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Cubano Lechon Asada for X-mas. SEA

Anyone know where I can get a bone-in (6-8 lb) mangalitsa or Berkshire pork shoulder roast before X-mas? Thanks.

Greek Grocery in Seattle?

and Vios on 12th/Cap Hill has a few items.

Japanese Spicy Curry & Pork, where is it? SEA

Haven't had it yet but I've heard good things.

Japanese Spicy Curry & Pork, where is it? SEA

I can't really see Ha Na's katsu curry as being the best in Seattle. While I love Ha Na for what it is (fast food sushi as the folks on the Hill call it) it's pretty basic. I like Hiroshi's katsu ( ) and the curry at Mashiko's is pretty great ( ).

Lark - Seattle

I think I like going to Licorous more than Lark.

dried sorrel or hibiscus in syrup in Seattle

I thought it was the same but then I came across an article comparing different types of hibiscus. I'm pretty sure either will work. Semantics I suppose.

My project is going super well. I'm cooking Antigua & Barbuda this week. Only 197 to go! :)

dried sorrel or hibiscus in syrup in Seattle

Awesome, thanks.

dried sorrel or hibiscus in syrup in Seattle

Anyone know where I can find dried sorrel or hibiscus in syrup in Seattle? So far my search has come up empty.


Pecos Pit is my favorite for BBQ sandwiches.

Seattle - Looking for a decent meat vendor anywhere from the International District to Downtown to Belltown for Thanksgiving

Don & Joe's in the Market is my butcher. Thay have amazing turkeys and hams for the holidays. Just make sure you order one early.

What's Going On at Harvest Vine?

Rumor is that his wife is getting Harvest Vine.

Any recommendations for Steelhead Diner?

I love Steelhead. Don't know if you already ate there but Kevin is the nicest chef I've ever met. Their blue plate special is always awesome. Kinda the look what we found at the market this week. Last week I had the best & freshest Sardine I've ever had. They were amazing. Never had a bad meal there.

Where to find Maggi seasoning sauce? SE PDX

I get it at Uwajimaya in the sauce isle. I love the stuff. Awesome on a bahn mi or in chicken adobo.

SEA Coffee: Vivace, Victrola or Cafe Besalu?

Victrola all the way.

best burger in seattle

For down and dirty Dicks, Burgermaster, and Red Mill burgers are yummy. For fancy deliciousness, Two Bells, Stumbling Goat, and Skillet get my vote. Oh, and the folks who think Seattle doesn't have good burgers have obviously been hit with a serious case of pretentiousness.

best burger in seattle

I love the seasonal burger from the awesome folks of Green Go. I get them on sundays at the Capitol Hill farmers market but they have a location in Ballard. They are going to Mexico to farm in late September so support them now.

Padron peppers in Seattle

Just got some today from Alvarez Farms at the Cap Hill farmers market.

203 sovereign states

Thanks BallardFoodie. It definitely helps.

Any Philly Cheesesteak's in SEA worth trying?

I love Philly Fevre on in the Central.

203 sovereign states

Thanks Evergreengirl! Super helpful. I will definitely check these shops out. I've only been to The Souk. Good for a few basic Middle Eastern ingredients. and World Spice is intrigued by my idea and will help me get whatever spices I need. I never knew that Bellevue had such a large Persian community. Thanks again.

203 sovereign states

Awesome. Never been to George's. Kabul is yummy. Thanks.

203 sovereign states

Hey. I'm doing this project for my blog where I am researching, planning, cooking and blogging about the cuisine of all 203 sovereign states, one per week, in alphabetical order. I start next week with Afghanistan. So here's what I need help with. Foreign groceries, delis, restaurants, etc... I know where the standard (Spanish Table, Delaurentis, Bavarian Meats, etc...) are to purchase foreign groceries/ingredients but I'm sure there are hundreds of shops I don't know about. Middle Eastern groceries? Russian groceries? The list of nations is on my blog and if you know of any place that I could go for ingredients or even a meal for inspiration I would super appreciate it. Thanks.

Paladar Cubano

We had Paladar yesterday and while still not quite authentic, it's pretty much the closest you'll get to Miami up here. They had everything right but the bread was still not Cuban bread. They needed a little more pork in them too. They were delicious sandwiches but my biggest complaint was that they were seriously disorganized. It took like over a 1/2 hour to get our sandwiches and when they finally came up they had forgotten one and we had to wait even longer. That's no good for street food. I will go back though because I need my Cubano fix.

Quinn's Gastropub - Seattle

Black Bottle in Belltown is delicious and fits the definition of gastropub as long as you can ignore the pretentious hipsters that fill the place.

Need Help -downtown SEA

or try Steelhead Diner, Tavolata, Palace Kitchen.

down and dirty

thank you very much.

Not a (Mexican) taco, not a truck

sound great. my next adventure.

down and dirty

Hey there. I'm bringing my wife to SF for her birthday in July and I already have a bunch of suggestions on upscale places to eat. Any advice on more cheap/delicious places to eat? I'm talking authentic Mexican, street food, etc... Thanks.