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Black House/Straw Valley closing

Frequent lurker, infrequent poster here to share this news about the Straw Valley restaurants closing. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to try them.

Mar 25, 2015
hungry in carrboro in Southeast

Piedmont brunch - Durham

I'm generally a big fan of brunch so should probably try it at Piedmont! Are the prices somewhat similar to those on the lunch menu? (I'm looking over on the right, under the hours, on Thanks!

3 Cups - Chapel Hill, NC

Some of you may have received this email, but just wanted to pass the word along in case you haven't. I tried calling this morning and no one answered, so they may have already closed their doors...

More at

Email message:

"Onwards and Upwards

As many of you know, 3CUPS has had a tumultuous relationship with the landlord who purchased the Courtyard a year or so after we opened our doors. And we've been in the newspaper far too many times in articles which have nothing to do with the wine, coffee and teas we are so enthusiastic about.

With that nebulous introduction, we have good news and sad news this morning.

The Sad News… 3CUPS has closed our downtown Chapel Hill store and we will be taking the summer off. We are sorry and sad to be leaving the West End. We’ve made lots of friends here, and we hate to leave you. But the lack of parking in our current location has become untenable.

The Good News... we will re-open this fall in a new larger location in Chapel Hill on Elliot Road, just down a bit from Whole Foods Market, in the Village Plaza near the ABC store. We're excited about taking all we've learned in the last 4 years and applying it to our new store with an ocean of parking right out the front door! We promise to keep all the coffee, tea, wine and chocolates you’ve grown to depend on, and we look forward to seeing all our friends in the new expanded location.

For those who just can't bear living without your 3CUPS supplies, we are working on potential delivery programs and other alternatives to fill the gap while the shop is closed. We'll let you know you what we’ve come up as well as updates and announcements in upcoming Friday E-Mails."

Les Alexander

Starlu in Durham closing

I checked out the website ( and I just wanted to comment that the owner's message -- possibly the same as in the e-mail -- certainly is gracious and appreciative.

Fascinating NY Times article: Food history/African-American food culture

Dining & Wine
A 19th-Century Ghost Awakens to Redefine ‘Soul’
Published: November 21, 2007
A newly discovered vintage cookbook could challenge ingrained views about the cuisine of African-Americans.

Infused Olive Oil

Thanks so much; these look like great sites! Keep me posted if you try any of these!!

Infused Olive Oil

I'm thinking about doing some infused oils and vinegars as holiday gifts -- do you all have ideas for where to get pretty, food-safe, airtight bottles?

Also, does anyone have tips or instructions for making infused vinegars (is there any reason to think that it's different from making the oils)?

Thanks in advance!

Trader Joe's Opening in the Triangle???

For those who were wondering about TJ's opening date in CH: today the N&O said it'll open November 30. I think they said that's still tentative, though.

Proposing in Asheville this weekend

Congratulations! I'm glad you reported back to update us!! :)


Now I'll have some idea of what to look for -- thanks, all of you, for your suggestions!


Would you all mind sharing your favorite brands of vegetarian broth or bouillon cubes? I've gotten stuck in a rut with one particular brand and would like to switch, so I'd love to hear some recommendations. What do you keep in your pantry?


Southern Rail, Carrboro

I found this website: but it looks like they're still working on it.

Oct 01, 2007
hungry in carrboro in Southeast

Southern Rail, Carrboro

I saw in the N&O that it finally opened! I'd love to hear reviews if anyone has checked it out yet. It seems like it'll have a neat atmosphere at least, in the rail cars...

Sep 24, 2007
hungry in carrboro in Southeast

Good food near the Hilton New York?

Hi all,

I'll be in NY for business soon and I'm wondering whether you can give suggestions for good, relatively inexpensive meals near the Hilton. I've been looking at the some past posts but it's hard to tell what's within reasonable walking distance of this particular hotel... I will have to be able to walk everywhere, so any place right around there is great!

Thanks so much in advance!

Aug 06, 2007
hungry in carrboro in Manhattan

Newer faces at Provence (Carrboro)

I think Herons is the restaurant in the new Umstead Hotel and Spa. I've never been there, though.

Good eats in Selma, NC (or thereabouts)?

Hi all,
My dad has to travel south on I-95 on Sunday, and since it's Father's Day I'd like to drive out to meet him for a late breakfast or lunch before he continues on his way. I looked at a map and it seems that Selma might be promising, since it looks convenient for him to pull off of I-95. Does anyone have any suggestions for places to eat there? Or is there somewhere else along I-95 that's a reasonable drive from the triangle, that you'd recommend?

Thanks so much!

Jun 13, 2007
hungry in carrboro in Southeast

Mango Salsa

These suggestions all sound great, and pretty similar to what I'd recommend so I won't add to them. HOWEVER - and this is surely common knowledge among you experienced cooks and chowhounders, but just in case - I learned the hard way that you should wear gloves while cutting the jalapeno peppers, especially if you plan on taking your contacts out later in the evening!! :(

Favorite cheap eats in Carrboro/CH/Durham?

We have limited cash flow this summer but would like to have *some* meals out, for the fun of it. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for good, cheap meals here in the Carrboro/CH/Durham area. For example, at Panzanella they have pizzas that are tasty and relatively cheap compared to their other entrees. And at Med Deli you can get a big plate of food that's enough for 2 smaller meals, and pretty cheap. Are there particular items or dishes at other places that fit that bill? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Amma Vegetarian Kitchen

I visited D.C. recently and had the pleasure of eating at Amma Vegetarian Kitchen in Georgetown; it was the best Indian food I've had in a long time!! You go up some stairs and enter a small-ish room, and wonder whether you're in the right place, but once you see the menu and then when you've been served your food, you realize that this is *definitely* it! The service was fast and cordial, portions were generous, and all of the prices were very reasonable - averaging around $9 for dinner, if I remember correctly. I recommend the samosa, parippu vada, any of the dosai, the vegetable korma, and the puri. Yum!!

Rehearsal dinner in Raleigh

Have you thought about Caffe Luna? It might fit the bill.

Spice Street - Chapel Hill, NC

Unfortunately, I recently had a disappointing experience at Spice Street - I'd never eaten there for dinner, but when several of us went on Friday evening, the service was bad and the food seemed overpriced. For example, at some points during the meal different servers interrupted and repeatedly tried to offer us plates that had already been brought to our table. In general, the service seemed very disorganized. Also, I had a crabcake with potatoes on the side - I couldn't tell if the potatoes were supposed to be served cold or hot; there were some that were warm and some that were cold. Very odd. The crabcake was nothing special, especially for $23. Overall, I was disappointed. I don't know if they were just having a bad night, or if this is a regular thing. I've been there before for drinks and appetizers at the bar, and found the bartenders very friendly and competent and the food was good then, but this experience for dinner was another story. At this point, I think I'd go back for drinks and snacks, but not dinner.

Chapel Hill Loco Pops is Open

I second that!! There have been countless nights where I crave a fantastic sandwich from sandwhich for dinner, and have had to settle for my own best approximation - which is never even in the same league!
Can't wait to try locopops.

Easter brunch - Chapel Hill, NC area

Thanks for the great ideas! Next year I will definitely have to get a reservation at Crook's Corner way ahead of time, because that sounds perfect for what we want.

Easter brunch - Chapel Hill, NC area

Where are you folks going for a great Easter brunch, if you're going out? The one at the Carolina Inn is $45/person - eek! Out of my price range. Any other ideas? It might be too late to get a reservation anyway, but I just thought I'd look into it.


Hi all,
On a whim, I bought a set of 24 disposable aluminum foil star-shaped cupcake-liner-thingys. I am hoping to serve them at a "congratulations" party this weekend, and write on them "you're a star" (a letter on each cupcake) I don't want to just lay them all out in a single layer on a cookie sheet, though; I'd like to do something more creative. So my question is, can you all think of any neat way to present them? Should I just buy a tiered cake stand and stack them on the layers, or should I forgo the stand and try to connect them with toothpicks into layers of their own, or would that be too messy/annoying with frosting getting on the bottoms of the cupcakes? I've never tried to make a "cupcake cake" before so I don't know how to go about it.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

vespa in chapel hill

Hi All,
Is vespa closed? there's a "for lease" sign in front and one sign is down, but the other is still up and all else is normal. I'm not particularly attached to the place, just curious.

Glasshalfull, CH

I agree with HeelsSoxHound's assessment.
I loved the decor and the atmosphere was nice and energetic - it was full on a Thursday evening and there was a nice buzz of conversation, etc. I wouldn't go *too* hungry, though, unless you're prepared to spend a good bit of money (though the food is excellent and artfully plated). The cheese plate is fantastic; the 3 cheeses were great choices and we liked the two chutneys that accompanied them. We also enjoyed the glazed salmon and the Spanish-style spicy shrimp. All in all, very nice, and a great place for appetizers or a light dinner.

Glass Half Full - open? anyone tried it?

I guess my subject line says it all :) Just wondering about whether they opened on Tuesday as was stated in an earlier post, and whether anyone's checked it out yet. I'm looking forward to trying it.

Best in Charleston SC

I really enjoyed Hyman's Seafood on Meeting St.

Raleigh NC area

Hi PDeveaux,
A friend and I recently ate at Caffe Luna downtown and really enjoyed it - good food and service, with a nice atmosphere. Reasonably priced, too. We both enjoyed seafood pasta dishes
Have fun, wherever you end up going!