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Yes, sorry! I haven't been there since late last winter...forgot the exact name.


I just ate at Carisma tonight - went there with high expectations, too high apparently as the experience was terrible. Ordered burrata and was served the rind only; the carpaccio came still frozen. Pappardelle cinghale was bland. The vegetables that accompanied the veal were stone cold.
My fave Italian restos in TO: Noce, La Campagnola, La Bruschetta

Carisma - the new Il Mulino

Just had an extremely disappointing experience at Carisma...not sure which was worse, the food or the service. My husband and I started with the burrata and the carpaccio. Only the outer rind of the burrata was served. My carpaccio was still frozen. Pappardalle cinghale lacked flavour. Veal scallopine was ok, but the vegetables that accompanied were stone cold. Service was disorganized, inconsistent, rushed and unfriendly. We tried to speak to the older couple who manage the restaurant as we left, but he seem disinterested in our experience and she tried to defend the cold food!! Will not be returning.

1 night in Madrid

My husband and I will be in Madrid for 1 Monday evening between flights. We get in around 5pm and fly out again at noon the next day - just enough time to get a "taste" of Madrid. Would LOVE any recos for where we should head to to wander around and eat/ drink the night away. Thanks!

Jun 04, 2012
jenners in Spain/Portugal

Wedding at Thompson Toronto Hotel

sorry for the radio was everything - from having the room set on time, to the timing of food service, to the etiquette of service....we had to follow up on every detail to ensure it was taken care of.

Wedding at Thompson Toronto Hotel

I was in a wedding held at the Thompson recently - food was fabulous but can't say the same about the service. Staff were more interested in looking good than providing good service. It's the type of place that's good from far but far from good - they need to pay attention to the details.

Great Food / Good patio?

Looking for a yummy restaurant with a patio for a celebration dinner - doesn't have to be cheap cheap, but definately fantastic food and good atmosphere. Any suggestions?