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Manayunk Soft-Serve Showdown: Custard & Cakes vs Dairyland

Oct 30, 2008
SuzyQPA2 in Pennsylvania

10 best restaurants in Montgomery County

Ristorante Castello has gone major Downhill

Here is a copy of my unanswered email:

I wanted to let you know we were very disappointed in our recent meal at the Ristorante.
My parents wanted to go there to celebrate their 42nd Wedding Anniversary.

The Timbale used to be wonderful with lump crab.
Now the Timbale should be re-written to have Tomato as the primary ingredient not crab. The crab is not worth discussing in it. It is a minor ingredient.

The pasta is the same delicious quality as always, however your Lobster Ravioli now taste like crabcakes and the scallops were overdone - seafood shouldn't be chewy.
The sauce was also slightly spicy - strange for a pink sauce when the taste is usually sweet. Perhaps there was a mixing with the Diavlo?

The Salmon Diavlo was too spicy for my father who loves spicy. He didn't eat the salmon at the restaurant. Unknown as to whether he will actually eat it.

I ordered your lamb dish medium to medium well. I recieved it medium rare - when pressed i got blood. I cut several pieces to check . I packed it up to take home and cook additonally or give to my brother who doesn't mind rare meat.

My brother had the sole and for something as incongrous as sole it was magnificent.
Fresh and full of flavor.

My mother had the tilapia with shitake and crab on top. We were hard pressed to find any crab on the dish whatsoever. She did ask the waiter who assured her it was there however it wasn't evident. There was however a lot of sauce - more than you would expect for your type of restaurant.

My mother just threw up - the culprit she believes is the souffle which had no souf - it was a dense cake - the opposite of what a souffle is all about.

The creme brulee was excellent as always.

Service was good - but when he realized that my mother had a question about her dish he didn't question the rest of us about ours to ensure we were happy. Don't ask don't tell policy.

Prices - it easy to see why you have no half hour/one hour wait and why most people choose to frequent somewhere else. Your prices are a little higher than what frankly are better, busier restaurants.

We shall join them and go downtown or elsewhere next time.

Aug 04, 2008
SuzyQPA2 in Pennsylvania

Cafe Lombardi - Terrible 1/2 star

We decided to try a local ristorante today, Cafe Lombardi.

The atmosphere and menu looked good online.

In person - the atmosphere is very bad, too loud - the tables are very close together. The noise was overwhelming. The tablecloths were like home, flannel and vinyl. No background music.

The service was mediocre/appalling. - we were not asked if we wanted more water, more bread, or how our appetizer was. Our server did not introduce herself. They sat us near the kitchen (which was fine) but out of all the waitresses working only one continually banged the back of my chair each time she came out (her name is Jen). When i asked if that was necessary i was told it was and she proceeded to bang it harder. So we asked to be moved and we were moved but we weren't given the first available table and they expected us to move all our drinks and cutlery.

The menu is very deceptive - in that it bills a la carte items as an Entree....
My Entree was Chicken Marsala for 13.95 - This consisted of 1 chicken breast cut in 3 pieced and pounded paper thin. An extra to this was a piece of chicken bone i discovered when i found something go crunch.

In my mind an Entree consists of a Meat and a side or two - typically perhaps a meat/carb/veg. Not at Cafe Lombardi, these things all must be ordered seperately, unless you order chicken/veal parm. (This is not spelled out on the menu).

Additonally the prices on the web are not the prices in house.

Another item we ordered was Chicken parm, I'm glad i didn't order it, it tasted deep fried.
Another item that was surprisingly good was Rigatoni with lump crab. The same people who were so cheap with the chicken were expansive with the crab.

The sauces were good but a little oily.
When we asked for our pasta al dente we were told that it couldn't be done as all the pasta is cooked ahead of time.

Doesn't all that make you want to rush there?
I have a feeling the new Ristorante opening up the road will take a lot of their business.

If not may i recommend instead of this nightmare:

Macaroni Grill Montgomeryville or Willow Grove- A chain but - a quality chain.

Boccelli's in Lower Gwynedd

La Vita E Bella Ristorante
914 Limekiln Pike
Maple Glen, PA 19002

Jun 27, 2007
SuzyQPA2 in Philadelphia

Bunha Faun - Malvern, PA

We have always had a very good dinner at Bunha Faun.
The prices are comparable - I'd say even reasonable compared to other restaurants.
They have been working on the decor.
The most wonderful thing is that there is no loud music....people who go there, go to enjoy good food and good conversation.

unfortunately for us one time we sat behind some people talking a lot of trash, but that was a rarity.

The cuisine is asian/french.
You can see the french attention to detail in the presentation and the sauces.
They are superb.

The scallops are very good and come in a herb butter sauce.
I had the angel hair pasta with seafood - they call it an appetizer but i think of it as a meal.
The lamb is very good.

The rainbow trout we had was completely deboned and skin free, it had a lovely burgundy sauce and was stuffed.

If you go there don't pass up the ice cream for dessert, the chocolate sauce is homeade - fresh for you....he makes it when you order it.

Feb 24, 2007
SuzyQPA2 in Pennsylvania

Bocelli's @ the Gwynedd Train station, PA

This is a wonderful restaurant.
I think it's a BYOB.
Prices are a little more for eat in , but probably no more than any other BYOB and the food quality is great! These guys make a marvelous marinara.

The atmosphere is very nice. They seem to sometimes have kids in their sometimes not so they are family friendly. They have a quiet table upstairs if you want privacy.

The food is incredible, we've had their meat lasagna, their lobster ravioli, and their chicken parmesan. The service is very good and i think it's the owner who usually is working.
They also usually give you a small appetizer with your meal and salad.

They also have a great take out menu - very reasonable.

I've asked for different things at times and they have been very flexible.

Feb 24, 2007
SuzyQPA2 in Philadelphia

Flanigan's Boathouse, Conshocken


Not much was up here so we decided to take a chance and go eat there.
Their website looked really good, and although they looked a bit like a bar on the website we thought well hey, bars can have great food and my dad wanted seafood.

We had their crab cake entree, the wings, their dockside burger and a portobello sandwich.
I would have to rate this restaurant - mediocre. I couldn't find any seafood to order so i just had a burger, and I love seafood.

We could have had better food and paid less at TGIF or Texas Roadhouse.

their was a piece of fin in the crabcake, the kitchen was very sparing with any of the promised sauces/mayos. The burger was ok.

The wings and beer were pretty good.

The service was good, but we ordered 20 wings and we wanted 10 buffalo and 10 chipotle lime, and he didn't tell us until afterwards (when we got the bill) that we would have to pay for 7.99+7.99 (two orders of 10) vs the 11.99 for 20

Parking was a nightmare and the waiting room is the entrance to the bar.

Pass on this............think highly overated and overpriced......keep walking

Feb 24, 2007
SuzyQPA2 in Pennsylvania