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Nice place in Orange County for Pre valentines Dinner

Wow! So many great responses! I didn't get any emails saying I had responses, so I assumed no one responded! I'm overwhelmed. I'm going to go through them right now, and I will be SURE to post back our results :)

Thanks so much.

Edit: At the moment, after looking at the menu's, Here is how I"m leaning:

Tradition by Pascal, Old Vine, and then Marche Moderne.

And maybe the Xahn Bistro for lunch :)

Thanks folks, agian I'll make sure to update with wherever we eat :)

Feb 11, 2010
mucknet in Los Angeles Area

Nice place in Orange County for Pre valentines Dinner

Hey Folks --

We're going to be visiting Orange County on Saturday the 13th for a cirque du soleil show in Irvine. We already have plans to go to the Bayside restaurant in Newport Beach for brunch on Sunday, but I'm looking for a special restaurant for Saturday night. I don't know the area at all, so your help is appreciated! Budget is ~$200 for 2 people, but a high price alone isn't going to impress us. We're looking for the tastiest food that Orange County has to offer.


Feb 08, 2010
mucknet in Los Angeles Area

High-Tech Burrito

I've only eaten at the Los Gatos HTB (I'm not even sure if its still there?).

Maybe I ordered the wrong burrito's, but every burrito I got was cold. I love burrito's, but my pet peeve is cold burrito's. IMHO, You shouldn't put a burrito on the menu if it doesn't have enough warm ingredients to warm up the cold ingredients. Or maybe they need to heat the burrito on the grill before serving it, or something.

Why did I go? It was convenient to my house.

Why did I stop going? I saw them handle money, telephones, and mops, followed by my food one too many times (without hand washing/sanitizing).. I realize it happens, but I'd rather not see it, thank you very much.

Recs for a good Balsamic Vinegar?

I agree with the TJ's recommendation. Its the best Balsamic I've ever purchased. I buy them 3 or 4 at a time, in case they decide to stop carrying them :)

Here is a link to a picture of the bottle.

Deconstructing Casa Sanchez Salsa

I didn't realize that "citric acid" meant something other than lime or lemon juice... But it makes sense now that I've googled it :) Thanks for pointing that out.

What kinds of peppers have people had good luck with for salsa? Their salsa tastes sweet to me. I've tried various combinations of: jalepenos, seranos, habaneros, and arbol (fresh and dried).

Deconstructing Casa Sanchez Salsa

No oil --

The ingredients list is:

"Tomatoes, Peppers, Onions, Cilantro, Garlic, Citric Acid & Sea Salt"

Nutrition info shows 10 calories, 160 sodium, 4% Vitamin A, and 2% Vitamin C in two Tablespoons.

As to which salsa, I'm talking either their mild, medium or hot salsa. The regular red stuff. The ingredients list is identical I believe between mild, medium and hot.

Deconstructing Casa Sanchez Salsa

I LOVE Casa Sanchez Salsa.

I DON'T love paying $5 for a container of it.

I LOVE making my own salsa.

Has anyone else tried to deconstruct Casa Sanchez salsa to get that same great flavor? I spent some time last summer, and I just can't get it right. However, Towards the end of the tomato season I learned a few things that I'm going to pick up on again this summer...

1) Lemon instead of lime gets me a lot closer

2) Salt is good

3) Canned Tomatoes give a richer deep tomato flavor, which gets me closer.

Beyond that, I'm a bit stumped. I THINK that red onions get me a little closer, but I'm not sure. Roasted or raw garlic? What kind of peppers? quantities of all of the above?

Has anyone else tried to figure this out? Better yet, has anyone worked there and holds the secret recipe?? :)

Edit: If this should be in the "Home Cooking" section feel free to move it, but I figured casa sanchez is a pretty local brand, so this would be the best forum.

good mexican near SJSU??

I'm with you on La Victoria.. I expected it to be fantastic, and it was just OK. I think that orange sauce is their savior... if you don't dig the orange sauce, theres nothing special about their food.

I suggest Super Taqueria on 10th. Its under construction right now, but it looks like they're getting close to getting it back up and running. I like the "Super Giant" chile verde burrito with whole beans. Super giant just means they put rice and beans and stuff on it. good stuff.I also like their green salsa.

San Jose's TGI Sushi

Bump for an old thread. I love this place. I go there way too often. The waitresses and the chefs are extremely friendly (though not japanese, if that kind of thing bothers you, we brought our korean friend with us, and she told us they were speaking korean, and playing korean music). My favorites:

Jonny Luv
Crazy Chris
K.C. Roll

But I've never had a bad roll, and I'm always very happy with the quality of the fish. I almost don't want to post this, because on friday and saturday nights, the wait is already too long at their hole in the wall location :)

Fresh Tortillas in the South Bay

I've tried the tortillas from Tropicana in San Jose, and they are indeed fresh, but I'm looking for a place that makes corn tortillas with a stronger yellow corn flavor. I used to go to a place in Santa Maria, where they were so buttery and "corny", I'd eat half the bag on the way home. Comparitively, Tropicanas just seem very bland to me.

Thanks! :)