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Salvadoran food in the Pioneer Valley! (or southern VT?)

I just found out that Roberto's Pizza in Greenfield and Montague has a couple Salvadoran items on offer as well. I had tamales in Greenfield the other night and they were excellent (less spicy than I'd like but what do you expect?). The cook said the Roberto's in Montague has pupusas, so I can't wait to go there!

If anyone has info about other spots for Salvadoran/Central American food in Western Mass. or southern VT (I actually live in Brattleboro) they would be MUCH appreciated!

Driving from North Adams East on Route 2 towards Boston

I really like the Wagon Wheel right on Rt 2 in Gill. Tiny funky place, great breakfast (I've only been there for breakfast yet; everything else on the menu looks good too). Mmm cranberry pancakes!