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Need rec near Park Plaza Hotel ASAP

Thank you everyone for your great recs. I passed them on to the crew...who then stumbled across Los Lobos playing for free at Summer Arts Weekend! They skipped dinner, so no reviews. Serendipity rules. Nevertheless I am grateful for your rapid recommendations.

Jul 28, 2014
stevenr in Greater Boston Area

Need rec near Park Plaza Hotel ASAP

OK this is last minute...wife and co-workers need a casual place with good beer/wine selection and some respectable eats near Park Plaza hotel. Nothing fancy, but not a dive either! Thanks

Jul 26, 2014
stevenr in Greater Boston Area

post & beam - trip report

Went to post & beam for lunch last Tuesday...beautiful LA weather and heard good things about the patio on this board, so we decided to check it out.

The standalone building is very nice architecturally, situated on the outside edges of a mall property. We were quickly seated on the patio. It's next to a fairly busy street but they did a nice job buffering out noise with vegetation--including their own garden next to seating. Nice spot! We ordered homemade regular and strawberry lemonade which was perfect for the warm day. Looked like they had a nice wine list and a few beers on draft, and a full bar.

The menu touted the homemade corn bread so we ordered it. Out came one measly end piece slapped on a white plate with a ramekin of honey butter or some such. For $3 you figure they could have done something a little more sexy...honeycomb or something. It was just ok.

For mains, my wife ordered the Garden Pizza, and I ordered the fried Catfish Wrap with Black Eye Pea Hummus, Pickled Tomato and Avocado. Both were awesome. Though the tomatoes in my wrap were a little tough, it gave it some great zing and the fish was light and crispy. I gobbled the whole thing, which came with some of the best sweet potato fries I have ever had.

The Garden Pizza, had some lovely fresh mozz cheese, and, as it turns out, fava leaves harvested from just a few feet away. Chef Gorvind Armstrong himself relayed that to us when he came outside to show some other patrons the garden and asked us about our meal! He stayed outside to chat with a us a few minutes and was really nice. I didn't have the heart to tell him about the cornbread fail. Should I have?

All in all, it was a great, filling lunch, in a peaceful setting. Seeing the chef was neat too, as we visited Table 8 many years ago. Foodies + chef groupies!

P.S. He says the place really gets busy for Sunday brunch...could be fun!

Nice place for lunch date in Dana Point or Laguna?

Harbor Grill in DP harbor...

Feb 13, 2014
stevenr in Los Angeles Area

Good Beer/Food Place in Downtown Dallas

Hi...Looking for a laid back farm-to-table place that has a decent beer selection near the The Joule Dallas. We like to eat at the bar, so a place with a historic big bar wins points too. Thanks

Oct 25, 2013
stevenr in Dallas - Fort Worth

Restaurant Week - Lunch Recommendation?

I may find myself in DC next weekend during restaurant week and would like to take my wife somewhere nice for lunch, at a well-regarded foodie/insider's spot. Can anyone offer guidance using the list of restaurants that are participating in the restaurant week promo as a starting point? Here is the list:

Some good-value solo dinner recommendations (I prefer to sit at the bar) would be appreciated.
I will be around Union Station at that point.


MiLa New Orleans - Service Woes, But Good Food

We had ONE night on our own in New Orleans for Super Bowl weekend, so we wrung our hands deciding on which place to pick. We chose MiLa since it was within walking distance and everyone kept saying it was the best kept secret--including the culinary-trained brother-in-law.

From the very start, our waitress was horrible. It took her about 10 minutes to even acknowledge us, and ask for our drink order. I asked what beer they had. She couldn't remember and didn't have her list. " What do you like?" she countered. I listed off a couple, and she said, yeah, they had that....OK, I said.

Fast forward to 10 minutes later, and she returned, wondering if I had ordered something from her (I kid you not). Perhaps she had forgotten, as she was fussing over the wine snob next table over who had requested to SEE THE LABELS of several different bottles. Five more minutes go by, and she comes back, telling me they are OUT of that beer. A half hour later, I was finally sipping a cold one.

Our first courses were the deconstructed oysters Rockefeller and an arugula salad with soft cooked egg. The salad contained what is perhaps the BEST arugula I have ever tasted, in a light vinagrette. The oysters Rockefeller were plump and tasty. The sweet potato rolls and cornbread were outstanding.

After our first courses were removed, it must have taken another half hour to be served our entrees. All the tables around us had been served, and we suspect she forgot to place our order. Once it arrived, she made a flippant remark about how there were 2 big parties in the house that night. Like it was our fault for only being a party of 2.

Contrary to the service provided by our waitress, the bus staff was outstanding. Plates removed promptly, water glasses refilled, etc.

My wife's double cut pork chop was very good, but the oversized pork chop seems pretty common fare on today's menus. I had a roasted Halibut with some type of miso glaze, which was nice and tender.

Unfortunately, by this time our mood and taste buds had been dulled by sitting at the "9th Ward Table" as my wife started calling it: entirely forgotten. We wonder -- perhaps if we were racking up a big wine bill, things would have been different.

Postscript: the next evening we ate with a larger group at LUKE in the Hilton on St. Charles.
The place is stadium-loud, but we could have kissed our waitress' feet for being so attentive.
The food was outstanding and was about 20 percent less expensive than MiLa.

I would be curious to see what level of service others on this board have experienced at MiLa.

Feb 11, 2009
stevenr in New Orleans

8 people in San Clemente

good recs for the most part, though some lack seating and/or atmosphere? For good mexican, try La Siesta. I think they even have Mariachis playing friday & saturday nights.

Feb 23, 2007
stevenr in Los Angeles Area