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Where to splurge in Hong Kong?

I don't have the breakdown (can't find the receipt) but the total for one app, two mains, one dessert, a bottle of crozes hermitage wine and a juice puree drink was 1300HKD including a tip. I hope that helps. :)

Perfect Martini

Yep. Have to disagree with the dry martini logic. Many bartenders (and martini lovers) go with the 4:1 ratio, which I'd consider a classic.

I enjoyed the article though - the back story on the Gibson was new martini lore to me.

Oct 05, 2007
WhiskeyGirl in Recipes

Where to splurge in Hong Kong?

Agnes B - some more is located on the corner by the traffic lights on Leighton (not in a hotel) and is located under the Agnes B designer clothing store - apparently same ownership.

The menu is in French and contains some of the traditional French bistro items (moules marniere etc) but isn't confined to them and has a more haute spin on other items e.g. Moules Toulouse Lautrec which uses absinthe as the cooking liquid. What I appreciated most about the food was;

1. Traditional French cooking methods (lots of slow-cooking, on the bone etc).
2. Quality of ingredients - organic, well-sourced, much of it imported from France.

We ordered mussels (marniere - lovely), a beef tenderloin with black truffles (a special that night), and a chicken dish (slow cooked onion and wine reduction). Normally, I wouldn't order chicken but I had a feeling they'd do it right and they did. The portions are not huge but you'll have room for dessert. They make a nice tarte aux pommes. It is not particularly sweet, which is how I prefer it, but the caramel ice-cream makes up for that.

The wine list is well-thought out. I was tempted by the non-alcholic drinks too and had La Douceur which (I hope I'm getting this right) was a puree of strawberry, peach and Badoit sparkling water with a fresh apple ring on the side. I think it tells you something when even the apple garnish tasted like a proper, non-waxed, fresh, orchard apple.

I think it would be a perfect spot for a lunch. One thing which I did not personally get to try but did get to observe the face of the diner was the chocolate souffle. A woman on a date had been completely enrapt by her handsome companion and their conversation throughout the meal. UNTIL she started eating the souffle dessert. She was enjoying it so much that she didn't lift her head and just nodded idly while employing her spoon to get at every last bite.

Where to splurge in Hong Kong?

I just got back from Hong Kong this week. My vote would be for Agnes B Le Pain Grille in Causeway Bay. French food with great ingredient sourcing, nice execution and good service. They even make lovely non-alcoholic drinks. Its a very small restaurant & is certainly popular so you won't find it quiet. Fabulous desserts too.

In terms of places to avoid, don't go to Opia (in the JIA boutique hotel). Lovely setting and service but the food is extremely hit and miss (mostly miss sadly). Australian chef doing Thai fusion and failing to fuse the strong Thai spices and flavours.

Hope you've a great night!

Hangover Helpers

For a regular hangover, an Irish breakfast (blood pudding included) would set my husband and I to rights, but for those rare, killer hangovers when that is truly unthinkable, instant ramen is about the only thing we can stomach, or manage to "cook". Recently, we tried Pho on a particularly delicate morning-after-the-night-before in Ho Chi Minh City & are now converts.
Pho - World's Best Hangover Cure.

Jul 13, 2007
WhiskeyGirl in Features

women and bad service

I would not say that I've ever been discriminated against in US restaurants because of gender. However, since moving to Thailand, it has become very apparent that my dining needs come second to those of my husband. My glass will sit empty until my husband's needs refilling, for example. Other female friends have noticed it too. It doesn't bother me though - its all part of the experience and the food more than makes up for any difference in service.

Jun 26, 2007
WhiskeyGirl in Not About Food

Opening Night at the Eat-O-Plex

Some more choice in cinema menus would go a long way. Since moving to Belgium and now Thailand, I can now appreciate how good a can of beer is with a movie. I've never seen anyone abuse it or become a problem for other patrons. Some Thai cinemas offer "salmon flavored popcorn" so I can't complain about choice. It's actually not as bad as it sounds. :)

Jun 25, 2007
WhiskeyGirl in Features

Film Feast

That sandwich and ale from 'Spanglish'. Throughout the ensuing scene, I can't stop thinking of the sandwich just sitting there and Sandler not being able to enjoy it in peace.

Feb 24, 2007
WhiskeyGirl in Features

Of Cheese and Food Snobbery

When the weather improves, try it again, outside. I've found that this is a cheese best served al fresco. Preferably with a slight breeze. :)

Feb 24, 2007
WhiskeyGirl in Features

Good Label, Bad Wine

Even seeing that little Penguin gives me the shudders. For a while, it kept showing up at parties and bbq's. Its affordable but even at that price, you can do so much better.

Feb 21, 2007
WhiskeyGirl in Features