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What would you do to fix the Food Network?

Yes, knock off the Survivor crap..Chefs dont have to run a race for their shows, they need to cook. I hate all the other stuff, bring more chefs...Love the show "The Best thing I ever ate"

Oct 18, 2013
amore1025 in Food Media & News

If You Could Only Pick 1 Top Chef Contestant (any season) to Cook You a Meal, It'd Be:

Foodie from Charlotte here, formerly from Chicago,I was scared when I moved to the south--not much diverisity in food or ethniticy - at least not eight years ago, Now we have had a great influx of residents from New York or New Jersey. As far as Top Chef--I have had the luck to be able to eat at couple of the winners. Chef Kevin Gillespie --who used to be at Woodfire Grill in Atlanta. We went to a Chefs tasting there with a wine pairing. It was costly and also the best money I have ever spent on food. The courses were incredible..Food was just out of the world and the mixologist and the wine sommelier was great. I have eaten at Richard Blais's Flip Burgers three times. He is a genius! Incredible burgers, sides that you could only dream up. Quality is great for a "Burger Joint" . I would love to try The Spence which is his new place. I have also eaten at Rick Bayless's Mexican Restaurant ( Top Chef Masters) in Chicago..Good but not my very favorite..traditional dished but very high priced and not worth it, ( also takes almost a year to get a reservation). I would have to say that Kevin Gillespie is very very talented and is exciting in his preparation of food! ..I would have to say --he is my favorite!

Nov 09, 2012
amore1025 in Food Media & News


So I have a few..popcorn has been my favorite thing for years..I crave it---Okay last night I had Popcorn popped in Virgin Coconut Oil tossed with Truffle Oil and Sea Salt. Another way that people rave about is Popcorn tossed with Tamari and Butter and a smidge of Seseme Oil. And then there is my Aunt Martha's Fave which 1 cup peanut butter and 1 cup brown sugar and 1 cup karo syrup ----bring to a boil for 1 minute, and pour over popcorn! Almost like Caramel Corn! So yes I adore popcorn!!

Jun 17, 2011
amore1025 in General Topics