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Tell me names of good Japanese restaurants in Orange County

Fukada is really good authentic japanese food in Irvine. It's in a plaza near a 24 hour fitness close to the Verizon amphitheatre. the place is always packed, esp on the weekends so you have to make reservations. I highly recommend the spicy tuna don which is served over brown rice and comes with a choice of another dish - either soba, udon, or a sashimi salad.
Honda-Ya is good too and we used to go there before Fukada opened but now we stick to's fresher and tastes healthier, but Honda-Ya has a funner atmosphere.
If you're in Costa Mesa you HAVE to try Anjin on Bristol, near South Coast Plaza. This place is a 2hour wait and you cook your own meat at your table, but it's the best bbq place i've been to.

Mar 15, 2007
natcann in Los Angeles Area

your top five cheap restaurants in northeast LA/glendale/pasadena?

- Tropical Carribbean Cafe in the South Lake District - really good homemade latin food hole in the wall
- Pie N' Burger (Lake and California in Pasadena) - really good burgers and pancakes
- Daikokuya (Ramen - 1st St. Downtown LA) - best ramen in the area
- El Buen Gusto (Salvadorean) Atwater and Highland Park
- Mijare's - (Mexican food - on St. John St and Bellefontaine (?) - Pasadena) great margarita's

Feb 22, 2007
natcann in Los Angeles Area

Japanese restaurant in LA (Downtown or Pasadena area) to take my wife for birthday??

honestly i think R-23 is highly overrated. the food is decent but not worth the prices...i'm not sure if you're paying premium to sit on a gehry-designed chair or the actual food. Either way, there's definately other sushi places that are better but might not compare in terms of atmosphere. R-23 is a good place for overall good food and atmosphere but if you want good simple sushi head over to 2nd street and try Hama Sushi. I still say it's the best in that area. And not nearly as expensive.
The soft shell crab is amazing.

Feb 22, 2007
natcann in Los Angeles Area