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How does the Modern Bar room campare to the modern Dining Room

Well summarized! I had a fantastic meal in the Bar Room (which I prefer) last week. Two of us split four small plates and loved it all (a salad, the scallops, the tuna and the squid). Both restaurants are just wonderful, so I'd see which menu appealed to me more; you won't go wrong with either!

Mar 31, 2009
littleshell in Manhattan

Hamptons Restaurant week 2009

I hit Legends and loved it (wrote about it on the NF Table, so salty! thread) and am thinking about giving Jamesport Manor another shot although I was not impressed the last time I was there (nothing terrible, just rather bland and uninspired for the price).

North Fork Table and Inn - so SALTY!!!!

I haven't been in a few months, so I'm hoping it's just a HRW glitch... it's one of my favorite spots! I had a great HRW dinner at Legends in New Suffolk on Monday and was pleased that they weren't a victim of the RW curse; everything was so fresh and perfectly seasoned (the cod with agrodolce was a favorite at our table and I could've had several orders of the sea scallop appetizer). I would never judge a restaurant just by RW though.

New LI North Fork Restaurants

Have to agree with you on Big Mama's; the food was nothing memorable and the wait was terrible! Farmer's has got much better food and service. As far as Legends, I've always been happy there. The bar can get noisy and crowded, so I always sit in the dining room. The menu's changed for the better in the past year, with amazing dinner specials (although they don't offer bread at lunch, they bring it if you ask).
I've also found Cooperage to have slipped in the past few years, but really liked Fifth Season.

Avoid Mama Mexico

Yes, this was definitely an overpriced disappointment! We went as a group for lunch to the Englewood location and even without alcohol the tab was about 40 pp (luckily it was a work function). They push the specials (my lunch entree was 30, outrageous when menu entrees are 10-20 ish and when it was just okay) and the guac (which was made tableside and was okay, but the waiter recommended we get 2 or 3 for the table, while one was fine). And for some reason the push for bottled water just made me laugh.