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Dinner in Lake Placid

We vacation in LAke Placid every summer (it's an extended family thing...) and I've yet to find a great, fun place to have dinner - besides The Mirror Lake Inn. Any suggestions?
We'd be willing to even frive a little for it.
Also, any thoughts on great day trips in that area? Sometimes you need a break from all that family fun!

Cater BBQ

Don't look any further than The Great American BBQ. They're fantastic!

Is there decent food shopping in/near Peekskill NY??

I agree with most of these folks. You can get everything you're looking for, you just have to look a little harder. Turco's in Yorktown Heights is a great place for meat and fish and they have an extensive cheese department. That's my first stop when having a dinner party. Mr's Green's and the major chain grocery stores will carry the organic choices.
There is a farmer's market, but the best one in the area is Ossining.
What you will notice lacking is the take-out. There is none. Maybe Chinese and Italian and that's not really passable. It's a good thing you like to cook!
If you end up there, try Juliana's restaurant. We're huge fans!

Moscato in Scarsdale

I lived a block down from Moscato for years and went several times - just not worth it. I really tried to give it a couple of chances because it was so convenient.
You could try Eastchester Fish Market (they have a restaurant) or American Bistro in Crestwood which I am a big fan of.
If you want an AMAZING experience, try Nanase in White Plains on Mamaroneck Avenue. The atmosphere is nothing special, but it is by far the best sushi I have ever had. It's not just a meal, but an experience. You have to make a reservation as they don't take walk-ins. He only orders enough food for the reservations they have that evening. If you really want to splurge, order the chef's dinner when you make the res and get ready for some fun! It's not exactly cheap, but def. worth it.

Sams of Gedney Way for rehearsal dinner

I've never eaten at the actual restaurant, but one of their catering companies (The Great American BBQ) catered our casual outdoor wedding and people are still talking about the food! They did everything including staff, set-up,etc. They also have Caper Berry which is their more formal catering company.

Celebrating an 80th Birthday

We live right near The Heights and always forget it's there....until last week. We ordered in and it was pretty darn good! The food was nicely done and well-priced. I was pleasantly surprised. The pork loin special was especially yummy.

Fun Space for an Event -

I need to do an event in June for 150 people. I want to do something fun that maybe has some out door space?
I would love to use Zum Schneider, an indoor beer garden or Loreley along the sme lines, but I need something not so "off the beaten path..." We're going to try The Park. Any ideas?

May 02, 2007
jillinwestchester in Manhattan

Caterer for Ladies Lunchoen Needed in Westchester--help!

Ladle of Love was the perfect choice for my ladies luncheon! The food was amazing . People kept going back and piling their plates. I worked with Leslie who really understands the needs of her customers.

Wife's B-day, Any ideas in mid western Westchester?

Not sure what you mean by mid-westchester, but of course, Stone Barns is the absolute best. If you want soemthing a little less pricey (and easier to get into) we love Peter Pratt's in Yorktown Heights. It's romantic and the food is wonderful. Do not skip dessert.

BBQ Joints Westchester and Fairfield Counties

We like Holy Smoke in Mahopac. The BBQ items (ribs, chicken, brisket, etc.) are great, but the sides not so much...
The desserts are very good and they have a wonderful beer selection. The staff is also friendly and it's a perfect place for families.

Kids Birthday Cake

Not sure if you're in southern or northern westchester, but I love the Pastry Corner in Mt. Kisco. They can do all the kid's favorites including elmo, spider man, etc. They also make beautiful adult cakes.

Caterer for Ladies Lunchoen Needed in Westchester--help!

Thanks so much for the suggestions. I decided to go with Ladle of Love. The owner completely understood my needs and it's close to home. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Caterer for Ladies Lunchoen Needed in Westchester--help!

I am in desperate need of a caterer or retailer that can produce tea sandwiches and other little treats for a baby shower this weekend. Have tried Silver Tips Tea in Tarrytown and another tea room in Peakskill to no avail.

Would really appreciate any recommendations--thank you!!!

Bubba Gump Shrimp / Serendipity worth the stop?

I agree with the Mermaid Inn. Also, if you'd like to spend a little more, you must try Esca in the Times Square vicinity. Make a reservation and get the crudo!

Feb 22, 2007
jillinwestchester in Manhattan