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Need meeting place near OC Airport

We're looking for a moderately-priced (read $10 - $15 entrees) restaurant near John Wayne for a meeting of about 20-30 people. We don't need a private room, but that would, of course, be nice. Any type of cuisine would be fine, as long as the food is competently prepared, given the price range. Any ideas? Oh, and this would be a weekday evening.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jul 01, 2008
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

Maggie's Farm - Stellar Mix

I don't know about the OC, but they're at the Sunday morning farmer's market in the Long Beach Marina. Don't know what the mix is; just that it's good.

Jun 17, 2008
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

lunch in Long Beach near Cal State?

No, there IS a restaurant called Fish Tale in the Los Altos center, just between Bristol Farms and the pancake place. There is also a King's Fish House in downtown LB. The Fish Tale bills itself as the "oldest in Long Beach" -- I always hoped they weren't talking about the fish!

Apr 15, 2008
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

The Waffle -- worst restaurant experience EVER

Thanks, oro3030. We went there Saturday night after a movie at the Arclight. Food was better than expectations, and perhaps because of this board, service was attentive and very competent.
I read on another food blog that people were slamming this place because of non-food-related issues, and after my experience there, I would have to agree that the comments above do not match our experience.
This is definitely worth walking to after going to the Arclight, if you don't want to spend the money at Magnolia or the Hungry Cat. It is fine for what it is -- diner food that doesn't disappoint.

Mar 31, 2008
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

Looking for breakfast in Fullerton, Diamond Bar or vicinity

Thanks, y'all! I was at a loss and you came through! It is nice to have choices, instead of ending up at some roadside Denny's (not a likely event...)

Dec 12, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

Long Beach: Good food, ethnic food

Just tried Mi Oaxaca on 10th and Orange. Brand new, and the staff and owners are excited about their new place and eager to show off their specialties. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. They serve 4 out of the 7 moles of the region, and the coloradito is especially good.

Dec 12, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

Looking for breakfast in Fullerton, Diamond Bar or vicinity

Looking for a place to meet midway between Long Beach and Corona for breakfast this Sunday. Would be great if we could make reservations somewhere, as we're both heavily scheduled and don't want to wait for a table. There are just the two of us, and we are open to hotel restaurants if necessary. Just want good food, efficient service and a reasonable drive.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Dec 12, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

Porky's/Golden Bird --Review

It looks like one is coming to Long Beach, at the corner of 10th and Redondo. How does this stack up to Johnny Reb's -- anyone tried both?

Dec 07, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area


Please be aware that there is culinary lavender as opposed to the stuff that is used for sachets, etc. There is a source in Los Olivos: Claremont Farms, phone 805.688.7505. They also have a website:

Dec 03, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

REVIEW: Johnny Rebs' Southern Roadhouse, Orange

Thanks, Ubergeek. We are anxiously waiting for the LB location to reopen. Love the Johnny Reb's Special Sandwich -- Carolina pulled pork with that vinegary sauce. Their sweet potato pancakes for breakfast are awesome!

Nov 05, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

Cheeb - NO!

Scene: Saturday night, on the way to a movie, about 5:30. It's early, so we think that an early light dinner would be appropriate, and Cheebo on Sunset Blvd. is on the way. We've eaten there before, like the food, so, why not stop?

Outcome: Restaurant is pretty empty, but we wait FOREVER for our food. Other tables get waited on and get attention - we're stranded with a waitress who smiles at us politely as she ignores us. Water? - No. Check? - No.

What is this? SO and I are in our 50's -- does this mean we're not cool enough for the room? Did the waitress have a vendetta? Did we commit some esoteric sin that we couldn't have been aware of? Will we go back -- NO.

Oct 15, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

Tracht's Long Beach?

We were there Friday night. Food, service, butterscotch pudding; all remarkable. Haven't been to Jar, but if this is how Suzanne Tracht cooks, I'm a fan. It was scarily empty for a downtown Friday night -- probably a third of the tables occupied. Wake up, Long Beach! We have a gem here!

Aug 01, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

What Oaxacan restaurants have I missed?

It seems there are several in West LA -- Tlapazola Grill, Monte Alban, Guelaguetza, and there must be more. I know there is another one on Santa Monica Blvd. but haven't tried it. Any suggestions? I live in the LBC but don't need to concentrate on any single area. Any help is appreciated!

Jun 26, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Al Fez Harissa

I have a tiny jar of Al Fez Harissa in my fridge. Don't know where I bought it, but it is my favorite commercial brand -- not as fiery as Le Cabanon, the stuff that comes in the tube. Al'Fez comes from Great Britain, but I know I bought this in the LA/Long Beach area, just can't remember where. If any of you know of this brand, please help! I found sources in GB and Europe for this company, but don't want to hassle with the exchange rates, etc.

This is a full-flavored, very tasty harissa - resembles what you get at Chameau.

Thanks in advance!

Apr 23, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

Sancerre Question

Recently tried a Jean Reverdy Sancerre, which was pretty nice. Question -- are they related in any way to the Hippolyte Reverdy property (which I really like)? Any comparison/contrast would be appreciated.

Apr 05, 2007
bigdfromlb in Wine

Lucille's Barbecue ??

There are so many better alternatives to Lucilles in the Long Beach area that we never consider braving the line. Johnny Rebs has fried pickles, too, as well as REAL bbq. Lucilles is the spawn of the Hof's Hut chain, their way of getting more revenue from their Hofs spaces. I'm not familiar with the south OC area, but I think there's a Clayton Shirley's bbq in either Newport or Irvine that's a takeout place that would far exceed Lucilles.

Mar 14, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

Tacos in Long Beach?

If you're going to go as far as the traffic circle, try Hole Mole on PCH @ Clark. There are two other locations, but this would be the closest to you. And on Tuesdays, tacos are a buck. Really like their al pastor items, and their fish tacos are terrific for the area.

Mar 05, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area

Onion Rings

Try them at Johnny Reb's -- technically not LA, but just as initial description. You get a giant platter with their homemade, warm bbq sauce. Locations in Orange, LB, Lakewood and Victorville.

Mar 05, 2007
bigdfromlb in Los Angeles Area