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Best restaurants in Vienna, Austria

Kim Kocht is the best restaurant in Vienna. It is necessary to call in advance to get in, because it is very small and Kim does all of the cooking herself and mingles with her guests after each course.
She is really a fabulous chef, in any language.
I let my waiter pick my wines and he did a superb job.
It is not inexpensive, but it is well worth it.

Oct 07, 2008
probono in Europe

Willie Mae's Scotch House Open

I understand it opened and then closed again. Can anyone clear this up?

Apr 21, 2007
probono in New Orleans

best authentic Southern buffets/restaurants in Durham, Chapel Hill area (seeking collard greens, okra, fried chicken, casserole, butter beans, etc.)?

The Barbecue Joint on Weaver Dairy Rd in Chapel Hill has great Southern side dishes. An ecclectic place for sure and they don't cook their barbecue with wood, but it is pretty darn good anyway. Their Gumbo is good, too.
A&M in Mebane is not far away and still uses wood, as does Allen & Son in Chapel Hill.
Also, Hursey's in Burlington uses wood, as well.
You can see that I like the real wood smoked barbecue, not the fake stuff that a lot of the 'joints' use.
Take a drive to Nashville, NC - about an hour east of Raleigh - for some good barbecue that is worth the drive.
Now please, somebody tell me where the best Mexican is located - near Raleigh, if possible?

Mar 13, 2007
probono in Southeast

Raleigh "Junk" Food tour - suggestions?

Don Murray's closed, damnit!!! Where did all those wonderful people go that cooked the most wonderful Southern food????
And, Murray's on Old Poole Rd., (also in Raleigh) closed about a year ago. It was the last place, to my knowledge, in Wake County that still cooked with wood. Now the closest place near Raleigh is Allen & Son in Chapel Hill (not Pittsboro) that cooks with wood.
Another great place for 'real' barbeque is Doug Saul's in Nashville, NC - about an hour east of Raleigh and well worth the drive.

Mar 13, 2007
probono in General South Archive

Looking for a real butcher anywhere near Raleigh/Wake Forest

Try Larry's Super Market in Raleigh.
Ask for Kevin, the owner.
Fabulous butcher and great meat.

Mar 13, 2007
probono in General South Archive

"South" restaurant in Raleigh's North Hills

I am going there tonight, so I will post shortly. I love there other places, for the most part, especially Frazier's. I must admit it does sound a little off the wall, but I will return with one man's humble opinion.

Mar 01, 2007
probono in General South Archive