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Great meal at Blind Burro

Went to the Blind Burro last night, and it was fantastic. We had the battered dorado tacos, the kalbi ribs, and the corn side dish (kind of an off-the-cob elote), as well as a sangria and horchata to drink. All excellent, the only sort-of-miss was the somewhat bland potato salad which came with the kalbi. Overall, I highly recommend the place.

Jul 15, 2013
mayache in San Diego

Dining in Morocco

I went with my girlfriend to Morocco last year, we stayed mostly in Marrakech as well as 2 days in Essaouira. I would say the main theme in terms of food was that sit-down restaurant food was usually mediocre (with some exceptions), but much of the more casual/street food was fantastic. Unfortunately, much of Moroccan food (e.g. couscous and tagine) doesn't lend itself well to restaurant cooking, and the best traditional meals we had were in a "home" environment, such as our riad (Dar K -- *highly* recommended). I may be a bit more demanding as I grew up eating much of this food, since my family is from North Africa. Some more specifics:

Marrakech: We were really excited for al-Fassia, but were disappointed. Not bad, but not outstanding. The tagine was clearly pressure cooked, and the couscous had been sitting so it was not fluffy like it was supposed to be. The food was very good at Le Foundouk, with an enjoyable atmosphere too -- felt very expat though. The real culinary highlight was the Djemaa el-Fna, some of our favorite stalls there were #14 (fried fish, as well as unexpectedly good french fries), #31 (merguez), and the mechoui guy in the first row, don't know the number. Stick to places that only serve a few dishes, and that have mostly Moroccan clientele and you'll do great. Don't let the guys pull you into the restaurants they work for! We also had a nice lunch at Restaurant Place des Ferblantiers near the Badi palace. Dar Tim Tam was recommended by the Lonely Planet, so we stopped for lunch there, but it was overpriced and mediocre. The breakfasts at the riad were really great, fantastic orange juice, fresh breads, Moroccan crepes, etc.

Essaouira: Our first meal here, which was amazing, was grilled sardines picked up from the fish market in the medina, then taken to one of the local grill places where they cook what you bring them. We bought bread straight out of the oven from a bakery down the street, which was quite possibly the best piece of bread either of us had ever eaten, and for only 10 cents! Outstanding. Dinner was at Restaurant Laayoune, excellent fish couscous and a calm atmosphere, as well as some Moroccan cookies. The next day we went to one of the more touristy fish grills near the port and the fish was good but not as memorable as the more local places.

We also took a day trip to the Atlas mountains and had lunch at Dar Imlil, which is a guest house there. Not normally open for meals to the public, but our guide made prior arrangements with them. The tagine there was the best one of the trip, clearly cooked slowly and traditionally over many hours. Much closer to home cooking.

Overall the theme was generally that the simplest and sometimes most unexpected things were the best -- bread, french fries, mechoui (roasted lamb shoulder) -- while complex dishes at restaurants could be good but were often disappointing. If you go and have a chance to eat traditional food in somebody's home or a place where they really do homestyle cooking (such as a riad), I highly recommend you take the opportunity. Traditional Moroccan food is phenomenal when cooked with love and attention

Apr 29, 2013
mayache in Middle East & Africa

14 Year Old Fast Food Burger - Still Looks New

You're totally correct. More information here

Sick of seeing this silliness get passed around as "proof" of anything.

Whiskey, anyone?

I don't know a whole lot about Japanese whiskey so I can't recommend a specific one, but my girlfriend recently bought me a very nice bottle of Jefferson's Presidential Select (18 year) bourbon as a gift. She doesn't know a whole lot about bourbon, but she went to Bristol Farms in LJ and said the liquor buyer there was very helpful and knowledgeable. He might be able to point you in the right direction.

Also, to second chetatkinsdiet's suggestion, I've tried the Yamazaki before and it was very good.

Jan 10, 2013
mayache in San Diego

Brooklyn Girl- early review

Since it was for my girlfriend's birthday, I decided to pass due to the decidedly mixed reviews here (and overarching sense of inconsistency). We went to Bleu Boheme instead and enjoyed it.

Nov 14, 2012
mayache in San Diego

San Diego Poke

Pretty consistently good as a casual kind of place, good fish and fun atmosphere. I love Kaito, but can only afford it as a special occasion place.

Nov 12, 2012
mayache in San Diego

San Diego Poke

I like the one at Sushi Yaro in Kearny Mesa. Sammy, the chef/owner, is from Hawaii IIRC.

Nov 12, 2012
mayache in San Diego

Brooklyn Girl- early review

Anybody been more recently? Was thinking of going tomorrow, but the shift in reviews here makes me question it.

Nov 09, 2012
mayache in San Diego

Non chain bars downtown

Bareback Grill has good burgers and isn't what I would call a chain (though they have another location in PB).

The Local would be another idea. Food there is not bad as I recall, and they have plenty of TVs. Definitely not a chain.

Aug 01, 2012
mayache in San Diego

I will not be eating or drinking at Searsucker, Burlap, Gingham, Herringbone, Gabardine

> the moment we stepped out of San Diego the food scene blew up in technicolor

Where in Orange County did you find all these great restaurants?

Jul 26, 2012
mayache in San Diego

I will not be eating or drinking at Searsucker, Burlap, Gingham, Herringbone, Gabardine

Neither will Brennan's new place, as he says he'll keep it to 49 employees.

Jul 05, 2012
mayache in San Diego

Family Dining Suggestions

El Comal on Illinois St in North Park is really good Mexican food, pretty near the zoo, and in a safe neighborhood. I doubt there would be any problems bringing kids there.

Mar 09, 2012
mayache in San Diego

21st birthday dinner ideas?

I personally would recommend against the Brew House, my experiences there have not been positive (and several friends have said the same thing independently). How much are you willing to spend? Starlite is in the $15-20/entree range, very good food, a cool bar and awesome drinks. It's in Mission Hills so you'd have to drive.

Mar 07, 2012
mayache in San Diego


Elijah's sells ham and bacon, they are definitely not kosher. To my knowledge the only kosher restaurant in SD is The Place

Feb 29, 2012
mayache in San Diego

San Diego New Places Opening

I tried Raku Friday night, and was very disappointed. Overly salted yakitori (should get that right when you are only working with salt and pepper), sauces on other dishes not great, and indifferent service. Not in the same league as Yakyudori -- barely playing the same sport.

Feb 21, 2012
mayache in San Diego

Need Point Loma recommendations

Anybody tried the Wine Pub in PL?

Feb 21, 2012
mayache in San Diego

Mason Cash stainless steel

The other day at Marshall's I saw a Mason Cash stainless steel saucepan. I've been looking to buy a new saucepan but never heard of the brand before. Googling reveals they're known for high quality ceramics but I can't find any references to Mason Cash stainless steel cookware. Anyone have any experience or info?

Feb 21, 2012
mayache in Cookware

Tomatoes in San Diego

Cento is also sold at Ralph's (at least the one in LJ). Unfortunately nearly all the ones you can find (including Cento) are packed in tomato paste rather than juice, which means they come with more of a cooked tomato flavor rather than just the pure raw tomato. This has to do with arcane import laws about cooked vs raw food.

It's a bit disappointing, since at $5 a can, you'd expect something a little higher quality.

Feb 06, 2012
mayache in San Diego

San Diego Vacation - Where To Eat?

Memphis is actually very well known for barbecue. Memphis-style is one of the four major styles of BBQ in the US (others are TX, Carolina, and KC).

Feb 04, 2012
mayache in San Diego

Skirt Steak

You could try calling Seisel's in Bay Park, they usually have a pretty wide variety (I would check first). Maybe some of the Mexican markets?

Jan 18, 2012
mayache in San Diego

Yellow spots on chicken liver

I bought some chicken livers yesterday to make pate. One of the livers in the container has a mottled appearance, with some yellowish color on the otherwise red liver (picture I know that if the liver is yellowish as a whole it's OK to eat since it's just fatty, but if it's spotty like this does that mean it's bad?

Since I already had cooked the other ingredients for the pate when I discovered this, I went ahead and threw the other livers (not this one) in and made it. Is the pate safe to eat or should I throw the whole thing out?

Dec 24, 2011
mayache in General Topics

Animal without pork?

I'm planning to be in LA soon and was interested in eating at Animal. There is a caveat that since I eat kosher-style I don't eat pork (or shellfish, rabbit, etc. but I suppose those are less the problem). My understanding is that Animal is known for pork more than just about anything else.

I don't want to be one of those diners asking them to change around the whole menu for my sake. Just wondering if I'll be able to enjoy a complete meal there without any pork (or shellfish)? The sample menu online definitely looks doable, but I have no idea how representative it is and if I can still expect to get some good variety.

Nov 30, 2011
mayache in Los Angeles Area

Glazed Tagine on Stovetop

I'm planning to cook a tagine tonight in my new glazed clay tagine. Of course, traditionally the tagine is cooked over a fire or stove so that the bottom gets hot while the cool conical top condenses the vapors. I'd like to stay as close to this as possible, but saw a few references to not putting glazed tagines on the stovetop or they might crack. Not sure whether I believe this. If I put my tagine on an electric stovetop over low heat with a stainless steel pan as a heat diffuser, will I be OK?

Nov 18, 2011
mayache in Home Cooking

Costco Business Center...San Diego

How do the prices and quality on cookware compare to San Diego Restaurant Supply? I like going to SDRS and have bought some good stuff there but never really come out feeling like I got a deal.

Oct 05, 2011
mayache in San Diego

Leg of Lamb

Heh, I didn't mean the dish couscous, I mean the restaurant Kous Kous in Hillcrest (The couscous there is also very good, as it is steamed in the traditional fashion, but this is beginning to become confusing to write about).

Sep 01, 2011
mayache in San Diego

Leg of Lamb

Kous Kous makes a fantastic lamb shank tagine.

Sep 01, 2011
mayache in San Diego

Israel: Preserved lemon salad?

I was in Israel a couple months ago and at a restaurant in Beersheba (Beit Ha-Ful) got an arrangement of salads. One of them looked like chopped yellow morsels (preserved lemon), in a reddish sauce. The taste was definitely that of preserved lemon, but milder than if you just ate it by itself. Wondering if anybody knows what this salad is called and/or how to make it? The restaurant was serving a lot of Egyptian food as well, so it could be more of an Egyptian dish.

(I know this is more of a cooking question, but I figured it's more likely for the right person to see this question on this board).

Aug 29, 2011
mayache in Middle East & Africa

craving a ginger cocktail

Starlite's feature cocktail, the starlite mule, is very tasty and made with ginger beer. Not overwhelmingly gingery, but it's there.

3175 India Street, San Diego, CA 92103

Aug 15, 2011
mayache in San Diego

Temecula Wineries Help Needed

Try Hart and Mount Palomar. The grounds at Mount Palomar are nice too (in a homey way, not as polished as some of the bigger ones).

Jul 13, 2011
mayache in San Diego

Dining in La Jolla/Pacific Beach on a budget

I found Osteria Romantica very disappointing. How about Costa Brava?

Jun 21, 2011
mayache in San Diego