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Aida Mediterranean in Richfield

[Note: the Chowhound Team has edited the title of this thread to read "Aida" instead of "Alda" Mediterranean in order to facilitate future searches].

So the Taco Bell at Penn and 66th has a banner saying "Alda" Mediterranean is coming soon. Anyone know anything? The Google is no help at this point.

Chopped 1/3/2012 -- spoilers

It mostly bothered me that all the judges liked the "smoky" note that the guanciale gave the dish, when guanciale is NOT smoked. That worked against the cred of all three, IMHO. Here is a link to Mario Batali's Babbo recipe, but you can look it up anywhere.



I went thru 8 mo of chemo 5 years ago and the two things I remember really liking to eat are:

1-my husband's homemade angel food cake. He had read somewhere that it appealed to chemo patients, tried it on me and voila! He probably made 10 cakes through that time. The other thing was a fluke. Someone brought me a bag of "Kettle Corn"--a sweet-salty popcorn--from a stand at the farmer's market and I proceeded to chow thru about 20 bags in the following weeks. Not so great for nutrition, but a wonderful feeling of getting to really EAT something and not feel sick.

Good luck to everyone on this thread dealing with chemo, whether as patient or's a b**tch but you will make it!

Jun 09, 2011
happysnacker in General Topics

Darbar India Grill - Uptown

Went for dinner a couple weeks ago. Very nice space, eager/friendly service, pretty good wine list and a full bar. We had the Vegetable Samosa appetizer (fairly typical but good with great tamarind and jalepeno-mint sauces on side), Garlic Naan (a little dry but ate it all :), Chicken Josh and Lamb Saag. Spice rating choices from them was medium-hot-extra hot-Indian hot. We went with hot on the lamb and extra hot on the chicken. I think "Indian hot" would knock me over, but the "extra" was great-not mouth-searing, but really full rich and flavorful heat. I would definitely go back and try more!

MSP-Celebration location needed

Trying to plan a nice celebration of a "job well done" by a group of people. Expect 75-100 and want a venue somewhat near Macalester on Grand in St Paul. On a Friday but early, like 4:30-7:00pm. Good snacks, alcohol, or at least beer and wine. Restaurant, event space, whatever... Budget around $2500.00. Any suggestions?

TIA- HappySnacker

Cali's Express - WOW! (Twin Cities)

It is now called "Cadao Express" and has take out and also delivery in a limited area. No banh mi, but very good (and big) fresh spring rolls, banh (bun?) bao (big steam buns with pork and a hard boiled egg inside) as well as good curry dishes. Also some lo mein, fried rice and the usual suspects. A mixed bag of Chinese and Vietnamese. We're just glad to have them in our neighborhood!

2008 MN State Fair

"Danielson and Daughters" have had an onion ring booth right outside the food building for years. They are constantly making them and there is usually a short line, so your basket-o-rings will be really hot, really fresh and really good. I am going on Thursday!

T's Place on Lake Street in Minneapolis? (msp)

I found this link thru google, but didn't find it when I searched the techie skills are none too good. Anyway, more info, fyi.

T's Place on Lake Street in Minneapolis? (msp)

Has anyone tried T's place on Lake Street? (27th and East Lake) Calls itself "authentic Ethiopian and Asian"

The menu looks very yummy and I am meeting friends there tonight. Any info would be appreciated.
TIA...happy snacker

MSP Lenten Friday Fish Fries

This was not to be a comment on the food quality; just trying to be "PC" or something in describing how a person would approach unending food...:) I have not been to either place but hubby and I plan to hit the KC this upcoming Friday. AYCE fish fry, good beverages AND Karaoke? What could be more fun!

MSP Lenten Friday Fish Fries

The Knights of Columbus in Bloomington (not Richfield, but close) DOES have a Friday fish fry during Lent. All you can (care to) eat / $10.95 / open to the public and runs from 5pm-9pm. Karaoke starts at 7:30 :)

1114 American Blvd West

ETA: The VFW in Richfield at 66th and Lyndale has one, too. Runs for 5-8:30 but I don't know how much it costs.

MSP 20-21 for dinner

Six of us are going to view the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Walker on Friday night and have rezzies for dinner at 8:30 afterwards. Any current thoughts on the menu? Any must haves? Any must avoids? Is''nt this a menu where you choose things to share according to your group size? Any help/thoughts much appreciated.

[MSP] Aribel's: Guyanan in Richfield

Four of us had dinner at Aribel's last night. At 7pm we were the only customers, after a family of three left. We had great personalized service and a wonderful meal. We tried and shared the jerk chicken lo mein, the pepper pot beef, the shrimp stew and the curry chicken. We also had the appetizers described above (chick pea "hushpuppies") with the tamarind sauce. I could just slowly eat a whole bowl of this! What a treat everything was! Full of flavor, fall off the bone tender, as spicy as any of us wanted. The owner shared that he is planning to remodel in December, adding soundproofing so they can have live music without unhappy neighbors, and adding a full bar!

I encourage everyone to go and try this place. He has a lot of pride in his cooking, and he should! He needs a bigger audience. And it is a great chow value...everything we had above, plus eight beers, was only $77.00!

BDay Dinner in Minneapolis

We have always had great meals and service there. BUT, I took my parents 2 Friday nights ago, sat inside (corner area by the patio door) and it was SO LOUD and clattery that we had no chance of a conversation. BUT wow is the food great!

Chicken Wings - Minneapolis

I have not tried them, but "Cali's Express" on Penn and the east side just south of 66th St (where the Homestead Pickin' Parlor is) recently went through a remodel and is now open with a wings / fish / shrimp menu. I stopped for a Banh Mi on Sunday and they were not making them that day (sad because they are pretty good and in my neighborhood) but I did pick up a new menu listing wings, etc.

anniversary on the northshore

The Coho Cafe in Tofte (north from Two Harbors) has great food and serves not only interesting options for breakfast, but also do some great things for dinner and have a pretty good wine list. It is right by Bluefin Bay.

What do Chowhounds do for a living (besides eat of course)? [old]

This has been a great read! What a group we have is my life-list:
wildlife biologist
cannery worker in AK
full time food world watcher / reader / cook / eater

Jul 26, 2007
happysnacker in Not About Food

MSP-Singapore chow fun

Rainbow Chinese on Nicollet-Eat Street- has "Singapore Chow Mei Fun" with pork, shrimp, veggies and some nice heat We don't go there often, but that is always part of our order. Also I have discovered "Eddie Cheng's"-take out/delivery from the big box mall with Best Buy at 494 and Lyndale. Singapore Chow Mei Fun is also on their menu. I have had it delivered in a pinch and it ain't too bad! Eddie Cheng's is partnered up with 3-4 other little neighborhood Chinese restos-same exact menu, same cost and they all deliver.

Donuts in MSP

The cinnamon-sugar cake donuts from "A Baker's Wife" (28th Ave and 42nd St in So Mpls)-- especially when they are still warm.....ooh man! The best IMHO. and only 42 cents!!! They are (obviously) my fave, but I am looking forward to other suggestions.

MSP: Cafe Maude

Does anyone know anything about the new place at 54th and Penn...Cafe Maude? They have been busy transforming the old Conner's into a new place with outdoor seating and a full bar. It looks like they are quite close to opening. Their website (I think it is just has "opening in June" for info. Let us in on the plan if you know it!

Fish tacos in MSP

Drew13000--do you mean La Perla de Pacifico at about 60th and Nicollet or is there something new at 35th and Nicollet? just curious...thanks!

MSP- where are planning to eat tonight?

My mind is spinning with possibilities and I can't settle on one place. Help!

Cinco de Mayo (MSP)

If you are looking to NOT go to District del Sol, look to Minneapolis. Mercado Centrale does not do a specific Cinco de Mayo event, because Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater's May Day parade is always about the same time. The parade is on Sunday May 6th this year. The Mercado will be open as usual on 5-5. There will be a festival/food/street event at about 4th and Lake on Saturday, so maybe that is what you are looking for.

Recommendations for Twin Cities Personal Chef

I also recommend Jocelyn at on thetablepc. I have had her food at a couple different events and it is healthy, tasty, and also looks great "on the table"!

MSP-Golden Fig and River Chocolate

So...if you were saving the double chocolate marshmallows for the weekend, how come you knew how they tasted at 7pm on Thursday... :)

Thanks for the luscious description. I'll be in the neighborhood tomorrow.

best mexican dining in mpls

I think you mean on "Portalnd Ave" in Bloomington, just south of 494. And yes, yummy but not stylish surroundings.

MSP-the new Naviya Thai on Penn

Has anyone tried this new Thai restaurant on Penn just south of the Crosstown? It is the same family that has a restaurant in Grand Marais, and I ate there one time...pretty good, but not great. Let us know! Thanks

MSP -New Restaurant 50th st between the Malt Shop and Patina

It's "Pane Vino Dolce" which now, according to the paper, is being taken over by Stuart and Heidi Woodman.

MSP-St Paddy's Day treats

For several years, we have gotten take-out corned beef and cabbage dinners at Westrum's (on Nicollet in So Mpls) on St Paddy's Day. A nice pile of yummy slow-cooked meat, potatoes and cabbage for I think about $8.00. Westrum's suddenly closed at the end of February and now we are searching for a similar treat. Anything you can share? Thanks!

MSP Signature Cafe-going tonight!

I've never been, have read all the posts I can find, and am curious if anyone has gone recently. Are there any "must-haves" stored away on a chowish neuron? I go in two hours, so hopefully someone is reading this :)