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new to mi, troy and surrounding area

thanks for the help, i knew there had to be some good food out there, i really appreciate being pushed in the right direction with out having to try the many restaurants in the area :)

Feb 23, 2007
m_kindlund in Great Lakes

new to mi, troy and surrounding area

hi, so before everyone comments on being crazy for moving to mi in the middle of winter lol i know but it was what i had to do, besides don't know if i was a fan of the state where they voted arnold in as gov. (no offense to arnold he has done some good things) :P
ok hubby grew up in troy but that was 10+/- yrs ago so almost half the places he's suggested aren't there any more
i'm looking for good food, preferably cheap, we're near 18 and dequinder so close to there within 15-20 mins, we've tried Bangkok Cuisine, and a sushi place on 14 near crooks? looking for any good food - any kind

Feb 22, 2007
m_kindlund in Great Lakes