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What are the hot restaurants in Ann Arbor these days?

Really? What did you get there? Because I've been twice and had pretty mediocre meals both times. The drinks and scene are great though! My recommendation is usually to get drinks there and then dine elsewhere.

Feb 12, 2015
Elyssa in Great Lakes

What are the hot restaurants in Ann Arbor these days?


A few great restaurants to check out in Ann Arbor are: Grange, Mani Osteria, Isalita, and Slurping Turtle. In my opinion these are the best restaurants in town and offer up a variety of price range and flavor. Zingerman's Roadhouse is also great---especially for weekend brunch.

Feb 09, 2015
Elyssa in Great Lakes

Any thoughts on Birmingham Restaurant Week? [Detroit]

My husband went to Rugby Grille for lunch and said the hanger steak was excellent.

Feb 05, 2015
Elyssa in Great Lakes

Any thoughts on Birmingham Restaurant Week? [Detroit]

I had a really lovely meal at Forest Grill last Friday. Really great menu---especially the appetizers. The chicken dish was really good, but a tad small. The short rib dish was good but I would order it with extra sauce because the canaloni is absolutely filled with the short ribs but the inside gets a little dry because there is not enough sauce. Still a very nice dish.

This was my first time trying this restaurant and I will certainly return.

Feb 05, 2015
Elyssa in Great Lakes

Brunch near Kennedy Center

Ris has a really good brunch (although a tad pricey). Another option would be Circa.

Valentine's day

Bistro D'Oc is a good choice, especially if you can get a seat upstairs by the fire place or downstairs in front of the window. It's been around for a long time but still serves great french bistro cuisine. And it's not super over the top in terms of romance or price.

Private dining room for 30 in DTW

What is your price range? Joe Muer's has a nice private room (not sure about the round tables). Also Selden Standard will be opening a private dining area that would be great in the summer (because I think it has walls that open to the outside). Worth giving them a call.

Dec 31, 2014
Elyssa in Great Lakes

Seldon Standard - Detroit

We finally got around to trying Selden Standard last night and I have to say, believe the hype!!!!

This was hands down the best meal I have ever had in Detroit. It was such an exciting meal because the flavor profiles, presentation, and service were just so great.

The wait time is certainly not short---we waited 1 hour on a Tuesday night. They told me the wait has been up to 3 hours on the weekend. But what no one seems to realize is they do take reservations--about 10 a night, up to a month in advance. So if you plan enough ahead of time you easily can get a reservation (good to know for the future). Once we were seated we got a great seat at the chef's table in front of the wood-burning ovens. A lot of fun to watch all the action and get a glimpse of the kitchen.

We tried a ton of dishes (photos below) and loved pretty much everything. The only thing not pictured was the cauliflower with tahini.

We got:
*Seasonal vegetable carpaccio- this was light, bright, and beautiful. A perfect start to the dinner.

*Duck sausage with fish sauce, Brussel sprout leaves, persimmon, cilantro, and fried shallots. This dish was incredible!!! We had tried the duck sausage at a Young Guns dinner and at the time it was one of the most exciting dishes I had had in a long time. This preparation is beautiful. Eaten all together it is salty, sweet, oniony, just perfect.

*Grilled quail with chestnut puree and pickled cranberries. This was my favorite fish of the night. The flavors just popped and the quail was perfectly cooked. I could have eaten another whole order of this. Go quickly and order this, since it clearly is a seasonal preparation and I don't know how long it will be on the menu.

*Celery root agnoleti with short ribs and mushrooms. This was a great winter dish. My husband loved it! All the pasta is made in house and delicious.

*Sweet potato ravioli with sage brown butter sauce-We ordered this after a bunch of people around us told us it was great. It's a very simple dish but nicely done. You can get this elsewhere but because of the fresh pasta it's a perfect version of a classic dish.

*Cauliflower with tahini and peppers- I really liked this dish. They brought it at the end of meal, I would have preferred it at the beginning. But it was really nice. The vegetables here are excellent!

For dessert we got the pumpkin and maple sundae. This was a nice ending although the maple ice cream was much better than the pumpkin sorbet.

Also I should mention that our service was really good---like really, really good considering they have only been open a month. Every one was helpful and friendly. The place has a really upbeat, fun vibe.

I can't wait to return after the holidays and keep trying Chef Hollyday's food.

Dec 17, 2014
Elyssa in Great Lakes

DTW "Jewmas" restaurant recommendation for two Shicksas

I don't know if the duck with be smiling but it will be Peking, prepared 2 ways and DELICIOUS at Hung Hua! You'll have enough for leftovers the next day. I would call there ahead of time (like today) to figure out if they are taking reservations because the place is bound to be a mad house on Christmas Day.

Dec 15, 2014
Elyssa in Great Lakes

Anything new in Telluride??

Over the holidays we are going to be in Telluride for 2 weeks (yaaay!). Wondering if there is any new restaurants from last December? We have our old favorites: Cosmopolitan, Honga's, 221 South Oak etc. But wondering if there is anything fun and new to check out.

Dec 12, 2014
Elyssa in Mountain States

Seldon Standard - Detroit

Sounds great! I can't wait to try it but I'm a little afraid with all the amazing reviews it's going to be impossible to get in. Do they take reservations?

Dec 11, 2014
Elyssa in Great Lakes

Where should I have dinner near Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

Hi All,

I'm in Baltimore for a conference and just discovered I have dinner free tonight. I'm staying at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel (700 Aliceanna St). I'm looking for somewhere to go for dinner walking distance to the hotel and not super expensive (I don't want to spend more than $40 or so for dinner and maybe a cocktail or glass of wine).

Any good recs? Saw mostly chains when I was driving here from the airport.


Is Abe and Louie's Still Good for Brunch?

Hi All,
My husband and I will be returning to the Boston area (Northshore) for Thanksgiving, as we do every year. This year we are going to be spending Saturday night in Boston (likely around Copley) as a belated anniversary celebration. We are going to No. 9 Park Street for dinner Saturday night and then want to do a good brunch Sunday morning before returning to the suburbs.

It's been over 10 years since I've been, but I have fond memories of a traditional Boston brunch at Abe and Louie's with steak and eggs, eggs benedicts and bloody mary's. I must have mentioned it at some point to my husband because he thinks this is where we should go on Sunday. Is it still good? If not, where else would you recommend for brunch on Newbury Street or walking distance from the Hilton Boston Back Bay?


Nov 12, 2014
Elyssa in Greater Boston Area

Early dinner near Folger

Pete's Diner probably will be closed at that time. If you are willing to do something casual you can do Good Stuff Eatery for burgers and fries (and milkshakes!).

Place for one night friend meet-up

The Source is excellent! They also have a few different lunch deals (including one with a tasty burger that guarantees you will be in and out in 1 hour...in case time is an issue). You should also maybe swing by the museum before hand because I think there is some sort of discount deal if you purchase tickets you get a % off your Source check (or vice versa---I can't remember exactly how it works because it's been awhile).

Place for one night friend meet-up

Yes Bourbon Steak is a great place to go if you want to spend a lot of money but I didn't get that feeling from this post. I got the feeling they were looking for something more casual.

Help with low sodium restaurant ideas

You should call Equinox and explain the situation and ask that the chef make a special menu for you and your husband. Chef Gray has done things like this before and I promise he will make this a very special event. It obviously is incredibly important though that you explain all the things that could make your husband ill if he eats it though.

Place for one night friend meet-up

Lincoln is great but it can be VERY loud sometimes. I like District Commons though.

If you want to stay in Georgetown you might like La Canale. Otherwise check out Mourayo, Cork, Kapnos or Ris.

Best restaurants in Traverse City area?

If you don't mind driving a bit out of Traverse City there are some excellent restaurants on the Leelanau Peninsula---mainly Le Becasse, Nine Bean Row, and Frutistrada.

In Traverse City itself check out Stella, Georginas, and Cooks House.

Can't help with the brunch recommendations because we always stay at B&Bs where breakfast is always taken care of. Enjoy!!

Oct 16, 2014
Elyssa in Great Lakes

Dinner for 2 for $300 in DC/Northern VA?

Oh wow! See what happens when you move away and haven't visited in a month. That's too bad....it was really good.

Dinner for 2 for $300 in DC/Northern VA?

Lucky you!!! If it's a steakhouse you are looking for then I would go to J & G Steakhouse. It isn't your typical steakhouse, but has much more elevated fare and they will treat you very well.

Otherwise I would go to The Source or Marcel's. You will be served an amazing meal, excellent wine or cocktails and top notch service. You should be able to easily be able to keep within your price range (unless of course you go totally crazy). In terms of gluten free---you should be fine at both but it is worthwhile calling ahead of time just to make sure.

Restaurant suggestions for DC with friends

All these places seem like they would be good options for you: Mourayo, Sushi Taro, Bibianna, and Bistro D'Oc. All have delicious cuisine, adult atmospheres where you can carry on a conversation and have some wine or a cocktail and walking distance to places for after dinner drinks.

We only have one night in DC and it's a Sunday. Anybody know if anyone has a white truffle dinner that night? Thanks!!

Check with Equinox. They have done truffle dinners in the past (and the option to pretty much add them to anything when in season for an additional cost).

The first truffle I ever had was at a very memorable meal at Equinox. Also my first taste of Dom Perignon. It was a wonderful night :)

Mario Batali finds in Michigan

Really? And I didn't run into him? :)

I know he loves Zingermans. Know where else he dined?

Oct 05, 2014
Elyssa in Great Lakes

Ideas for Georgetown Dinner?

I've always liked the food at Il Canale. http://ilcanale.com/

Please help ladies with DC recs

Those are some excellent choices! You will have a great trip.

Traditional Indian food in DC/NoVa

I agree---the best Indian I've had is at Rasika. It's certainly more high end in price but it's wonderful! I've also dined at the West End location many times solo (usually at the bar) so you should feel free to dine there alone if you so wish. Every dish I've had there is excellent (including the chicken tika masala...aka butter chicken haha).

Mario Batali finds in Michigan

There is like a million articles where he talks about the places he dines and shops in Northern Michigan.

He likes Hearth and Vine, the Cook's House, Frenchies, Barb's Bakery, The Cove, and the Garage...among others.

Sep 30, 2014
Elyssa in Great Lakes

Restaurant tipping - DC

I think this depends on the person. I tip on the total bill, my husband tends to tip pre-tax. I've met people who tip based on food only, not expensive wine (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/g...). Tom Sietsema (Washington Post food critic) has covered this topic a lot in his weekly chats so you might want to search for it.

I never thought this was a DC-based policy. I think it's a personal approach to tipping.

That said, I almost always tip 20% (and more if the service was particularly good).

Needed: 2 Restaurant suggestions for next week

For Friday night I like the recommendation for Mintwood Place (if noise is an issue for you, you might want to try to get a table outside since it can be loud at times). You might also like Cork on 14th Street (a wine bar with delicious food).

For Saturday night I would recommend either Rasika West End or The Source...very different restaurants in terms of atmosphere (Rasika West End is hip and happening and could be loud at times but still totally worth it. The Source is very refined without being stuffy). Both have outstanding food and good wine lists.