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Sticky Toffee Pudding search

My fiance and I are getting married next August and we would like to have stick toffee pudding as our "cake". My fiance's family is british so we wanted to include something british yet delicious to the menu.

We are looking for a local(ish) supplier or a local bakery that makes it, we are located in berkeley so were willing to drive up to 60 miles in any direction that will get us the pudding! If you know of something further let us know anyways!

Thanks in advance for the tips!

Chop Bar in Oakland: recommendations?

We went to chopbar for dinner last night, its not a big place it has 8 or 9 table inside, the bar and some benches outside. At 7 there was only one other table with people but when we left before 9 there wasn't an open table.

I went with my parents and we shared bar snacks , starter plates and each got a main, We had the pepitas and house cured olives, the olives were especially good I thought and were served in a cazuela with a chile.

For starters we had the romaine lettuce salad with stone ground mustard dressing, louisana shrimp and the pork ribs. No one at the table liked the shrimp which I think had to do with the quality of the shrimp and not the sauce. The salad was fresh and suprisingly large but nothing special. The pork ribs were fantastic, you get three ribs the ribs were tender, well spiced and the apples that were baked with them were great!

For main dishes we got their chicken under a skillet with peperonata, flat iron steak and the fusili. The fusili was not good and the pasta was undercooked but the chicken was fantastic it had a crispy skin, the chicken was moist and every bite was tasty.

Anywhere to eat in Tahoe?

Thanks Melanie wasn't sure where to post it, thanks for the link

Dec 18, 2009
mtirado in California

Anywhere to eat in Tahoe?

Im headed up to Tahoe for new years and wanted to know if anyone had a reccomend for the drive up ro while I'm there. Last all we had was bad casino buffet food and ended up cooking most of the time. So where we would be a good medium price range dinner for two location as well as dinner for a big group ( 25)

Dec 18, 2009
mtirado in California

San Diego style burritos in the (East) Bay?

La costa taqueria in Hayward on Harder street off Mission have griddled burritos and I am sure would put not rice and beans if asked, they are delicious!

Beer Growler

I love growlers Buffalo Bills in Hayward sells their beer in growlers and will fill it with any of thier beers except thier seasonal

Jul 18, 2008
mtirado in Features

Oakland (Fruitvale) Burrito Showdown

The burriots at chavez are wonderful i reccomend the pastor burritos there, as resident latina on the burrito test i still love chavez overall but have confirmed my love for Ojo de Agua.

I second sarvey on the meat from the butcher , also the butcher is wear you can get different fresh chesses by weight. The soups are wondeful caldo de res is my fave and its available everyday not just weekends like the menudo and posole

As far as I know they dont carry atole but I have always thought that to be sesonal


Going to Kirala in berkeley for a party upcoming any recconmendations?