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Good eats, Sunshine Coast?

Hello, my husband and I are finishing our year long journey in BC and want to eat well at the end. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for the Sunshine Coast anywhere from Gibsons to Sechelt?
thanks in advance!!!

Apr 07, 2009
Mikejor in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Taste of Chicago - What to eat this year?

Most of the food is awful?.... My husband and I are Chicago this weekend for an MLS soccer game to see our Toronto FC's.
I was really looking forward to eating at the Taste of Chicago, in particular the Cajun catfish taco, beer battered artichoke hearts and the herbed tofu cutlets with sesame garlic and ginger tamari have all caught my attention.
From the sounds of it though, would we be better off in a restaurant for a good meal???

Jul 05, 2007
Mikejor in Chicago Area

Vegetarian/Fish Options Columbus, Ohio

Hello All,
My husband and I are going to be in Columbus for a soccer game on Saturday and were wondering if anyone has any good recomendations for lunch/dinner for two non-meat eaters (we do eat fish and shellfish). We are both very adventuresome eaters and like all different types/ethnicity cuisines.
Any suggestions welcome and appreciated.
Thank you,

Ice Cream Bicycles

I would say to try along the lake perhaps, although I have noticed that the bikes are being replaced by the loud annoying song of the ice cream truck

Islington Village - Korean

Just wondering if anyone has tried either Manna or Taste of Korea on Dundas in Islington Village (just west of Islington). I have heard that the pork bone soup is very good at Taste of Korea...any seafood or veggie dishes worth mentioning?

Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream

The flavor, Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream™ is a decadent melting pot of vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl. It’s the sweet taste of liberty in your mouth.
As per

Brunch at Czehoski - annoying!

Interesting....I've always wanted to go here and they were listed on Now's restaurant guide as best brunch, so I was considering again...but I mentioned to my husband that I have seen negative reviews posted here and when I logged in this morning this was the first post I saw lol. I think we will definitely skip this place and try another listed restaurant under Now's brunch - Bella's Bistro at Free Times Cafe...sounded excellent. Thanks! :)

Brunch in Bloor West

I have gone to Bryden's once for brunch and will never go back as it was an awful experience...I can't remember much about the food except that there was copious amounts of oil/grease. Now their dinner menu on the other hand is a different experience altogether and highly recommended.

Non Meat Eater Restaurant Suggestions

Thanks all for your suggestions.
We ended up going to Brunoise last night and we were very definitely wouldn't have been a place we could have found on our own. The food was delicious and we did not have trouble with fish/vegetarian options on the menu (although there was a small piece of foie gras in our amuse bouche...most would be delighted I'm sure :)) The waitstaff were very pleasant and helpful and the meal was very well paced.
Also went to Olive and Gourmando and had great paninis there - stopped by this morning and picked up some olive bread, chocolate bread and a piece of brownie to take back to Toronto. I wish we bought several brownies and the olive bread almost didn't make the ride home it was amazing!!!
Thanks again!

First time on ChowHound.. so may questions

For Turkish cuisine try Anatolia Restaurant on Dundas west of Islington. We usually go and order several appetizers for our meal and everything is delicious and filing (we don't eat meat mind you so can't comment on the meat dishes) The waitstaff is extremely friendly...everytime we go there we end up getting free deserts, drinks etc. Pide is not on the menu from what I recall but you do a get a basket served with your meal although it does not come close to the pide we've had in Turkey.
For Bourek, try Sweet Gallery in Bloor West Village...I have had it there and it is quite good although I only can compare it to similar pastries like my mother in law's Macedonian Zelnic and Joe's Maltese pastizi's at Joe's Pastizi's Plus. Also there are several stores in the Bloor/Islington area selling it....I know there is one on the Queensway, East of Islington I believe (Chekowski sp?) and also on Dundas just East of Kipling there is a small store in one of the strip malls that sells it also.

Non Meat Eater Restaurant Suggestions

I hate to post this as I see this post over and over on the board but my husband and I are going to be in Montreal this Thurs to Sat and we need some restaurant recommendations. The hard part is although we do eat fish and seafood, we do not eat...well I guess it is best to put it... land animals lol.
We are just looking for a nice dinner venue for one night and have come up with a few suggestions:
Le P'tit Plateau
La Colombe
Au Petit Extra
The only trouble is we need to know where best to go for a seafood/fish based menu and have had a hard time finding websites or deciphering the french menu for some of these restaurants (rudementary grade 9 French gets you only so far)
Any suggestions regarding the above mentioned or new suggestions welcomed.
Thanks in advance!

Rose Water

The one I saw it at was at Dundas and Islington but I would assume they would have it at any Rabba's Fine Foods...and it was the edible one as I was looking at it as I needed it for Gulab Jamuns once. I would assume any East Asian market would have it also.

Rose Water

I saw it once at Rabba's

vegetarian thai + vietnamese

We are also big fans of Cafe 668. Also try King's Cafe at 192 Augusta in Kensington. It is also vegetarian....more Chinese then Thai or Vietnamese but it is excellent and you can buy their soy/tofu based products in the back of the restaurant.

Coffee roasters in Toronto?

Coffee Tree in Bloor West Village roast their beans on site.

squid ink pasta

Not to buy the pasta but another great restaurant serving squid ink pasta is One of a Kind on Queen West
Inventive pasta dishes and good prices...haven't been in a while but always had a good experience there in the past.

Momiji Sushi Bar & Grill - Kingsway

Yes Anatolia...very good food and excellent service.

Momiji Sushi Bar & Grill - Kingsway

Thanks for the info, we were planning on going with friends on Saturday but we went with Turkish instead...we will definitely try out Momiji's sometime though.

Momiji Sushi Bar & Grill - Kingsway

Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone has tried this fairly new place on the Kingsway in Etobicoke? Momiji Sushi Bar & Grill (formerly Harvey's) , it's located on Bloor West just east of Royal York on the south side.


Fresh & Wild coming to King & Spadina!

With such a great selection of fruit and vegetable markets in Bloor West, F&W would not be my first choice due to higher prices then the other markets. I would probably use it if it was my only option in the area to grab a few last minute items.

Nachos in T.O

Bryden's at Jane and Bloor have excellent nachos though there are times when there is just too much topping...depends on who's in the kitchen. Mitzi's sister also is very good. And I also second the fact that Sneaky's has some good tex-mex but I would not recommend the nachos

The BEST Vegetarian in T.O?

King's Vegetarian Cafe on Augusta has great Chinese vegetarian and the best thing is that you can purchase a lot of their soy products on their menu in a small shop in the back. The enoki mushrooms and soy drumsticks are my favourite. Also enjoy Cafe 668 and Fressen.

Deep Fried Pickles!!! Where are they?

A little late in posting but I was google searching....There is a little pub on the main street in Creemore, sorry I forget the name...just down the street from the brewery and they are excellent there..the full pickle and crunchy (I think they may use Japanese bread crumbs)