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Restaurant gift certificate as wedding present

An acquaintance of mine is getting married. I don't know her very well and I don't know her fiancee at all, but we have close friends in common and have known each other for years. So, I thought a restaurant gift certificate of about $50 would be a nice wedding gift. My friend is in her late 20s and her fiancee is in her early 30s. Could anyone recommend an appropriate restaurant in Boston for the occasion, please? I know basically nothing about the city.

I don't believe that they have any dietary restrictions but it's possible that the fiancee is a vegetarian, so a restaurant that has at least a couple vegetarian options is ideal. I've been stressing out over this and would really appreciate any help you could offer!

Russian grocery/deli in Gainesville/Jacksonville/Orlando?

Thanks everyone. I ended up finding a place in Jacksonville:

Gourmet House International Foods
6271 St. Augustine Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32217

Dec 24, 2009
maralenenok in Florida

Russian grocery/deli in Gainesville/Jacksonville/Orlando?

Hi guys, I wondered if you could help me out. My parents recently moved to Gainesville. So far they haven't found a Russian grocery store, or some other eastern European grocery that stocks Russian products. Do any of you know of one? In Gainesville would be ideal, obviously, but I guess they would have heard of it if if existed. They do travel to Jacksonville and Orlando on occasion, so if either of those has one, that would be awesome to know too.

Dec 16, 2009
maralenenok in Florida

Best for Dessert Only?

Cornucopia in Bethesda is a small deli/Italian market with four tables where you can sit down at one of four small tables and partake of coffee, wonderful cannolis, small raspberry and lemon moussy things (don't know what they're called, but they're basically heaven). Personally, though, I'd recommend their cookies. They are sold by the pound and they are the best I've ever tasted. They have a big selection of them, including four or five types of biscotti.

Last time I was there the owner hit on me, though, so I've been putting off the next trip.

RW Review: Ceiba

Hey, you had the same thing I had! Except for dessert - there were three of us and we each got a different thing, and we agreed my panna cotta (with rum caramel and caramelized pineapple, yum) was the best of the three, though I thought the flan was very flavourful and creamy, and the chili cherries on the brownie cake were fantastic.

My favourite part of the meal, hands down. As for the other two dishes, I completely agree with you - the tuna was delicious, and I really loved the asparagus slaw. The soups were beautifully presented and delicious.

Good cheap eats: Greenbelt/College Park, MD

Never been to that one. I've been to the ones in Laurel, Silver Spring, and Dupont Circle. Their burgers were all good (the SS one had the best burger of the three), but the fries were the same quality - only okayish.

Good cheap eats: Greenbelt/College Park, MD

Also, Five Guys - look for your closest location here:

Amazing burgers with a ton of toppings. The fries are okay. I would get the burgers as takeout and get some coleslaw at the supermarket instead.

Good cheap eats: Greenbelt/College Park, MD

Ha! Well, I hope you liked it. Unfortunately we tend to eat in the Silver Spring-Rockville-Bethesda areas, so my knowledge is very limited. People here are going to sneer at me for this, but I enjoy the Chevy's at 7511 Greenbelt Road. It has a killer crab and shrimp quesadilla and an amazing frozen peach margarita.I could drink half a dozen of those in a row.

Among the long list of places I've been meaning to try in that vicinity based on good Yelp reviews are:

Costa Alegre (Mexican, 5815 A Greenbelt Road, Berwyn Heights)
Marathon Deli (Greek, 4429 Lehigh Rd, College Park)
Caribbean Delight (7811 Riggs Rd, Hyattsville)

Good cheap eats: Greenbelt/College Park, MD

My friends are huge fans of Franklin's:

I've been once and really liked their crab dip, pulled pork, and mashed potatoes with gorgonzola.

I need a DC local favorite

Wow, that's right next to my workplace. How have I not been there yet?

Brasserie Les Halles?

I have a mac & cheese rec for you! There's a place in Silver Spring called the Red Dog Cafe and I really enjoyed their mac & cheese dish. It was nothing fancy - penne and cheddar, but it was very well-done.

Gyros downtown DC

There's a great Greek take-out deli (Greek Deli Express, 1120 19th St) that I've been to twice with rather happy results. I've never had gyros there, though.

Brasserie Les Halles?

I really love the steak frites there. I've been three times and I always get the steak. It's just fantastic.

Affordable Russian restaurants in DC/MD

I've looked on this board and googled around, and it seems like all the restaurants I've found (like Maxim and Balalayka) are now closed, except for Russia House at Dupont Circle. I've looked at their menu and it's more like Russian cuisine-inspired elaborate European-style concoctions than actual Russian food (with probably more Russian diplomats and business-type people than I care to encounter), whereas I'm looking for something more along the lines of the Moscow chain Elki-Palki, food-wise. Help?

Google tells me there's a deli called Sofia's International Restaurant on Industrial Parkway in Silver Spring - does anyone know what that is?