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Quality dinner under $20 pp near 3rd St Prom

If you are up for Vegan, Real Food Daily on SM Blvd. is great--and they serve wine!

Need Party Location Advice!!

the farm in santa monica, il moro, napa valley grill, el cholo in santa monica, prego beverly hills, akwa in santa monica, x-bar in century plaza hotel, beechwood on the patio in venice, library alehouse in santa monica, border grill in santa monica, asia de cuba in west hollywood??

Casual Dress B-day Dinner

Cafe Bella Roma spqr on Robertson. Right off the 10 freeway, so easy for both of you. Great seafood pasta and Branzino. Search it on Chowhound and see the raves. Bring your own wine!

More Bella (Roma)

I couldn't agree more. We were there Thursday night ( we go once a week) and it was packed. We brought two other couples and they agreed that the food at Cafe Bella Roma rivals any italian restaurant in the city, and is so fun due to the personal interest shown by the owners. Lunch is great there as well, by the way!

Whole roasted turkey to-go for Thanksgiving?

At Factor's Famous Deli, they have something called a re-framed turkey. They cook it, slice it and put it all back together. It looks great and is so easy!

Factor's Famous Deli
9420 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035

LA Cooking Classes

Chefmakers-it may be more expensive than $80pp, but they offer "date night" cooking classes and have locations in Pacific Palisades and Manhattan Beach. I have only been to the Palisades, and they have a very cool set-up with a flat screen TVthat shows what the teacher is doing.

Casual, outdoor BYOW

I just went to a new place I read about here on Chowhound called Cafe Bella Roma located at 1513 S. Robertson, a few blocks south of Pico. It was wonderful--owned by an italian chef from Rome and his American wife, they have delicious salads, homemade pasta and other Italian dishes, very reasonably priced. Most of the seating is in a charming outdoor patio and the wine corkage is only $4! Some other people wrote about this restaurant last week, so if you search Cafe Bella Roma you can find theirmore elaborate descriptions. Another plus--it's easy to park around there.

50th birthday/approx 45-50 people

I did a party at the top of the store Barneys NY at Barneys Greengrass, which is not generally open at night. It was a gorgeous setting-indoor/outdoor space with views of Beverly Hills and the food was excellent. There is also a party space at Barefoot on Third Streetand Prago in Beverly Hills (not sure of the capacity.) A few of The Grove Restaurants have party spaces-the Italian one and Whisper Lounge. I really like Campanile and Chez Mimi for parties.

Birthday Drinks and Food

I saw this place called Montana Lounge on Montana Ave in Santa Monica. It is just drinks and bar food and very cool looking--could be perfect.

In search of a great bowl of soup....(this is a challenge!)

I like the soup at Al Gelato on Robertson. They also make some good soups at Joan's on Third.

Fun lunch places for teenage girls in L.A.?

I don't know the eastside too welll-but I do have a 13 year old daughter. We recently had a lunch at Barneys Greengrass on top of the fancy department store Barneys in Beverly Hills. Great crowd, view and shopping/browsing afterward. The girls loved it. They have a great menu-seared ahi salad for the foodies and grilled cheese for the non-foodies! My daughter also loves Robertson, so I second the Newsroom, The Grove can be nice and they have an Italian place, La Piazza as well as a french place called Morels and Marmalade which are all nice. The only place I know more east is Fred62 on Hillhurst, but it is more like a diner. Enjoy!

"CAFE BELLA ROMA" on Roberston. GREAT!!!

thanks! I live in the neighborhood and have been wondering...will check it out this week.

Wilshire Blvd @ 405

lunch, dinner, fancy, casual?

Great Salads in LA

they also have great pizza, pasta and grilled salmon with a choice of sides at Fresh Corn.

Great Salads in LA

I think the Leon's Chopped Salad at La Scala on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills is a great choice. It comes with salami, cheese garbanzos finely chopped, but lots of people get it with turkey instead and you can add other stuff if you like. Also, the Beverly Hills Hotel has great salads both at the Fountain Room (the lunch counter) and in the poolside cafe which has been featured on "Entourage" and always has a hip scene. The Ivy grilled vegetable salad is delish, but you can get the exact same salad for like $10 instead of $27 at Fresh Corn Grill on Westwood Blvd. and Ohio, where the owner is rumored to have worked at the Ivy. Their grilled veg. salad can be topped with chicken, salmon or shrimp and it rocks. I also like the chinese chicken salad at Chin Chin and the cobb salad at The Grill and the Daily Grill. Tender Greens is a place where you chose your own salad stuff and they mix it up in Culver City and I heard about a new place in Venice on Rose where you can customize your own salad called Delizia. Another option could be Clementine, Joan's on Third or Marmalade on Montana in Santa Monica, all offer a 3 salad combo and offer a wide selection of chicken salads, tuna, pasta and vegetable salads.

Alternative for Owen's Mkt in Beverly Hills which is closing.

thanks-have been to Victor's a long time ago and I remember they marinate your flank steak for you. Will try again. Also will go to the Farmer's Market.

Alternative for Owen's Mkt in Beverly Hills which is closing.

I grew up on meat from Owen's Market on Pico just east of Roxbury. It looks like a mini-mart but was actually a neighborhood fine market with delivery and had the most amazing lamb (domestic-not from New Zealand) I had ever tasted. The porterhouse steaks were also fantastic. Last time I was there they said they were no longer carrying meat, and it looks like they may be closing altogether. Where else can I go to buy great meat? I am now going to Whole Foods or Bristol Farms and don't think they are as good as Owens was and pretty expensive to boot. I live close to Beverly Hills and Culver City in Beverlywood, but I am in Santa Monica a lot. Any suggestions?

Rehearsal Dinner for 50 in Santa Monica/Venice

I thought of a few more places for you. Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, which is an art Gallery complex has a cafe and they can do private parties. Also, Back on the Beach and Back on Broadway are reasonable options which rent out for private parties. I am not sure if you need a larger group then 60-but I would check them out.

Rehearsal Dinner for 50 in Santa Monica/Venice

I think El Cholo in Santa Monica has a private room.

Early lunch near Beverly Center

Joan's on Third !

Dinner w/in walking distance from Troubadour

I agree with Trattoria Amici. They have a charming outdoor patio which is nice this time of year and I love the grilled vegetable salad with shaved parmesan.

The Palm/The Grill/Mortons for less?

My husband and I are going out with a couple who tend to go for the Steak house/ American fare and they have chosen the aforementioned restaurants before. We are trying to go a little less expensive, but with simply prepared food but good quality. I am blanking out--we all live close to Beverly Hills, but are fine with 3rd/Beverly or going west. Ideas?

Need restaurant suggestions for fun birthday gathering, Weho/LA area

I recommend El Carmen on Third Street-fun margaritas and tacos. Jones on Melrose could work as well. I have heard good things about Ammo, though have not been and if you push it to Thursday, you could do grilled cheese night at Campanile/La Brea Bakery! I also noticed that The Little Door opened a more casual cafe next door-don't know if they have cocktails, but looked cute. Also, I do like BLD for drinks, cheese plate at good prices.

Recent Thoughts on The Penthouse (Huntley Hotel)

I have been twice and thought the food was pretty good, but VERY expensive for what it was. The room is gorgeous and chic. I would probably just go for cocktails.

Middlebury, VT, Ticonderoga (RT. 9N)and the Sagamore

I just returned to L.A. after a trip through these places and wanted to add some tips to the Chowhound boards, as prior to the trip I had trouble finding good recommendations on the site. Spent 4 days at the Sagamore Resort in Lake George, NY and really enjoyed it. The grounds were beautifully landscaped, rooms nice and the service excellent all around. There were tons of guys on the dock helping us rent boats for waterskiing, tubing etc, but more important the food at the hotel was great. The Veranda is the bar overlooking the lake and they had raw bar and sushi with the drinks as well as bento box snacks that were creative and delicious. Mr. Brown's Pub is the casual restaurant and was just ok-but supposedly Rachael Ray got her start there. The fancy restaurants, Trillium and The Club Grill at the Golf Course (you take a 5 minute shuttle ride up the hill) were terrific, with fresh ingredients well prepared. The Trillium was more foodie/fancy, but good and the chef came from the Vermont Culinary Institute (which has an associated hotel called Inn at Essex which we also recommend.) The Club Grill was more of a chop house and we loved it. I was desperately searching for a place to stop on Route 9N on my way to Middlebury, but found no recs. Fortunately, we happened upon the town of Ticonderoga, a historic town as well as home of the famous pencil. We didn't have time to tour, but it looked like it could be pretty interesting. We found a little place called the Olde Mill Cafe, which featured home made breads and delicious sandwiches. The tuna melt with roasted red pepper spread was great and they had sweet potato fries and home made potato chips. My husband, who isn't a sandwich lover had venison chili which was great. They also had home brewed peach iced tea--better than Snapple.

Now to MIddlebury. Why hasn't anyone posted about American Flatbread? This place rocks!! A big warehousey space with a giant wood burning oven where they make 10 or so different flatbreads, a few fresh salads and service great wines. We had a special salad with fresh green beand and local crumbles blue cheese as well as a special pizza with pesto. We loved it! This is a totally "houndy" place--delicious and reasonably priced. We also liked Storm Cafe and Tully and Maries in Middlebury. All were members of something called the Vermont Fresh Network which links local farmers with restaurants. Anyway, hope someone else enjoys this beautiful area.

Family Engagement Party Dinner

What about Chaya Venice or Hal's on Abbot Kinney. No view, but sort of L.A. kind of places. Shutters Hotel and Casa Del Mar have restaurants with views but may be more expensive. The Ivy at the Shore has a back room and is very festive and an L.A. place, but again, it is pricey. food Congratulations!

NYC Theater district pics

thanks so much!

Jul 10, 2007
michellemabelle in Manhattan

NYC Theater district pics

Anyone got something good to recommend in the NYC Broadway area? We have liked Joe Allen and Orso and Trattoria Tre Colore-would like something new but not CRAZY expensive.

Jul 10, 2007
michellemabelle in Manhattan

Favourite Cheeseburger in LA

No one has mentioned the Counter at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It's an old fashioned lunch counter and the burger is deelicious!

Theater District-Sunday night

Any other ideas? Wanted more of a "meal"-is this just wine/cheese and small plate type stuff?

Jul 10, 2007
michellemabelle in Manhattan