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Bitter Canned Tomatoes

I just bought a couple of 5 lb cans of whole tomatoes. When I tasted them they seemd quite acidic to the point of being bitter. Is there anything I can add to conteract this taste?. Thanks

Jul 09, 2010
Ol_Dave_B in Home Cooking

Pompton Lakes restaurant?

Sorry for the delay on replying. We wound up at Berta's. I'm am far from a finicky eater but We were both under whelmed. It seemed strange on a Saturday night at 7:00 it was we and two other tables. We were greeted by a young girl (early teens at the oldest) by "Hi What d'ya want. " Not a good start. Waiter was great, service was good. I had the veal chop. Done correctly but lacked flavor. My wife had a chicken with mozzarella and balsamic which also seemed to lack seasoning. Who knows, it could very well have been us. Thanks for the recommendation though, we would be willing to give it another try.

Apr 19, 2010
Ol_Dave_B in New Jersey

Pompton Lakes restaurant?

My wife and I are going to be in Pompton Lakes on Saturday 10th and are looking for a nice place for dinner. We're partial to Italian but just about any cuisine will do. Thanks in advance

Apr 08, 2010
Ol_Dave_B in New Jersey

Combination Cooking Question

I'm about to cook two game hens each weighing 1½ lbs using a combination of microwave and convection. The book says to allow 12 minutes per pound. So do I cook them for 18 minutes (each one weighs 1½ lbs) or 36 minutes since they total 3 lbs. Thanks in advance


Jul 23, 2009
Ol_Dave_B in Home Cooking

Belvedere, Clifton closed?

Does anyone know if the Belvedere in Clifton has closed? I've tried calling and no answer. If they have closed, can someone recomend a comparible Italian Restaurant in the area. Thanks

Breakfast in Fairfield, NJ area

I'll be in the Fairfield, Little Falls NJ area for a few days and was looking for a breakfast spot. I'm looking for something a little less elaborate than the great diners along Route 46. Thanks in advance

Nice Restaurant: Chelsea, MA

Can someone recommend a nice restaurant in Chelsea or the nearby area? My wife and I will be at the Wyndham Hotel for one night and don't know anything about the area. We like all types of cuisine. Thanks in advance

Apr 25, 2008
Ol_Dave_B in Greater Boston Area

IL Villino, Waldwick, NJ

Does anyone know what happened to Il Villino in Waldwick, NJ? We tried to go there and it's closed up and about to become a bank. Hopefully they just moved. Thanks

Upscale Phila. Dinner

My wife and I will be in Philadelphia for 1 weeknight in the beginning of March and would like a suggestion for somewhere romantic for dinner. We like all types of food and not too worried about price. Thanks in advance

Feb 25, 2007
Ol_Dave_B in Pennsylvania