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Eating at the bar

My friend and I are young, and therefore, always looking for a bargain but not at the expense of the atmosphere. We like to sit at the bar of a nice place and share two or three appetizers and a bottle of wine. This way we do not feel the pressure to order two $40 entrees but can still enjoy some of the nicest restaurants!
This weekend we have to see a show in Alphabet City, but want to grab dinner in Soho beforehand. Any suggestions for a place with a great bar where we could sit and eat a small dinner beforehand?

Thanks in advance!

Nov 20, 2008
Conleywd3 in Manhattan

Reasonable Packed Lunch Ideas

Thanks for all the ideas! Why did I forget about the joy of a baked potato?!

Sep 11, 2007
Conleywd3 in General Topics

Reasonable Packed Lunch Ideas

I am trying to compile recipe ideas for lunches that I can pack and take to work. I work long hours at a marketing firm and often do not have time to get out of the office for lunch. Another glitch...I often do not have the energy to make elaborate menus to bring in. Simple, healthy ideas are appreciated! Please note that we have a refrigerator and toaster, but no oven!
Thank you in advance for your responses!

Sep 05, 2007
Conleywd3 in General Topics


Dates with cream cheese are a personal favorite. Also, the old standby of peanut butter, raisins, and celery. If you pre-wash your celery and keep it in a glass of water in the fridge, it can be a quick and easy solve that really satisfies you.

Aug 29, 2007
Conleywd3 in Features

Blues-y dinner

This menu looks great, I think we will check it out! Thanks to all for the suggestions!

Aug 20, 2007
Conleywd3 in Manhattan

Blues-y dinner

A group of my friends is going to see one of my favorite New Orleans blues singers at Terra Blues in the Village on Wednesday. We need a great place to go have a cocktail and dinner beforehand that will not take too long but will be delicious. We would love to get some good soul food to warm up for our night, but are open to other suggestions. Also, we're recently out of college, so budgets are an issue!!!
Thanks in advance for the help!

Aug 17, 2007
Conleywd3 in Manhattan

Moderately Priced Eclectic Dinner

Thank you TriciaT!

Jul 09, 2007
Conleywd3 in Manhattan

help!! where is there ANY good food in Fairfield County?????

A new restaurant just opened in Fairfield. It's called Osianna, and it is right off the Post Road near the Firehouse Deli on Reef Rd. I had a large bowl of mussels for lunch that were absolutely to die for. Cute, small space as well and fun for sitting on the patio and enjoying some great seafood!
Also try Tai Pan in Westport for good Thai.
Lime in Norwalk is incredible fresh, gourmet, yet surprisingly inexpensive.
The Venezualian Beach Cafe, also in Norwalk, is pretty delicious. Don't be put off by the exterior of the building. It's a hidden gem.
Good luck!

Moderately Priced Eclectic Dinner

I am looking for a place to take my boyfriend for dinner in Manhattan after a day of trying to convince him to move up here to be with me! I live in Connecticut, though, so I only know my usuals in NY and would like to branch out.
I am looking for somewhere that is intimate, but fun and funky. Also, we are both recent college graduates, so nothing too expensive! We like to try new things and are open to any type of food, except I do not eat red meat.
Anything light, fresh, and delicious! Suggestions appreciated!

Mar 20, 2007
Conleywd3 in Manhattan

White wine to drink on its own....

My boyfriend and I really like La Crema Chardonnay. Its around $20 so we don't do it all the time, but its a nice treat!

Feb 23, 2007
Conleywd3 in Wine

Looking for great wine shop in Fairfield County, CT [Moved from Wine board]

Harry's wine has worked very well for me on Post Road in Fairfield. They have wine tastings frequently and the staff is always very helpful. They seem to have a good range of pricing as well. Good luck!

Regional Italian food?

Gino's at 60th and Lexington, across from Bloomingdales.

Feb 23, 2007
Conleywd3 in Manhattan