Maybe that's just because they were frozen, though. Everything else on the menu at DH can be had at Vanessa's.

Jan 06, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

dumpling house closed? and other chinatown stuff

Dumpling House is just renovating & adding more seats; they should be done within the next couple of weeks. You can still get the same dumplings from Vanessa's on East 14th St near 3rd Ave.

Jan 05, 2008
obie000000 in Manhattan

Turkey for Thanksgiving

I saw the DiPaolo Turkey tent today at the Lincoln Center greenmarket, and they are usually at the Union Square version as well. I assume they take Thanksgiving orders.

For non-greenmarket, Lobel's at 82nd & Madison, perhaps? Not cheap but organic and high-quality.

Oct 27, 2007
obie000000 in Manhattan

Little Owl

Little Owl takes reservations on OT up to 27 days' advance, it appears. If you are flexible on time, you can get in at 5 pm as soon as this coming Friday (3/2).

I just went for the first time this weekend. It's not that they do anything particularly new or different, but what they aim to do is done very well. In the pre-internet world it'd be a really nice neighborhood place, not a citywide foodie obsession.

Feb 24, 2007
obie000000 in Manhattan