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Where's good pizza MD/DC?

The best take out Pizza in DC is VACE.

The best sit down and eat pizza is 2 Amy's....sound bounces off the walls in this restaurant....its loud, noisy....but the food and pizza is excellent.

KOMI - Disappointed Me

I was at Komi last night, and it was without a doubt the best meal if my life. This restaurants seems to get better everytime I go.

The Spit Roasted Katisaki (for two) was incredible. I highly recommend it


I really love Leopold's in Cadey's Alley/ Georgetown. I think its a great place for brunch/ lunch on the weekend. Great food, fun atmosphere to sit outside with friends....

Does anyone know anything about L2? I hear it is a private club/ lounge? Has anyone been? Eaten there?

Restaurants Near Tulane University

No must, must, must go to JACQUES IMOIS on Oak Street

Mar 04, 2007
saraha in New Orleans

Zed's or Meskerem for Ethiopian?

I like Dukem on U Street.

Etete is good.

Meskerem has an interesting atmosphere where you sin on pillow-like seats.
Zed's is a more formal atmosphere.

Sette in Dupont

the food at Sette is AWFUL.

Business dinner in D.C. for international group

Try DC Coast, Ocenaire, Old Ebbit Grill, or Kinkeads.

Nice for an American style business lunch!

Best Pizza in DC?

Ledo's? When I first read that I thought it was a big joke!

the best pizza is 2Amy's.

the best take-out pizza is Vace's.

Try them! Your belly with thank you!

Where to eat in DC??

As a native Washingtonian, I'd like to recommend some places I find to be excellent.

I recommend Leopold's in Georgetown. It's not too pricey and located in Cadey's Alley (design district) hidden away from the tourist filled restaurants on M Street. Modern Decor.

There are inexpensive burgers at 5 Guys on Wisconsin Ave. in Georgetown which the kids (and adults!) may enjoy.

Clydes is always good...especially late night.

Thomas Sweets in Georgetown has the best ice cream. Its located on Wisconsin Ave.

As people have mentioned, Washington, D.C. is famous for its Ethiopian food. There is a large Ethiopian community in DC. I recommend Meskerem in Adams Morgan, or Dukem on U St. I hear Etete is good, but I have never been. Also, Zed's Ethiopian is right in Georgetown.

If you are near the White House definetly try Breadline for Lunch. The line always looks LONG, but, I promise, it moves fast! The deserts (i.e., the double chocolate cookies and creme brulee are incredible). Its located at 17th and Pennsylvania Ave.

2 Amy's is my favorite Pizza in the City. However, its probably best to go at lunch as it is very difficult to get a table at night....almost impossible on the weekend! If you go at night, just expect a wait. I recommend visiting the National Cathedral, walking through the gorgeous gardens...and then crossing the street to 2 Amys. Macomb St. and Wisconsin Ave. (next to Cactus Cantina)

Pizza in Georgetown: try Pizzaria Paradiso

A fun, new Kid-friendly place is called Comet. The kids can play ping-pong...and the atmosphere is very relaxed. However, the pizza's are small and a bit over priced. From Georgetown it is probably easiest to take a cab (tenley and van ness metro are both about 20 minute walks). This may be out of the way....

If you are at the Zoo, I recommend walking North on Connecticut Ave. to Cleveland Park and grabbing a slice of pizza from Vaces. Its delicious and very inexpensive!

Try Zaytinya is you are in Chinatown (near the Verizon Center and the newly renovated Portrait Gallery). Zaytinya has Middle East, Turkish, Greek Tapas....

I think CMADC has great recommendations!

Enjoy your trip!